Rat ?(Completed) by EinatSegal
Rat ?(Completed)by EinatSegal
King's magician, Harlock Cooper, the greatest magician that ever lived - has just died. Now it's in the hands of the aged and weary Grand Magic Master, Wenward Marning...
  • epicfantasy
  • tournament
  • kingdom
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The Black Lotus | Book 𝐼 ✓ by ProjectPr1de
The Black Lotus | Book 𝐼 ✓by L.D Jones
Makaela didn't want to be apart of the prophecy. But when the immortal spirit of light and prophecies tells her she's destined to save the six realms, she can't exactly...
  • action
  • romance
  • magician
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Soul Star - BEING EDITED by ayuura
Soul Star - BEING EDITEDby gem 🌻
* This book was originally created in 2014 & is being rewritten. When Fairy Tail's star, Lucy Heartfilia, Gets kicked out of Natsu Dragneels team, amazing things happen...
  • stingeucliffe
  • fairytail
  • heartfilia
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Hidden Talent || Atlas [1] [NYSM] ✔️ by TwentySevenInc
Hidden Talent || Atlas [1] [NYSM] Blackhearted
© AllVintageMisery 2016 © Kassandra Armstrong knew a thing or two about magic, she knew how to prove a point, she knew how to make the eyes go onto her. She was a rising...
  • dylanrhodes
  • magicians
  • jdanielatlas
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Magician and The Puppeteer (BTS J.H.S) [COMPLETED]  by Weirdoings
Magician and The Puppeteer (BTS ACTIVESPIRIT
HIGHEST RANKING #477 IN FANTASY Puppets can be controlled when they have strings on them and the humans control them. But ever heard about humans, controlling living thi...
  • jhope
  • bts
  • btshobi
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The Puppeteer [NEW!] by funnybear12
The Puppeteer [NEW!]by Funnybear12
I pulled the window open, craning my neck upwards to meet his gaze. "Stop haunting me." I whispered, voice trembling. He chuckled darkly, resting his elbows on...
  • adventures
  • magic
  • action
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His Special Child by HonkivsKyouki
His Special Childby HonkivsKyouki
Gold colored eyes scanned the audience of mainly children with their parents. The owner of the gold eyes longed to find a child who would forever stay with amazement in...
  • mystery
  • yandereish
  • circus
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Return of the Mage's Heir by hashtag_l1ly
Return of the Mage's Heirby Lily
This is an unofficial, fanfictional sequel to Carry On, following the love of Simon Snow and Basilton Grimm-Pitch. All rights go to Rainbow Rowell, I do not own any of...
  • magician
  • penelope
  • baz
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Dragon Rider (#Wattys2016) by SilentSilverSlip
Dragon Rider (#Wattys2016)by Gabby
Under the rule of a Dragon Riders and Magicians, young 14 year old Thea finds herself pulled into the Dragon Riders world. After her brother dies she finds a dragon and...
  • spirit
  • 2016
  • wattys2016
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ABRA, KADABRA... by magictrik
ABRA, ミ ACE. ミ
  • mçu
  • marvelcomics
  • dccomics
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The Little Vampire -"I'll Wait for You" *Rudolph Love Story* *Book 1* by Little_Vampire_4eva
The Little Vampire -"I'll Wait MoonFlower
*All the credits go to The Little Vampire movie 2000 I only own my Ocs* "I really need you in my life, no matter what I have to do I'll wait for you." Moving...
  • nintedoduh
  • thelittlevampire
  • mates
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Collins Key and Devan Key imagines by Official_Zel_5sosfan
Collins Key and Devan Key imaginesby niwrI alleZ
Just a book full of The Key bros imagines. I take requests!
  • collinskey
  • agt
  • devankey
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Roommates • Collins Key by heispoison
Roommates • Collins Keyby Olivia ♥
This is an AU (Alternate Universe) "Rule number one: the curfew is at 9pm. If you're not here before 9pm, you'll have to spend the night somewhere else." Hanna...
  • prompts
  • youtube
  • college
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The Show Must Go On by Markinatural
The Show Must Go Onby Markinatural
indulge in the joys of college -- friendship, love, sex, and booze -- and receive a rigorous education in modern sorcery.
  • margo
  • fanfiction
  • quinton
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Multiple Identities: Detective (A Detective Conan Fanfic) by Yuruina_Mikasa
Multiple Identities: Detective ( Rainezmae Mystique Payne Xyri...
Multiple Identities: Detective... Yuuki Akemi is a high school detective and an ex apprentice of Kuroba Touichi, a world renowned magician. One day, because of an acc...
  • detective
  • ocxoc
  • inventions
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The Classmate-Devan Key Fanfiction (first person) (finished) by paolalouisec
The Classmate-Devan Key Paola
"I met a bunch of new people at my new school! I met this guy called Devan who is actually pretty cute."
  • magic
  • teen
  • youtube
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The Devil - A Now You See Me Story by themag1c1an
The Devil - A Now You See Me Storyby La Maga
The famous New York street magician and Broadway makeup artist, Edith Allan, never had much luck in life. Never that many friends, no real opportunities to spread her pa...
  • xdanielatlas
  • love
  • jdanielatlas
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The Elusive Nature of Secrets by AuraFinley
The Elusive Nature of Secretsby Aura
Thomas' dreams consist of pulling rabbits out of top hats and sawing people in half. He knows he's a magician at heart, even when he's dropping out of school, even when...
  • dropout
  • college
  • projectreadersreact
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"Everlasting"  *** TLV Book 3 Rudolph L.S.*** by Little_Vampire_4eva
"Everlasting" *** TLV Book 3 MoonFlower
*All the credits go to The Little Vampire 200 movie* "Little do you know I, love you till the sun dies." Avaline's human life is now, her vampire life has just...
  • fanfiction
  • magician
  • evil
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Zarter by helloworld29
Zarterby Helloworld29
A story about Zia and Carter's life (maybe a few others as well) after the defeat of Apophis.
  • kanechronicles
  • walt
  • sadiexwaltxanubis
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