Dobre Imagines by bytheangel1d
Dobre Imaginesby S
Just a bunch of Imagines of Lucas and Marcus that I'll hope you'll enjoy. 😊 ©bytheangel1d
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Facetime ★ Wolfhard by notsoflawlessships
Facetime ★ Wolfhardby notsoflawlessships
*facetime request from 'finnskata'!*
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  • lucas
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stranger things - imagines and preferences by Existentialism6
stranger things - imagines and kylo-wolfhard
exactly what the title says including: ‣ eleven ‣ mike ‣ will ‣ dustin ‣ lucas ‣ max ‣ nancy ‣ steven ‣ jonathan
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Caught In The Middle by SanC-Rylie
Caught In The Middleby San Clarke
This is the continuation of Book 1 Daddy's Little Assassin. So before you even proceed to read this book please read Book 1 first or else you'll be clueless as to what's...
  • romance
  • lexi
  • guns
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Nova • Will Byers x Reader by Electricstorms
Nova • Will Byers x Readerby Katelyn Eliza
Once every thousand years or so, the planets and stars align in a certain desplay of beauty. The light of all of the stars shine brightly. Brighter than usual. An explis...
  • wheeler
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• 12 • Dustin Henderson  by Lonelytrash16
• 12 • Dustin Henderson by Lonelytrash16
It all began with two girls and a missing boy Both initialed with numbers, One with 11 The other 12 How did Hawkin's town become a real nightmare that was only told i...
  • twelve
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What The Alpha Says...Goes (boyxboy) Bk 1 by DoUbLeZone
What The Alpha Says...Goes ( DoUbLeZone
How can you love someone you fear? Laken is a werewolf, the runt of the pack, what happens when the Alpha starts taking an interest in him? Rule number one of the wolf...
  • says
  • doublezone
  • victor
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wrong number - lucas jade zumann by parabctai
wrong number - lucas jade zumannby parabctai
In which a boy gives a girl a fake number and she texts the wrong number. [a lucas jade zumann fanfic]
  • annewithane
  • anne
  • jade
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It and St ☎? by 80s-loser
It and St ☎?by bitchin’
"Crazy together." "More than what we saw at the quarry!?"
  • bill
  • pennywise
  • eleven
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Speak now | l.h by lukefivesohs
Speak now | l.hby lukefivesohs
"So.. the wedding invitations came today." Michael stated, making me frown as I nodded slowly. He noticed that I held the letter in my hand. "You don't...
  • 5secondsofsummer
  • lucas
  • michael
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Millie Bobby Brown (cast) imagines  by TheAwkwardAndLonely
Millie Bobby Brown (cast) imagines by Hollie ✨
These were just all Millie imagines but for certain reasons I've made it just all of the cast
  • dustin
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Oh Schnapp: He Did It Again by foxandbunny2
Oh Schnapp: He Did It Againby Stranger Noah
Just another Noah fanfic! (All of my writing is original. I apologize if the content may seem similar to other Stories, But all of my ideas were created by myself.)
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Becoming a stripper or taking part in what most people would term as 'prostitution' was never my dream. Becoming a hooked drug addict was never part of my future plans e...
  • layla
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  • violence
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The geek project (kid Lucas /yn story) by HollywoodAudrey
The geek project (kid Lucas /yn Andriana.V
A yn and kid Lucas love story
  • kid
  • love
  • story
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Dobre Imagines and Smut by Dobrewriter24
Dobre Imagines and Smutby Ily les
Like there isn't a million on wattpad already here is an imagines book for you on the dobre twins. HMU ?U!
  • twins
  • lucas
  • imagines
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The Beta's Straight Mate (boyxboy) Bk 2 by DoUbLeZone
The Beta's Straight Mate (boyxboy) DoUbLeZone
What would you do if you were the Beta of a wolf pack and your mate was not only human, but had no idea you were his mate and on top of that, he was homophobic? Thomas...
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  • jessy
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Keys // Mileven by 1984bitchin
Keys // Milevenby bitchin’
The third book in the "Locked Away" series. Everything has gone back to normal and the kids have finished college. Mike is planning to make some big moves for...
  • max
  • lucas
  • dustin
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tunafish  by luucaasss
tunafish by luucaasss
come on a group chat filled with hot boys? fuck yes!
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  • nordan
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Mileven Oneshots by Claire_221b
Mileven Oneshotsby You Can Make Anything By Writ...
A little book of Mileven *** Potential Trigger Warnings Cover art: Credit to the artist (I think it was stranger-art-things on tumblr) All character rights go to the cre...
  • strangerthings
  • mileven
  • joyce
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Stranger things imagines(REQUEST CLOSED) by suckmyavocadoes
Stranger things imagines(REQUEST Talia
Basically the title
  • mike
  • strangerthings
  • dustin
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