The Bastard Child ~Teen Wolf by Nickey0398
The Bastard Child ~Teen Wolf by Dom Teen Fiction
Mackinzy McCall is a few months younger than her brother Scott McCall. Agent Rafe McCall was a very heavy drinker. One night at a club he had hooked up with a women and...
Noelle||Jordan Parrish by shaela_mae
Noelle||Jordan Parrish by S_mae Fanfiction
Noelle Stilinski never thought her life would be this way...Over the past few years she has been bitten by Peter, changed into something supernatural, and lost a good fr...
Ghosts • Stiles Stilisnki by -voidylan
Ghosts • Stiles Stilisnki by jay ❀ Werewolf
"WE ARE TOO YOUNG TO HAVE THIS MANY G H O S T S" "So what brought you to Beacon Hills?" "Someone told me to go here. They said I would be safe...
Sacrifice ✔ Lydia Martin (1) by liamknowshisholes
Sacrifice ✔ Lydia Martin (1) by -Lahey- Fanfiction
"Wow.. you're smart." I said looking at the chemistry formula written perfecrly. Lydia leaned to my ear and whispered. "I'm a genius." ✓ Smart girl...
Don't Leave Me » Peter Hale by jc_cash
Don't Leave Me » Peter Hale by Cece Fanfiction
Everyone always assumed that Peter Hale had gotten his blue eyes because he killed an innocent, his niece, Laura. But that's not the case, when Peter Hale was fresh out...
SYMMETRY ➽ D. HALE [1] by z0mbabe_
SYMMETRY ➽ D. HALE [1] by ☼ fawn ☼ Fanfiction
sym·me·try /ˈsimətrē/ noun similarity or exact correspondence between different things [SEASONS ONE & TWO] ~Summary inside~ [All rights go to the writers of Teen...
Dylan O'Brien imagines by writerslovelies
Dylan O'Brien imagines by Fluent in sarcasm Fanfiction
"You know when your drowning you don't actually inhale until right before you black out, it's called voluntary apnea. It's like no matter how much your freaking out...
Potential ➣ S. McCall[2] by -bughead
Potential ➣ S. McCall[2] by <3 Fanfiction
❝Belladonna: In Italian a beautiful lady; In English a deadly poison. A striking example of the essential identity of the two tongues. -Ambrose Bierce ❞ Scott said the...
Saving Haley Grace | Book 2 by random_shuck
Saving Haley Grace | Book 2 by Team_24 Fanfiction
Haley no longer needed to save her pack. The pack needed to save her. <season 3b> Began as the last book ended (February 2017)
Falling For Derek Hale -Teen Wolf story- by lilyfanfiction
Falling For Derek Hale -Teen Wolf... by Lily Fanfiction
Emily McCall is Scott's twin sister. Her bestfriend is Stiles. Being too curious isn't always good. A lot of things will happen espacially when she meets a green eyed yo...
All Were Lies by Adele_Stevers
All Were Lies by Serenedy Alcaraz Fanfiction
Stiles has just lost his once believed birth father. And to add his pack has just kicked him out. What happens when Stiles comes across the one and only Dean Winchester...
Our Famous Love||h.s au by amberpastorr
Our Famous Love||h.s au by amber Fanfiction
the continuation of This is Fame. this is about after the date. You finally are able to know the decision they chose in this book and maybe a little more than just thei...
Teen Shadows: TW/Shadowhunters ('Now You've Seen Me' Rewrite)  by BaraOShukketsu
Teen Shadows: TW/Shadowhunters ('N... by BaraOShukketsu Fanfiction
Shadow hunters and Teen Wolf crossover fanfiction of Stiles - if you read my original fanfic of this crossover 'Now You've Seen Me' this is a rewrite that will hopefully...
Crystal Clear ➣ S. McCall[1] by -bughead
Crystal Clear ➣ S. McCall[1] by <3 Fanfiction
❝Every time they touch; A fire begins to burn❞ I should've never asked Lydia Martin for her crystal in chemistry class. I wouldn't have to deal with the unrequited love...
Teen Wolf Imagines by teenwolfrunner
Teen Wolf Imagines by Veronica Lodge Fanfiction
This is a completed collection of Teen Wolf Imagines.
Falling For The True Alpha~Scott McCall by MuggleHunter67
Falling For The True Alpha~Scott M... by ◕‿◕ Fanfiction
This is the story of sixteen year old Alexis Krasikeva Hale. Even though she lost her mother Paige Krasikeva at the age of two she and her father Derek Hale continue to...
Heart Of Stone {Derek Hale} by chemicalgin
Heart Of Stone {Derek Hale} by Chemical gin Fanfiction
"I hate you so much that you have taken up my whole being and made me love you. I hate that I can't live without you. I hate that I can't even run away when I shoul...
1. | INDIGO [S. STILINSKI] by sourstiles
1. | INDIGO [S. STILINSKI] by rip teen wolf Fanfiction
❝ I hate it. I hate not remembering. I want to. I want to remember what it was like to have something, someone! ❞ ❝ You do. You have me. ❞ Indigo has woken up on a...
Teen Wolf Imagines  by JordanJohnsonTate
Teen Wolf Imagines by JordanJohnsonTate Fanfiction
All of your teen wolf Imagines I take requests of course go check out my other books 💓 you babes Also not all of these are mine so credit is given
The Sidelines ≫ Stiles Stilinski [book one] by loseyourdnim
The Sidelines ≫ Stiles Stilinski [... by Sam ❥ Fanfiction
"Yes, I'm in love with him, but it's not like it matters anyway. He's head over heels for Lydia, I don't even stand a chance. Face it Scott, I'll always be the one...