Sunshine | Dylan O'Brien by faithtrustmusic
Sunshine | Dylan O'Brien by Marissa Fanfiction
Well known singer Avery Hart just joined the cast of the hit MTV TV show Teen Wolf. She quickly becomes friends with the cast and develops a crush on the one and only Dy...
Sinking Love (Sequel) by werewolf10101
Sinking Love (Sequel) by werewolf10101 Random
(Sequel to Teen wolf Derek hale.) Layla and Derek are back again! They are still deeply in love with each other, they think they'll end up with a happily ever after but...
Falling For The True Alpha~Scott McCall by MuggleHunter67
Falling For The True Alpha~Scott M... by ◕‿◕ Fanfiction
This is the story of sixteen year old Alexis Krasikeva Hale. Even though she lost her mother Paige Krasikeva at the age of two she and her father Derek Hale continue to...
BABY DADDY - MCCALL by scamarauder
BABY DADDY - MCCALL by • aria jay • Fanfiction
❝You may not have been my first love, but you were the love that made all the other loves irrelevant.❞ - rupi kaur [ season three a- tba ]
Just A Friend? by ReadWriteLoveIt
Just A Friend? by Ceri-Lou ♥ Teen Fiction
Will I Always Be: Just A Friend? {Book 1} *** {Teen Fiction #1} Ashton Thompson is everything you'd want in a boyfriend. He's funny, caring, childish at times...
Broken But Mending; Scott McCall [1] ✔ by -requiem
Broken But Mending; Scott McCall [... by Tory Fanfiction
[BOOK ONE] [EDITING] ❝I might only have one match.❞ Ellie Argent's life had gone from happy and easy to a major shit-storm in about two seconds. One moment she was a nor...
SYMMETRY ➽ D. HALE by z0mbabe_
SYMMETRY ➽ D. HALE by ☼ fawn ☼ Fanfiction
sym·me·try /ˈsimətrē/ noun similarity or exact correspondence between different things [SEASONS ONE & TWO] ~Summary inside~ [All rights go to the writers of Teen...
Noelle||Jordan Parrish by shaela_mae
Noelle||Jordan Parrish by S_mae Fanfiction
Noelle Stilinski never thought her life would be this way...Over the past few years she has been bitten by Peter, changed into something supernatural, and lost a good fr...
Our Famous Love||h.s au by amberpastorr
Our Famous Love||h.s au by amber Fanfiction
the continuation of This is Fame. this is about after the date. You finally are able to know the decision they chose in this book and maybe a little more than just thei...
Amelia Martin ✡ Stilinski by deputyjparrish
Amelia Martin ✡ Stilinski by laur Fanfiction
"It is easy to say how we love new friends, and what we think of them, but words can never trace out all the fibers that knit us to the old." -G...
Lupus Morsu /1/ Derek Hale by meg_100
Lupus Morsu /1/ Derek Hale by MEGAN Fanfiction
"One damn werewolf bite can't change a person completely. You should know that, I should know that. Just look at Scott." In which a girl names Carver Williams...
Teen Wolf Imagines by teenwolfrunner
Teen Wolf Imagines by Veronica Lodge Fanfiction
This is a completed collection of Teen Wolf Imagines.
Feelings_Thiam by foods-my-hoe
Feelings_Thiam by -`, ky -`, Fanfiction
Liam and Theo have a complicated relationship ship, Liam hates Theo with all his heart, and Theo just wants the beta's attention. Even though the only way he knows how t...
Falling For Derek Hale -Teen Wolf story- by lilyfanfiction
Falling For Derek Hale -Teen Wolf... by Lily Fanfiction
Emily McCall is Scott's twin sister. Her bestfriend is Stiles. Being too curious isn't always good. A lot of things will happen espacially when she meets a green eyed yo...
Saving Haley Grace | Book 2 by random_shuck
Saving Haley Grace | Book 2 by Team_24 Fanfiction
Haley no longer needed to save her pack. The pack needed to save her. <season 3b> Began as the last book ended (February 2017)
The Other McCall ▷ Stilinski by simplystiles-
The Other McCall ▷ Stilinski by s a s h h h Fanfiction
[ BOOK ONE ] ❝ there are two things in life for which we are never truly prepared; twins. ❞ Kasey McCall is the twin sister of Scott McCall... while they look similar, t...
Lullabies • Scott McCall [1] by SpanishCandy
Lullabies • Scott McCall [1] by Nayeli Fanfiction
A pregnant girl and a werewolf boy.
Crystal Clear ➣ S. McCall[1] by -bughead
Crystal Clear ➣ S. McCall[1] by <3 Fanfiction
❝Every time they touch; A fire begins to burn❞ I should've never asked Lydia Martin for her crystal in chemistry class. I wouldn't have to deal with the unrequited love...
1. | INDIGO [S. STILINSKI] by sourstiles
1. | INDIGO [S. STILINSKI] by rip teen wolf Fanfiction
❝ I hate it. I hate not remembering. I want to. I want to remember what it was like to have something, someone! ❞ ❝ You do. You have me. ❞ Indigo has woken up on a...
~Teen Wolf Gif Series~ by writewithtype
~Teen Wolf Gif Series~ by BloodyNewt Fanfiction
Too many gif imagines about the oh too lovable teen wolf characters. Scott, Stiles, Lydia, Allison, and so many more. God i sound like a infomercial. Okay, please read...