kidnapped\\ c.d. by camxalexanderxdallas
kidnapped\\ akita .
"i hate you cameron dallas, your a fucking monster. your sick, demented, evil, psychotic, i hope you and your fucking friends die" "say something l...
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MAGCON Sex Slave by jacoblovesmesomuch
MAGCON Sex Slaveby jacoblovesmesomuch
A girl named mia gets sold to MAGCON as a sex slave and things go wrong
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Magcon Sex Slave by my_grier_bae
Magcon Sex Slaveby my_grier_bae
*Warning this story contains Sexual Content* Merissa is 17 years old, she lives a terrible life, she gets bullied in school, her parents divorced and she lives with an a...
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Jacob Sartorius's sister Dating Mark Thomas by slinky443
Jacob Sartorius's sister Dating Zoe :)
Ok it's about Jacob Kaylor Kameron (keeling are in this yes) and Zoe (me) and we are all brother and sister Zoe is 13 and Jacob is 14 and Zoe and Mark Thomas are dating...
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MagCon sex slave  by Dcg7182
MagCon sex slave by Danyale (Dany)
Vivian Smith is a 16 year old girl with dark brown hair and light brown eyes. Her father has been kind of hard on her ever since her mother passed away. One day he decid...
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Bullied Bye Gimp by jaedenised
Bullied Bye Gimpby cait🌈
Gimp iss An Evil cult Who Tried to Ruin my Lif here's Wat happened
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Forever? by jacobluver420
Forever?by jacobluver420
Just read it and enter the world of plot twists
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