Living in Hell with a Cheater ( Park Jimin x Reader ) by Jisookim101
Living in Hell with a Cheater ( Chimchim95
Will I ever be loved? Was it all fake? It hurts so bad. Why are you doing this to me? God I hate my life. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Save me...
  • j-hope
  • lovesickness
  • btsfanfic
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Space Shot into Love by -thatcrazybitch
Space Shot into Loveby Gwendolyn Thompson
❝SO, YOU THOUGHT I WAS YOUR MOM.❞ ❝IT'S NOT REALLY MY FAULT. YOU HELD MY HAND.❞ | In which you add a lovesick girl, a looping-nauseous best friend and a sometimes-height...
  • teenromance
  • bestfriend
  • friendship
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»Faded« // Min Yoongi [#BangtanAwards] by MrsJungkxxk
»Faded« // Min Yoongi [ Yuns
[ This is the continuation of my first Book "Pillowtalk // Min Yoongi"] Five years have passed since Jennie left Korea, Her family and Yoongi and everything...
  • korean
  • drama
  • english
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Christmas Love#ValentinesCont2018#OrionAward2018#Beginneraward#creativeaward2018 by Stephanie20003
Christmas Tara
Chloe falls in love with her bf Charles But he has already a girlfriend. So what should Chloe do?
  • chaos
  • lovesickness
  • love
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Miraculous Lovesickness by Flores14Elemental
Miraculous Lovesicknessby Flores14Elemental
Lovesickness~ someone holding in their feelings for someone else so long that it makes them sick. The only cure for Lovesickness is a kiss. Why did Marinette all of a su...
  • lovesickness
  • ocsinmybook
  • complete
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Love sick by Drowning_in_Memories
Love sickby Stuck in past mistakes
Rin Takashima lived in the hospital, By the Young age of 5 Rin was a daily patient, it was due to a disease only she had, The doctors called it, 'Love sickness' If Rin f...
  • lovesick
  • hope
  • romance
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