Daddy by randomsusername1120
Daddy by randomsusername1120 Fanfiction
"Call me daddy" "I think the fuck not"
minor plug | lil pump by xxxsanity
Apartment Full Of Boys... by TheOnlyJayUKnow
Apartment Full Of Boys... by Ultra Goat🐐 General Fiction
Alaya (India Westbrooke) decides to move out of her mom's house at age eighteen and find her own spot. It's an apartment... a luxury apartment ;) But she finds out she...
Geekin ( A Lucas coly story) by Niaanais143
Geekin ( A Lucas coly story) by Niaanais143 Fanfiction
Lucas is the "geek" of the school why would you mess with that nigga?
The New Girl (A Lucas Coly and Karin Jinsui story) by K_baby35
My bully (Lucas Coly) *Completed* by -PrxncessAnj
My bully (Lucas Coly) *Completed* by Issa Princess💋🍭 Fanfiction
Amelia is a 17 year old girl with a father who is a drug lord of Atlanta.. she always gets bullied by these 3 guys Lucas , Antonio & Mikey.. one day the bump into eachot...
He Saved Me//Lucas Coly story// by Hot_topic_jada
He Saved Me//Lucas Coly story// by خوبصورت پاگلپن Fanfiction
"Oh my gosh! Watch where y'all going!"I yelled picking up my textbooks that dropped. It was like rush hour in here. There was a lot of people trying to get to...
Delivery! by Kid076
Delivery! by Kid076 General Fiction
"Yeah, my baby knows that I deliver"
My brothers  by thus_cutie
Lucas coly - Age ain't nothing but a number  by _princess_jackie21
Lucas coly - Age ain't nothing but... by _princess_jackie21 Fanfiction
Your 13 turning 14 in a month you know a lot of high schoolers because you are pretty popular because of sports and singing. You are pretty close with Lucas who is 17 wi...
My Rider ? by jenn2cold
My Rider ? by OceanKid Fanfiction
Asiah London is 18 years old who is about to go in college and her sister Tyla London is 21 who owns a store name "Wolf CO". Their parents Died 5 years ago in...
We belong together (Karin Jinsui and Lucas Coly) by K_baby35
My Baby (Kid Lucas Y/N) by ratedaugust_
My Baby (Kid Lucas Y/N) by ratedaugust_ Fanfiction
Love isn't the word when it comes to Lucas and Yn. Everyone knows he's hers and she's his, and nobody gonna ever break them. Yn is his R.O.D and vice versa. They been to...
Royal Family of the streets by _Dancer_jay
Royal Family of the streets by Dancer jayyyy Fanfiction
They were both taught and trained how to run these streets by their parents the most notorious drug dealers in the world. Their mother running the streets of Cali and th...
FEELS (xxxtentacion) by Bruh_My_Leg
FEELS (xxxtentacion) by Heaven Cannady Fanfiction
Two People Meet On Instagram Will They Be Together Or Not? @xxxtentacion like your comment @xxxtentacion followed you.
Friends With Benefit's *A Kid Lucas Story* by Misfits20
Friends With Benefit's *A Kid Luca... by Mblover Fanfiction
This story is about K.C and Kid Lucas Friends With Benefit relationship. Where they have ups and downs. Stick around to learn more But people who txted me one the contes...
Friends with benefits  by ayalinbby
Friends with benefits by حب🖤 Teen Fiction
Friends with benefits can be deadly
Lovers & Friends  (A Lucas Coly Story)(Completed) by queen_illy
Lovers & Friends (A Lucas Coly St... by $$ > Fanfiction
- just read it .. - you might like it ;)) !
Lucas Coly (thug life) by _princess_jackie21
Lucas Coly (thug life) by _princess_jackie21 Fanfiction
I'm yn I'm 16 years old I'm a senior...(yes I skipped a grade). I am know but unknow. What happens when y/n meets Lucas for the first time and talks to him... Would they...
Depression  by shaderricka_taylor
Depression by shaderricka_taylor Romance
Continuation of Abusive starring Lucas Coly enjoy btw i will try to update daily ❤️ KEEP NEGATIVITY OFF MY BOOK ... Stay Tuned ‼️