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Cuma gadis biasa yang hobi menulis dan jatuh cinta pada hobi tersebut. More about me? Find me on path: Andini Ekaputri Nuraulia, FB: Andini Ekaputri Nuraulia, Line: Andiniciput, Ig: Auliacpt, or 56AAEDA0
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teen fiction writer, future engineer, and sleep deprived uni student. i communicate in cat gifs and really late replies (very guilty). currently busy travelling and studying, so mind me being slow on activity! ♔ REQUESTS currently no reading, follow or translation requests please ♥ ♔ TEEN FICTION THC1: The Breakup Game | ✓ THC2: Heart Melt | break High School Hit List | ✓ editing Not Another Summer Love Story | ✓ ♔ OTHER After Arlington | weekly/full on radish: Awake | ongoing (fortnightly-ish) Claim to Fame | ✗ » twitter: » » pinterest: » email: » radish: @autheras
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**If I wasn't such a bad woman on the page, I couldn't be such a good woman in life. ** Quills** Hello, I'm Angel I am 28 years old, I live in Pennsylvania. I'm using wattpad to try and break into my writing career. I graduated winghill writing school, I took creative and romance writing. My stories are my soul, and my main interest in life after music and netflix. Some of my stories have trailers now, so I'll link them here for you. TO MAKE IT EASIER TO FIND VIDEOS HERE IS A LINK TO MY PERSONAL YOUTUBE NAME WITH A SPEACIAL PLAYLIST FEATURING ALL MY TRAILERS FOR EVERY BOOK AND I WILL KEEP IT UPDATED. So, now you can find all my trailers in one place. I love movies. Black Swan. Repo! the genetic opera Bride of Chucky The invisible Deeply Half Light Labyrinth Quills. Populaire. *French film* I love music! Florence and the Machine. Breaking Benjamin. Emilie Sande Reba McEntire Birdy Halsey Zella Day I love tv. Once Upon A Time. Penny Dreadful. Pretty Little Liars. Scandal. It's always sunny in Philadelphia Downtown Abbey. American Horror Story. The Nanny. The Heirs *Korean drama* I love books the most. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. The thirteen Reasons why by Jay Asher. Stolen by Lucy Christopher. Juliet by Anne Fortier. My stories are all dark dramas because that's what I'm best at!
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Name: Cat Occupation: It's kind of obvious Ig: @weridesomo Age: Old enough to ride Joseph Somers-Morales (noun): Pure sex wrapped in money and dipped in gold
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an irrelevant ass bitch
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Miss Amane|Level 21|Tattooed Trashcan|Tree Hugger|Horror Fan|Aspiring Author| instagram: @miss.amane msg or dm either accounts for a follow back ❤
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I started college in the fall of 2016. I love writing books whenever I have time (which isn't much right now unfortunatel) Anyone who is having problems or just needs to talk, feel free to contact me. ill get back to you as soon as i can. love you all!
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I might be the one that's walking away, but you're the one that's leaving. We'll never be as young as we are now, It's time to leave this old black and white town. Burn this fucker down. ~ P!NK Thank you God for your grace, and for never giving up on me. ~ Justin Bieber Yea... And people in hell want slurpees. ~Daryl Dixon It's better to fail at originality, than to succeed in imitation. ~ Michael Jackson Do You Remember The Shire Mr. Frodo? ~ Samwise Gamgee Twitter: @castleran Instagram: @superan01 Kik: @pixie_kisses_
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I like cheesy jokes. They make me happy. Also go read my books: Girl With the Heart of Stone, A Bet With the Devils, and Girl With the Heart Full of Revenge Trailer of A Bet With the Devils by WeAreYoungES
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✩✩ Wattpad Featured Author ✩✩ I started writing even before I could spell my name and I wrote my first book at the age of five. It was called "The Cat." My mom probably still has it in the basement somewhere. My writing has hopefully improved since then. Instead of stories about cats, I write adventures with elements of mystery, action, Ancient Egyptian history, a dash of romance, and plot twists. Lots of plot twists. ***************************** My Stories: The Journey to Thebes | Prequel [✔ Completed] Highest Rank: #31 in Adventure The Stolen Papyrus | Book 1 [✔ Completed ✩ Featured] Highest Rank: #2 in Adventure The Lost Sepulcher | Book 2 [Ongoing - updates Fridays] Highest Rank: #45 in Adventure ***************************** Follow me on... Facebook Twitter WWW