Taste my Pain (Fairy Tail) by CelestialSakuraa
Taste my Pain (Fairy Tail)by CelestialSakuraa
Lisanna has returned from Edolas and somehow she became close friends with Lucy. But, everyone then suddenly bullies the poor blonde which leaves her in a tight situatio...
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Sweet Starry Shadows (Fairy Tail) by CelestialSakuraa
Sweet Starry Shadows (Fairy Tail)by CelestialSakuraa
Openly humiliated and rejected right in front of her friends; Lucy found herself standing on the opposite end of the room while her friends all laughed along with each o...
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He's a Vampire [NaLu] by thefinestwine
He's a Vampire [NaLu]by Thunderbitch
Lucy is taken by a vampire who seems obsessed with her blood. She learns what it's like to live with royalty and to serve as a maid. But she feels something is wrong wit...
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I'm the Alpha's Mate...[NaLu FF] by chimpotato_
I'm the Alpha's Mate...[NaLu FF]by JiKook👌
Lucy Heartfilia is an ordinary young...well not that ordinary. The memories in her past have been forgotten except for a little boy. She has never forgotten about him un...
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I'm Not A Weakling by Otaku_LifeForEver
I'm Not A Weaklingby Stephanzo
Lucy has been ignored by the guild since Lisanna came back from Edolas, and gets kicked out of the team. She decides to leave Fairy Tail in hopes to prove them wrong, on...
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MY CELESTIAL DRAGON WARRIOR(Akatsuki No Yona Crossover Fairy Tail) by JokerGirl23
Lucy Heartfilia is a celestial mage that has a secret that she is a celestial dragon and also a warrior for the dragon realm. After 5 months when the Grand Magic Games s...
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You Brought Me To Fairy Tail; I Leave With You by FairyLucyNamiPiece
You Brought Me To Fairy Tail; I Phoenix & Dragon
This isn't one of your cliche Lucy leaves Fairy Tail for revenge and ends up becoming the Dragon Queen. No, this is far better. Instead of Lucy getting kicked out, It's...
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Sabertooth's Princess by silverkatana
Sabertooth's Princessby silv
Natsu Dragneel and Lisanna Strauss kick Lucy out of Team Natsu. The heartbroken girl trains hard, fueled by the rejection and joins Sabertooth. Who is this 'Sabertooth P...
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Fairy Tail: Next Generation{NaLu} by IronRhiyaSenpai4
Fairy Tail: Next Generation{NaLu}by IronRhiyaSenpai
One day Lucy finds out she is pregnant with her best friend's children. She leaves the guild, because she didn't want to hurt Natsu and Lissana. Years later something ha...
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Thunder Queen by Diamond_Cheney
Thunder Queenby Scarlett_ Akumi
After the Grand Magic Games everyone ignores Lucy because Lisanna is back. Some of them don't ignore her plus a certain team. Lucy has amazing powers but hides them to n...
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Dragons' Sacrifice by EuphoricFaery
Dragons' Sacrificeby k.ahreum
"You are the Dragon's Sacrifice. You were picked, because you were one of the most beautiful, kindest, and had the purest mind of everyone. Call it 'Snow White' if...
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The New Me [Fairy Tail: LaLu fanfic] by Kyrie_Scarlet
The New Me [Fairy Tail: LaLu Sinned.
Lisanna came back from the " Dead ", everyone has been partying for months and ignored Lucy except for Mira, Levy, Gajeel, Wendy, Happy, Lily, Charle/Carla, Li...
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Nalu One Shots  by sonadoor
Nalu One Shots by Author-San
Some fluffy,warm,cuddly NaLu one shots Hope you like them P.s I don't any of these characters I just Own the oneshots.....ENJOY!
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Yuri Oneshots?? (X Reader) by RubicMaster
Yuri Oneshots?? (X Reader)by RubicMaster
These are x reader yuri oneshots! Put in a scenario request!! (Put in??)
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Sabertooth Goddess (Fairy Tail x Reader) by Mizushima_Izumi
Sabertooth Goddess (Fairy Tail x Izumi
[[COMPLETED]] (Y/n) Eucliffe, a White Dragon Slayer and the younger sister of Sting Eucliffe, is being liked by numerous guys all around Fiore. Will a certain guy be c...
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Excuse me miss , but can I get you out your panties ! ( Nalu Lemon )  by 777NatsuDragneel777
Excuse me miss , but can I get 777NatsuDragneel777
Laxus and Mirajane have just got back from a job and go straight to the infirmary , locking the door . Natsu and Lucy are listening to Mirajane and Laxus and some strang...
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Revenge Of The Stars (Fairy Tail) by JackalDesu
Revenge Of The Stars (Fairy Tail)by Jackal
This is a Fairy Tail Fanfiction!!! (>w<)/) Lucy was called weak and useless. That wasn't the worst part, her friends shunned her and removed her from the team...
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One With The Stars [Fairy Tail Nalu Fanfic] by glasses_girl40
One With The Stars [Fairy Tail jelloweeb
When Lisanna returns from Edolas, everything was the same as when Lucy had joined the guild. Only that the guild was more occupied on the return if their white-haired m...
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Weak? ✔️ by NaLu4Lyfe03
Weak? ✔️by anxious Pineapples
"Crybaby!" "Naïve!" "Snobby!" "Weak." Three celestial mages are bullied by friends and foes only to find each other with the sam...
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Cantarella (COMPLETED) by yanduri_chan
Cantarella (COMPLETED)by Yanduri.chan
This is a story of Lucy and Natsu of how they cope with forbidden love, lust, rape, and marriage throughout their lives. Will they end up together? But then again, what...
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