Forbidden love  by CrybabyLuLu
Forbidden love by LucyBaby
Lucy Quinn best know as Baby J or Joker's princess. She was the daughter of Joker and Harley Quinn of course. She was with her parents until she turned five. They both w...
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Red Love by FanOfFandomz
Red Loveby Angsty Teen
"You should be scared of me." "But I'm not." "But you should be." "But I'm not." "But you should be." "But I lo...
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Lucy Quinn  by NHPrincess2004
Lucy Quinn by NHPrincess2004
Lucy Quinn, daughter of the psychotic Harley Quinn and insane Joker, has lived her life in fear and judgement from others; what will happen once the mighty Batman finds...
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The Untold Story of Lucy Quinzel by maximumrider125
The Untold Story of Lucy Quinzelby maximumrider125
Lucy, who has grown up as the daughter of Miranda Quinzel, has finally found out the truth. Her Mother is the worst of the worst. The one that causes destruction in Goth...
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Daddy's Lil  Monster~ Only In Gotham Sequel by MaiQuinny
Daddy's Lil Monster~ Only In M Valeska
So, you've read Only in Gotham? Her mother's story, hmm, that was fun, I wonder if hers is? Follow the story of Lucy Quinn, a rather confused teenager who just wants to...
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Lucy Quinn by CadyTheFlyingGrayson
Lucy Quinnby Cady Flei- I mean Grayson
I never Knew my parents, and all I know is that Bruce Wayne adopted me. I WANT ANSWERS.
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the story of Harley Quinn and the Joker's daughter (Lucy Quinn) by BridgetSmith8
the story of Harley Quinn and Bridget Smith
this story about Lucy Quinn at first she does not know that she is Lucy Quinn. Instead she us Lucy Johnson but later she figure it out after the mob. Joker can not stay...
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A running laugh  by LucyJQuinn
A running laugh by Kiley Douglas
When Lucy J Quinn finds out her parents are the Joker and Harley Quinn she isn't exactly shocked. Lucy finds herself on a mission to find her parents and become apart of...
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Joke's on you by Sapphire320
Joke's on youby Sapphire
Just Joking Teil 2 Bitte erst Just Joking lesen! Sie rannte. Sie rannte so schnell sie konnte. Immer und immer weiter. Durch den langen Flur. Eine Rechtskurve. Dann nac...
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