We'll Have Our Little Secret by HeilynR30
We'll Have Our Little Secretby HeilynR30
I wrap my fingers in his shirt and pull him even closer locking our lips. His hands slide down to my hips and I pull away. "This is wrong. We're not supposed to be...
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  • weshouldntbetogther
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Sex with an Alpha by DevilsWearingPrada
Sex with an Alphaby Whitney Murphy
⚠️Mature Audiences only⚠️ Evangelica Roads had given up on love after her mate found another, now she simply needs to scratch that irritating itch. Sex would be simple...
  • lovers
  • dominant
  • ăn
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The Lover (18+) [Completed] by kristineJulihanns
The Lover (18+) [Completed]by kristineJulihanns
"I've wanted you my whole life, Scar, and when I'm finally here with you, you're married..." Scarlett Knightwell has it all. Multi-millionaire company, a somew...
  • secretaffair
  • secretrelationship
  • secret
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The Cupid Touch by GythaLodge
The Cupid Touchby Gytha Lodge
**The No 1 fantasy romance by award-winning novelist and scriptwriter Gytha Lodge, author of The Fragile Tower series** What if you had a power you couldn't control? Wha...
  • steamy
  • featured
  • lovers
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Interest [COMPLETED] by bishitzchar
Interest [COMPLETED]by charlotte
"You are so different." He whispered. "And you are doing something to me, Bella. I can't seem to control myself when I'm around you." *.*.*.*.*.*.*.*...
  • interest
  • possesive
  • boss
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My dads best friend by girlbythebeach
My dads best friendby girlbythebeach
Rose Hart a 16 year old girl who lost her mom at the age of 15 and lives with her widow dad who is a business man. She has 2 best friends. Even though she just lost her...
  • teenage
  • lovers
  • fiction
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Diabolik Lovers Lemons, and scenarios  by SlyAngle66
Diabolik Lovers Lemons, and Lucinda A.
Hey, so this anime changed my life! No. It didn't. This ruined my life... But I love this anime. So sit back relax and read... by the way this is an x reader. So enjoy!
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A Violent Love - Werewolf/Vampire by sushioverboys
A Violent Love - Werewolf/Vampireby w.s.d
#1 in Vampire 18.7.2015 "Stay." He commanded. Arabella's lips quivered, she blinked furiously trying to hold back her tears. She took a careful step backward...
  • lovers
  • forbidden
  • love
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" If you really knew me " by jiminbootylicious95
" If you really knew me "by Jiminbootylicious 🍑
What happens when your good rich child good friend makes a promise but he moves away. 10years later you meet again but he doesn't remember you and became colder towards...
  • bts
  • suga
  • lovers
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Klance Fluff & Mature (Plus General) Pictures and Comics by kuraxmasha
Klance Fluff & Mature (Plus kuraxmasha
Basically, I will post pictures and comics about Klance (aka my favorite shipping in the series) from Netflix Voltron. I do not own Voltron and its characters. I hope yo...
  • paladin
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BE MINE。| +jjk ✔️ by jenokook
BE MINE。| +jjk ✔️by 渣男不爱
"will you be mine?" ©jenokook
  • wonho
  • bts
  • monstax
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Diabolik lovers boyfriend scenarios by Andi1630
Diabolik lovers boyfriend scenariosby Andi1630
Your complete life with the thirteen smexy vampires! (COMPLETED)
  • anime
  • diabolik
  • lovers
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NEVER LET ME GO ✔️ (COMPLETED)  by crazywriter1116
This is a story of Aashi Verma and Rishabh Khurana. The two of them were bffs since kindergarten. But their strong friendship is tested with time. Join the tale of frien...
  • friendship
  • wattpadindia
  • romance
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Nameless Relation by loversss_point
Nameless Relationby Writers
Shivaay multi billionair married man meet a college going girl, he want her but society they dont want them because they both dont have any name for their relations.....
  • malikashivaaysinghoberoi
  • anika
  • ishq
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2413 (Kanato x Reader) by sakamaki_triplets
2413 (Kanato x Reader)by ➵ KT ; 민혁
"Hey," You looked up from your phone and to your dad. "I'm getting us food okay? Watch him, don't let 2413 go." ---------- (AN: 100k! //O M F G// T...
  • fanfiction
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  • jail
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Loyalty// T10 • LP social media {#wattys2017} by pnhunt21
Loyalty// T10 • LP social media { lil bean
@Blakesawyer just posted a photo @Tessabrooks commented "🔥" @LoganPaul commented "How do you know shay?" @team10 followed @blakesawyer @tessabro...
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I do [h.s]  [zakończone] by DixiesMind
I do [h.s] [zakończone]by DixiesMind
Rok temu wszystko było inne. Nie wyobrażałam sobie siebie taką, jaką byłam teraz. Kiedy patrzę wstecz, zdaję sobie sprawę z tego, jak rok potrafi wiele zmienić w człowie...
  • romas
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  • love
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Immortal Curse ✓ by alphafyers
Immortal Curse ✓by Mia
Rose one of the very few ancients. She is a vampire who has lived a thousand years yet looks like an 18year old. She is one of the strongest but... What happens when she...
  • ancient
  • human
  • vampireromance
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Little Photographer (Diabolik Lovers x Reader) by L_A_Studios
Little Photographer (Diabolik L_A_Studios
Meet the Sakamaki's. 6 Vampire males who have lived a pretty luxurious life. But what happens when they are found guilty of killing Yui Komori, who they were told that t...
  • subaru
  • reiji
  • kanato
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Diabolik Lovers x Reader : Forbidden by Akane_Sora
Diabolik Lovers x Reader : Akane_Sora
you, a short yet beautiful young, 21 years old, teacher was assigned to teach a certain class. Little did you know that your students were vampires. As a teacher you co...
  • anime
  • studentteacher
  • kanato
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