Forgiving by AlexandraNicoleC
Forgivingby A.C.
BOOK THREE OF THE FEARLESS SERIES Pregnant and unsure of who the father is Annabelle is struggling to cope with the stress of it all. A mixture of emotions fill her comp...
  • violence
  • japan
  • romance
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Property ... {Mafia story 18+} by lishiXOXO
Property ... {Mafia story 18+}by lishiXOXO
Natalia had a perfect life; a loving family, truthful friends and the perfect boyfriend, but that all goes down the drain when she realises her boyfriend has been cheati...
  • mafiawife
  • teens
  • mafia
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Clearly Misunderstood  by shortyinheels
Clearly Misunderstood by Anoushka K.
° Clearly Misunderstood ° 532 in Romance on 10th April 2018 Δ•Δ•Δ• Our Checklist:- •The two female protagonists are best friends - Check. •Fall in love with two gu...
  • past
  • humor
  • damon
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Blood is thicker than water by story_amy123
Blood is thicker than waterby story_amy123
Zwei Mädchen, ein unterschied wie Tag und Nacht. Sie werden getrennt, doch irgendwann kommt SIE wieder zurück zu Ihr. SIE hat sich verändert. Eiskalt und wunderschön, ve...
  • action
  • sister
  • love
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Mafias Baby✔️ by mikymik2
Mafias Baby✔️by mikymik2
This wasn't how it's supposed to happen. I planned to be married and settled down before I even thought about kids. And now I'm pregnant. It' if my whol...
  • bwwm
  • babies
  • pregnancy
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Lovable || BTS Jung Hoseok & Min Yoongi || by bts_official_007
Lovable || BTS Jung Hoseok & Min bts_official_007
"She has a heart of an Angel.But, sometime giving love to everyone can hurt." This is a fictional based story on the author's imagination and has nothing to do...
  • drama
  • taehyung
  • yoongi
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Mafia!circus baby X bad girl!ballora by Gayasshole191010
Mafia!circus baby X bad girl! Twizx
Warning: lemmons,lesbians kissing,self harm,cussing,alot of alcohol consumption This is a AU that I made all the art work in this story is mine so yee
  • lesbians
  • baby
  • bad
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Billionaire ransom by Ozlemesras
Billionaire ransomby Ozlemesras
"I told him your taken." "You told him I was taken." "Taken." "Taken by who, exactly?" Then he claims my mouth with his.
  • forcedmarriage
  • mafia
  • love
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Vincenzo's Lover by Twix345
Vincenzo's Loverby Twix
Mia Feather couldn't help but fall in love with one of the most biggest Mafia leaders, Vincenzo Rossi. She was kind, sweet and innocent. Too good for someone as bad as h...
  • billionaire
  • love
  • adoption
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m a f i a // H.S by caringharry
m a f i a // H.Sby princess
in which a mafia boss hates everything except his precious flower.
  • flower
  • mafia
  • agegap
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The Silent Ones (#2 in the Chilvati Series) by DELynch43
The Silent Ones (#2 in the D. E. Lynch
****Spoiler Alert**** Please read The Dangerous Ones (#1 in the Chilvati Series) before reading this blurb!!! Both books can be found on my profile page. All of the char...
  • desire
  • romance
  • love
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Mafia || & J.hs  by Masterkook_
Mafia || & J.hs by S ARA ♡
In which a mafia boss hates everything except his precious sunshine. Copyright 2018 ©️ SARA •• MASTERKOOK_
  • hoseok
  • jhope
  • gay
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Code Love: Hospital Romance by sarahwest57
Code Love: Hospital Romanceby Sarah West
**"Can I kiss you now?" Marco asks leaning towards her, his hand still cupping her cheek. "Please," Emma says in a breathy sigh.** Dr. Marco Masiello...
  • love
  • hospital
  • newadult
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Cold BADBOY vs. Funny PLAYBOY by Liptint_Is_Life
Cold BADBOY vs. Funny PLAYBOYby Sheena
All Rights Reserve 2018 Ako lang naman si Hazel Domingo. May dumating sa buhay kong dalawang lalake na nakapag pabago sa buhay ko. 'Yung isa ay isang cold na badboy pero...
  • love
  • sheenaisrael
  • cassanova
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The Mafia King by HaleyLEdwards
The Mafia Kingby Haley_Edwards
Darby has been touched and unloved for all she can remember. Her parents had beaten her and thrown her out like trash. But that was a mistake. She grew up on the hardest...
  • mafia
Of Latin origin by CandyGirl_323
Of Latin originby CandyGirl_323
I met Augustin Ellis about 3 months ago...he's been acting strange lately.
  • fiction
  • love
  • romance
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Just Another Case... by InfaroyyaAlKarimah
Just Another ~Royal-Chan~
It's always funny on how universe tangled people's fate in the most twisted ways... But anyway! What is the best situation for a shrunken detective, a moonlight thief, a...
  • mk
  • conan
  • mafia
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Unaccepted love by idontknowls
Unaccepted loveby <><
WARNING: This book contains bad language, rape, sex etc ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK (18+) Alissa is abused by her alcoholic father who she soon runs away from, but then is fo...
  • mafia
  • youngadult
  • action
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Of Mobsters and Men by TehPeaceMaker
Of Mobsters and Menby TehPeaceMaker
Stefano Vanzetti. You'd have to be living under a rock if you grew up in northern Boston and didn't know who he is. He's the heartthrob of every Italian girl in my neig...
  • love
  • billionaire
  • ceo
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