Mafia's Princess by crazybaby2005
Mafia's Princess by crazybaby2005
Ellie Hilton is a good girl. She lost her brother 3 years ago yet her parents still blame her for it to this day. Her father abuses her, and her mother just watches and...
  • unloved
  • newfriends
  • mafia
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Her Revenge: The Legendary Queen  by Anonymous_Fan28
Her Revenge: The Legendary Queen by Yenoh Ecarg Omuj
How's the little girl get her revenge? Makakapaghiganti pa ba sya? O Mahuhulog nanaman sya?? ~Abangan
  • assassins
  • mafia
  • nerd
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Undercover as a Mafia member by samuelbeck124
Undercover as a Mafia member by samuel Beckford
Joel smith went undercover in a Mafia gang to take down this gang for good and to get revenge for his mother and his Father's death on this mysterious road of adventure...
  • russian
  • mobboss
  • revenge
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My mafia man ❤️ by jxydenfloodx
My mafia man ❤️ by jxydenfloodx
Valentina Gatan is a burlesque dancer. She's stunning, all the men like her, but she's not found the right man yet? Can Reese Meretti a sexy italian mafia leader, with n...
  • mafia
  • mymafiaman
  • italian
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Glimpse of Time by firegirl92
Glimpse of Time by CONSTELLATION
A collection of moments of someone's life miles away from you. And the fundamental beauty of all the universe lie in just a glimpse of time.
  • angel
  • shortstory
  • faith
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BTS Mafia AU {Scenarios and One Shots} by bts_thebestofme
BTS Mafia AU {Scenarios and One Sh... by Skye
♠ A collection of BTS Mafia scenarios and one shots♠ ♣ How is it to live with the most feared and dangerous mafia members?♣ ♦ Contains all sorts of triggers (mentioned i...
  • rm
  • kimnamjoon
  • oneshots
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Ride with me by summerina16
Ride with me by Summerina
She's a bad girl. He's a bad boy. She's a heart breaker. So is he. She's the the bad gangster that'll take down his business. He will do anything to stop her. She's t...
  • dealer
  • gangs
  • heartless
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One last fall by Shutupbaka123
One last fall by Shutupbaka123
East middle Highschool is notorious for their prodigys, Noelle Smith is one of these prodigys. Her fraternal twin Eden trails behind in her shadow, hiding a deadly secr...
  • drama
  • highschool
  • fantasy
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S W I T CH  by peachyanns
S W I T CH by peachyanns
Alam nyu kong bakit Switch? syempre umaga- mabait, nag-aaral for short BAD GIRL tuwing gabi naman - BAD GIRL party goer kahit ano pang kakulitan Switch Personality ku...
  • bts
  • 2ne1
  • gangster
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Hatsu kurai by user47318457
Hatsu kurai by Rize-chan
Es ta historia trata de un amor imposible y oscuro ,un amor entre mafiosos . la guardiana asesina del clan yakusa y el segundo hijo varón del clan soyokaze .ellos harán...
  • amor
  • mafia
ɢʀᴀᴠɪᴛʏɢʀᴀᴍ;;ᴍᴀʙᴇʟ ɢʟᴇᴇғᴜʟ by GravityMabelGleeful
ɢʀᴀᴠɪᴛʏɢʀᴀᴍ;;ᴍᴀʙᴇʟ ɢʟᴇᴇғᴜʟ by 🔹||ɢʟᴇᴇғᴜʟ
Lee. b̾o̾o̾k̾ o̾f̾ c̾r̾e̾w̾/m̾a̾f̾i̾a̾ «g̾r̾a̾v̾i̾t̾y̾»
  • gravitygram
  • mafia
  • gravity
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Her Empire  by s11106382
Her Empire by Elle Chapo
How she became the queen pin 👑
  • s11106382
  • mafia
  • boss
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Unidos por el hilo rojo del destino (Recuerdos) by LuzKarineJounss
Unidos por el hilo rojo del destin... by LuzKarineJounss
Esta no será la típica historia de romance habrá obstáculos que los alejara cada vez mas pero cuando las almas se tienen que encontrar, el destino acerca los mundos, bor...
  • carrerasilegales
  • obstaculos
  • romance
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Nobody of Thought by Tatexxx
Nobody of Thought by NeverEndingStory
No one desires to be ordinary; to be a background character to their own story. That is, no one but Tatiana Capriano - a fresh-faced beauty wanting to fade into the coll...
  • paced
  • possessive
  • highschool
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Default Title - Write Your Own by MikasaAckerman176O
Default Title - Write Your Own by JJ
  • gắng
  • mafia
  • bts
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Mafia-wanna one daehwi  by saranghaechenle
Mafia-wanna one daehwi by saranghaechenle
"From what I know I dont have a family..."
  • sungwoon
  • woojin
  • jaehwan
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The Childish Mafia Princess by blackjane_01
The Childish Mafia Princess by mauijane
Si Calamity Lee, childish na mahilig sa chocolates at love na love si Happy ng Fairy Tail ay isang Mafia Princess??!
  • mafia
  • chocolates
  • childish
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No Ordinary Nerds by DioZangGangster
No Ordinary Nerds by Ms.PandaCute
Meet the girls, that can make Impossible things to Possible.. Every one call them. demons. because thier merciless and heartless. they kill with pleasures. so no one tr...
  • empress
  • mafia
  • goddess
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