My Monster (Completed) by EinatSegal
My Monster (Completed) by Einaty <3 Teen Fiction
"You want to sleep with me but you don't actually like me or even want to know me," he says. Oh, wow. Bull's eye. I have to give him credit, though. I didn'...
Mending Her Heart by sonysa
Mending Her Heart by S.SONYSA_IVAN Romance
Highest Ranking: #16 in Romance 03/08/17 If you love someone it doesn't mean that he/she will also love you in return.. Madeline is not your simple timid...
You & I [COMPLETED]  by MissR12
You & I [COMPLETED] by Nilza Romance
Highest rank #1 in romance- 2.8.2017 Ethan Monroe, 26, hotshot billionaire. Future CEO of Monroe Industries. He is the dream of every woman and the idol of every man. W...
My Monster And Me by EinatSegal
My Monster And Me by Einaty <3 Fantasy
Dragons, gryphons and steamy romance in New York City. Sophie Green knows she'll never change. She's antisocial, on the verge of being a sociopath and as far as men and...
Husband with Benefits ▪ Completed ▪ (Blood Money #1) by girl_whobreaths_fire
Husband with Benefits ▪ Completed... by Humaira ChickLit
Someone once said, 'A muse can be a mirror: a reflection of the artist's desires, anxieties, dreams, and needs'. Right now, I was his muse. I was his desire. I was h...
The BadBoy screams trouble! [#Wattys 2017] by kittykatkat227
The BadBoy screams trouble! [#Watt... by —__— Teen Fiction
Highest ranking: #40 in teen fiction. Sick of all BadBoy cliches? This ones slightly different 😉. 〝I KNOW HE IS NO GOOD. BUT HE'S STUCK INTO MY BRAIN.〞 "You are...
The Kairos Temporal Matchmaking Service by leighheasley
The Kairos Temporal Matchmaking Se... by leigh Science Fiction
Time travel isn't just possible, it's been legalized by the US government. Many industries have capitalized on the trend, including dating agencies. Now anyone can trave...
DarkWeb by TaliaVines
DarkWeb by Talia Vines Mystery / Thriller
{WATTPAD FEATURED STORY} {Highest Rank #1 Mystery/Thriller} When the FBI approaches 22 year old Wren Bower to work as an informant, she knows she'll take the job no matt...
AFTER MARRIAGE LOVE by Rukhsar Khan Fanfiction
The Paul Brothers Best Friend by Hannah32904
The Paul Brothers Best Friend by Hannah Fanfiction
You've been best friends with Jake and Logan Paul from when you were in diapers. They've always been there for you when you need them, will they be there for you when yo...
|| Transfer || by TG_AOT
|| Transfer || by TG_AOT Fanfiction
Storya ng isang mahirap na babae na na-transfer sa mundong puno ng mga snobbish, rich kids.
Saving Brownie [Billionaire Undercover Story] by wigglysubu
Saving Brownie [Billionaire Underc... by ツsubu Humor
04 in Humor [16-08-17] Georgia Brooks, the notorious, troublesome tomboy is the caretaker of Clark Brown, the mysterious and cold man who is an undercover billionaire...
Trepidation by ssumiya
Trepidation by ♕ Werewolf
Book II in the Manipulation Series. A sequel to cheerleader Warning: contains hair pulling.
Mason's Impossible Prey | ✔️ by FreedomHasan
Mason's Impossible Prey | ✔️ by Raneem Hasan Werewolf
|#1 in Werewolf| Mason's Impossible Prey Her life made a drastic turn Pushing her into a place she calls hell A place that screams death and chaos And a place making he...
When Bonds Connect by MajesticBunnie
When Bonds Connect by Bunnie Romance
Reverse Harem *** Hopeless Romantic? She was before. Mateless? She obviously isn't. Desperate to have a boyfriend, our heroine Rys is in a need of a love advice; and due...
Alexa Gilbert (the vampire diaries) by sincerely-louis
Alexa Gilbert (the vampire diaries) by ~ Fanfiction
"You really gonna do this Alexa?" Elena snarls at her, and she chuckles, "You started this Elena. Don't try and act like the victim." Alexa snaps bac...
The vampire King's young Mate by wickedwitch321
The vampire King's young Mate by annonymous Vampire
#5 in Vampire - 7/28/2017 In a world where humanity was lost because the superior race of vampires took over the inferior humans after coming out of hiding. It had been...
She's Mine | Tom X reader X Tord by -CinnamonRoll-
She's Mine | Tom X reader X Tord by *¢яι* Fanfiction
Just feeling the breeze made you shiver... England was much colder than you expected. You heard your shoes splash the damp ground... Then it hitting concrete. You've rea...
The Ex by P3ttyQueen
The Ex by 👑 QUEEN 👑 Romance
What do you do with a broken heart and a positive pregnancy test? ~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~. ~Highest Rank #43~ I s...
How The Bad Boys Fell In Love With My Butt Ugly Face When I Removed My Glasses by BrittNLeigh
How The Bad Boys Fell In Love With... by Britt N. Leigh Humor
#Wattys2017 Emma Woods is new. And ugly. Lost in a sea of alluring Californians, she sees herself as homely by comparison. Yet when the billionaire bad boy Ryder Wolfson...