My Step Brother: Lucas Coly❤ by KayyTheeQT
My Step Brother: Lucas Coly❤ by KayyThaQt🖤💰 Fanfiction
16 Year Old Breanna Moore Lives With Her Mom Alisha Moore. Her Mom Is Engaged To A Rich Man Who Has A Son. James Coly And Lucas Coly. Read To Find Out What Happens.💕
KIDNAPPED ● Mateo & Lucas Coly ● by diamond13662
I Love My Bully || Lucas Coly (Discontinued) by zaddywritess
I Love My Bully || Lucas Coly (Dis... by #zaddygang Fanfiction
Amber Hanes has been bullied by her crush Mr. Popular, Lucas Coly and the two hate each other. But what will all that change???? Read to find out....
Sin City | Urban by MamiGyal
Sin City | Urban by Afri ChickLit
Highest rank in Chicklit: #480 Morocco Brown is a stunning and loving student from New York. Her life is going nowhere until she meets Lucas Coly, a smart, beautiful ma...
He Saved Me//Lucas Coly story// by Hot_topic_jada
He Saved Me//Lucas Coly story// by خوبصورت پاگلپن Fanfiction
"Oh my gosh! Watch where y'all going!"I yelled picking up my textbooks that dropped. It was like rush hour in here. There was a lot of people trying to get to...
Why Me???(A kid lucus love story.) by keekroyal
Why Me???(A kid lucus love story.) by keara walker Fanfiction
Kylie is a 15 year girl that gets bullied almost everyday by her brothers friend Lucas Coly. What she doesn't know is that Lucas has a huge crush on her ever since the...
Lovers & Friends  (A Lucas Coly Story)(Completed) by queen_illy
Lovers & Friends (A Lucas Coly St... by $$ > Fanfiction
- just read it .. - you might like it ;)) !
My Stepbrother by bbygnae4
My Stepbrother by 🤕 Fanfiction
❤️❤️❤️just read
The New Girl (A Lucas Coly and Karin Jinsui story) by K_baby35
In Love With The Opposite  by Tydoll_
In Love With The Opposite by Ty💕🦄🍭 Fanfiction
"You need to stop playing hard to get before somebody else snatches his ass up" "I can tell he's not my type" "Let a real nigga treat you righ...
Adopted by Lucas Coly  by thus_cutie
Adopted by Lucas Coly by Tegan Lane Fanfiction
Katie lives in a orphan home. She is treated badly. Her parents left her in a ally for someone to take her. Katie wills always tried to run away but she'll always get ca...
Bonjour by syannh
Bonjour by syannh Romance
Porsha was in an abusive relationship. She thought she'd never be able to forget the pain and suffering she went through, until she meets Lucas Coly.
My Stepbrother's by babygirl_destiny12
My Stepbrother's by babygirl_destiny12 Teen Fiction
You are moving in with your new stepbrothers. Will you be able to control your feelings or will you give in to their rape and abuse. Who will you choose. Read to find o...
High school with him by sslumpprincesa
High school with him by asianblacc Fanfiction
Laila Aubrey Graham is new to Hollywood high school and she is just starting out when is she meets Lucas they became friends been best friends then a couple soon becomi...
Lucas Coly Imagines (Slow Updates) by ItzCyn_Duhh
Lucas Coly Imagines (Slow Updates) by ✨💕Cyn💕✨ Fanfiction
•Angry •Funny •Sweet •HeartBreaking •Cute All Moments From Lucassss
Only you by BEAUTY_03
Only you by BEAUTY_03 Teen Fiction
Kayla is 17 years old and has been going through a tough situation with her family. When her parents got a divorce, she was forced to move away from her friends. On the...
New fame by _Imathug
New fame by _Imathug Fanfiction
Crystin McKam a short brown skin 17 year old virgin who has always overcame the pressures of sex and drugs and dating etc ... But that all changes when she meets viner...
TRESSES by guapmonstaa
TRESSES by -LC GANG- Romance
What the hell u doin reading this?! Find out?! ITS TEAAA
The Real World °Atlanta° by KeiaraRoberts
The Real World °Atlanta° by KeiaraRoberts Fanfiction
4 boys and 4 girls have to live in a mansion together for two months in order to succeed their goal of becoming a better person. Y'all already know there will be fights ...
Love Thy Neighbor by LizahNizah
Love Thy Neighbor by Lizah Nizah General Fiction
Anika, a shy 17 year old high school student, moves to Atlanta,GA with her aunt from her alcoholic mother in Virginia. She soon meets the next door neighbor, Lucas, and...