He's So Aggravating, But I Think I Like Him (Max Green) (EDITING ON HOLD) by teRRoRXtRuth
He's So Aggravating, But I Think I... by Leilah Fanfiction
Mandy is the lead guitarist for a band called Insomniac Outcasts. Her and her band are on tour with Asking Alexandria, Get Scared, and Escape the Fate. ETF meets Mandy a...
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Not Good Enough (Falling in Revers... by Tayley Fanfiction
Ronnie Radke is a player, No doubt about that. But what happens when he moves in with old friends of Escape the Fate and a few mystery girls? Will the infamous party man...
runaway by Falling_To_Kat
runaway by Kat Fanfiction
Craig Mabbitt love story.
Gorgeous Nightmare (Craig Mabbitt) by woonhyungpark
Never Shout Never Love Like No Other by TheNewSunFlowerChild
Never Shout Never Love Like No Oth... by ILoveyou5 Fanfiction
Lindsey gomez is not like most preppy little girl's she is more of your hard core metal loving girl she has to deal with a lot of this her little annoying sister Ashley...
The Band Slut (Ronnie Radke/Falling in Reverse) by torasaur4
The Band Slut (Ronnie Radke/Fallin... by Tori Fanfiction
Warped Tour can be fun, especially when you're touring with the one and only Ronnie Radke. Not to mention when you have a reputation like Avery's. Can Ronnie save her fr...
Something {Craig Mabbitt} by personal_apocalypse
Something {Craig Mabbitt} by Джефрі ☔️ Teen Fiction
Ronnie radke had just Ben arrested leaving escape the fate without a a singer..his sister alesana was devistated. Until one day when Max brings in Craig, the former sing...
Tragically You Brought The Flood (ON HOLD) by RaisedByWuuves
Tragically You Brought The Flood (... by Tiffani Bell (Ratchet Emo) (S... Fanfiction
Falling in Reverse and Escape the Fate tour together for the first time but when the new girl moves in next door to their shared house all the guys fall for her.what wil...