Chasing Sartorius by ily5everjacob
Chasing Sartoriusby Ally Sartorius
Maddy Johnson considers herself to be invisible at school. No has ever noticed her, until one day, Jacob, the hottest boy in school glances in her direction and her soci...
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Royal 2 (Sequel to Royal) (Selection Fan Fiction)  by justdarcy
Royal 2 (Sequel to Royal) ( justdarcy
Autumn Meadows used to live a mediocre life with her little brother and her mother in a big town. They were Six's, but never went without. Everything changed after Autum...
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The Editor. by dietpepzi
The Hi! Im Mary ☻
After graduating from NYU with a masters in video editing and publishing, twenty two year old Sofia Bianchi wants to get away from a troubling past by moving to Las Ange...
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Pregnant// JJ by Vineboymatt
Pregnant// JJby ⚡️
"Jack I'm pregnant" (Some sexual contents)
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  • jackjohnson
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Cameron Dallas Imagines by fangirl_angel22
Cameron Dallas Imaginesby Julianna Ceron
Welcome to the world of fangirl where all your dreams come true! Please keep your hands inside the roller coaster of cuteness at all times and enjoy your ride.
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 BROTHER OR LOVER? by AshleySartorius13
BROTHER OR LOVER?by Ashley Sartorius
Jacob Sartorius has a secret a secret that nobody knows or will never know the secret is... Read to find out what happens when the secret gets revealed !!!!????
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Abandoned by elle_ella14
Abandonedby Ella
Skylar Rose Faye has never been popular or wanted. In fact, her own family doesn't even want her. What happens when she meets someone famous and it flips her whole world...
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Your So Cruel// Ft. Cameron Dallas, Nash Grier, Hayes Grier, and Taylor Caniff by magcon_lover_323
Your So Cruel// Ft. Cameron cameron_dallasluver
A teen girl is slightly a tomboy and she gets bullied by 4 boys who are the hotties and they bully her for not being a girl. So one day she decides to change up her styl...
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Unforgettable Love by nilecruz
Unforgettable Loveby Nile_Cruz💖🍑
Possible kayang mahulog ka sa taong sumisira lagi ng araw mo? Ang tanong...saluhin ka ba niya? kung sasaluhin ka niya,handa ka ba nyang ipagtanggol o ipaglaban sa bawat...
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Again  (Zariel fanfic) by bruhizjudi
Again (Zariel fanfic)by Grandma Judi😘
So Zariel has been over for like a year now and Zach still has feeling for Ariel. Are they willing to give it another shot? Read to find out.
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Bruhitszach  by fangurl213
Bruhitszach by fangurl213
What happens when Hannah goes to a Macon event and me to her true Love Zachary. But he little sister Ciah gets jealous and try's to go after him.
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Ethan Dolan dirty image//taken for granted by Forever_indatou
Ethan Dolan dirty image//taken Forever_indatou
Dirty image// ethan Dolan With a little twist of drama and romance and more if u know what I mean
  • drama
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Hayes Grier and Matthew Espinosa Preferences by heavencooper12
Hayes Grier and Matthew Espinosa Heaven
Simply preferences of Hayes Grier and Matthew Espinosa Cover made by: @Matthews_Bae97
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Near Macon (Daryl Dixon FanFic) by causticbeauty
Near Macon (Daryl Dixon FanFic)by causticbeauty
TW. (RAPE -mentioned but not detailed , ABUSE, CANCER, HEARTATTACK, DEATH) a run down beat to shit town, not worth mentioning near Macon GA, is Daryl Dixon 27 years old...
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Baby mendes by syrena_mendes
Baby mendesby Syrena selman
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The Only One For Me (Book-1)✔️ by lyric__m
The Only One For Me (Book-1)✔️by Lyric
Lyric is 16,she lived in Ohio her whole life until one day her roots were ripped up...she had to move to California after her mother died. She isn't your normal teenager...
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