The Stalker #wattys2016 by sexy_beast12
The Stalker #wattys2016by Exoticwalrus
"M-Michael?" I stuttered He smirked then chuckled at me. "You didn't think I would find you? Did you?" He smirked. "I-I..." I was shocked...
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Lucian-Catch me If I fall by torielanna
Lucian-Catch me If I fallby torielanna
Lucy and Ian have known each other for years being best friends But when Lucy's world begins to break apart ,and the only person she trusts is Ian, their feelin...
  • fanfic
  • secret
  • romance
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Ezria; Not Over You by ishipezria
Ezria; Not Over Youby Ezria Fanfiction
{BOOK COMPLETED BUT IM REVAMPING IT SLIGHTLY} Aria and Ezra's relationship is going down hill. Ezra catches Noel making a move on Aria and gets the wrong idea, leaving A...
  • romantic
  • montgomery
  • ezriafanfic
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The Winchester Sister by supernatural_386
The Winchester Sisterby supernatural_386
Laura Covell, a female hunter who has avoided the Winchester boys her entire life for one reason, she is their sister. One day just after she finished killing a nest of...
  • samwinchester
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  • winchestersister
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The BadBoy screams trouble!  by kittykatkat227
The BadBoy screams trouble! by Katloveschocolate
"S-sorry!" I struggled to release myself from the ropes I was tied with. Carter laughed as he bought the disgusting lizard close to my face. "Front or ba...
  • heartbreak
  • nerd
  • wattys2017
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Reese Lavek ⚥ S. Smythe | ✓ (EDITING) by 1spotlight1
Reese Lavek ⚥ S. Smythe | ✓ ( Kailie
Reese Lavek has had a pretty rough life, not realising that one of the biggest jerks in Ohio has it hard too... --- "I've been dying of laughter since she started t...
  • originalcharacter
  • warblers
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YES, SIR⇉S.STAN [1]✔️ by lachys-loch
(teacherxstudent) ❝ you're my favourite student, Ella, ❞ Ella Howes is an 18 year old senior high school student and she's been getting taught by Mr Sebastian Stan sinc...
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Toxic Love » hs by londonlocket
Toxic Love » hsby ASH
He was her one and only. He was the person she would live and die for, but when Zoey loses the love of her life she feels as if the world is slowly crumbling around her...
  • death
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  • harrystylesfanfic
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Emison:True Love by pllsalt
Emison:True Loveby pllsalt
Emily has always loved Alison and it turns out Alison loves Emily she just hasnt told her. It's about time she does. Even with her biggest secret ever. Will she tell Emi...
  • lucyhale
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Moments {1}  by bleeding-auships
Moments {1} by Camila ☻☹
Alex Cruz wants to escape hell she lives in. All her parents do is beat her and constantly tell her to kill herself but when she tries to end everything.... Nobody cares...
  • stilesstilinski
  • scottmccall
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The Twin's Little Sister ➵ L. Dunbar by -voidhybrid
The Twin's Little Sister ➵ L. ↠ alondra ↞
Ivy is the younger sister of Ethan and Aiden, the former alpha twins. Ivy has seen and been through hell and back with her brothers, but she was never prepared for the h...
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  • teenwolf
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My badboy by xox30xox
My badboyby xox30xox
COMPLETED. Find out what happens with this crazy love story!!! Does she fall for the badboy?
  • highschool
  • love
  • lucyhale
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instagram ‪♡‬ ethan dolan by kiianslawley
instagram ‪♡‬ ethan dolanby gabby ♕
@ethandolan liked your post. @ethandolan commented on your post. @ethandolan followed you. - in which he falls in love with her over instagram pictures. ©️kiianslawley...
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Those Perfect Flaws by pialikesbands
Those Perfect Flawsby Pia Sanghvi
//REWRITTEN VERSION UP ON MY PROFILE// Completed ✔︎ #1 in teen fiction "And you know some people are good at love and some of them are good at being in love. They a...
  • secret
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Save You Tonight by 1DaddictedXOX
Save You Tonightby Kasha
"I'm scared Harry!" I shout, finding some courage to voice my concerns. "Why? Tell me what scares you Maci and we can work through it, together," Ha...
  • onedirection
  • love
  • strength
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Cinderella's Prince Charming by sapphiredragon6420
Cinderella's Prince Charmingby Sapphire Stone
"The Tale Of Cinderella." (Opens book) Once upon a time, there was a beautiful girl named Cinderella. She lived with her wicked stepmother and two stepsisters...
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Colegi de cameră 2 [H.S. Fan fiction] by Bear-booo
Colegi de cameră 2 [H.S. Fan N. Winchester
Credeau că și-au rezolvat problemele. Dar a fost doar începutul lor. highest rank : #9 fan fiction : 30.08.2016 #11 fan fiction :...
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Love is Love (Sashay/Emison) by Quick5555
Love is Love (Sashay/Emison)by Quick5555
Shay and Sasha are in love, problem is, neither of them can admit that they are in love with each other, that is until...
  • sashapieterse
  • sparia
  • lucyhale
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My Wolf ▷ Klaus Mikaelson by AmeliaMikaelhey
My Wolf ▷ Klaus Mikaelsonby AmeliaMikaelhey
Hayley's little sister turns up at the mansion in New Orleans, but she has a dark past that follows. she takes an interest in the hybrid Klaus Mikealson can he save her...
  • lucyhale
  • elijahmikaelson
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Our Hollywood Love Story by InfinityCharmz
Our Hollywood Love Storyby InfinityCharmz
All Aria always wanted was to become a successful singer. Her dream came true but she never thought that at one interview, her life could change forever. He had emerald...
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  • selenagomez
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