A menina diferente  by Yeeymaluk
A menina diferente by MaluK
A história é sobre uma garota chamada Lully que era diferente das demais pessoas, ela por este motivo não era tão bem aceita. Sua maior paixão era a fotografia, então el...
  • romance
  • adolesce
  • adolescente
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Chapter Rejected Burn by mercedes267
Chapter Rejected Burnby mercedes267
When snow went to her school she found her mate but then after Roman think snow cheat on him he rejected her but what he does not no is she get abuse by her dad and her...
  • lully
  • trent
  • trey
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Lully Pining and the Vitality Sword by MilkyWhiteDoll
Lully Pining and the Vitality Swordby mkgh
In a flurry of chance, three sixth graders discover the gateway into another world. There they find that up is down, right is wrong, and bravery is not the absence of fe...
  • pining
  • down
  • vitality
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