【Awake】// Love Live x Reader by yokazex
【Awake】// Love Live x Readerby spagetti
"it felt like a dream" "but i was awake" __________ A book in which a poor trash can shall do her very best to bring ya'll some Yuri oneshots. Reque...
  • ûmî
  • romance
  • maki
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When Two Stars Meet (Uta no Prince-sama and Love Live Crossover) by AnimeRocks2910
When Two Stars Meet (Uta no AnimeRocks2910
Although this story takes place right after their debut, the Starish are complete. Meaning that Cecil has also debuted. Anyways, 3 months have passed since they debuted...
  • honoka
  • utanoprincesama
  • kotori
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Will Yocchan Find out? by skrch_rk
Will Yocchan Find out?by Seilin-Ann
Riko Sakurauchi and Yoshiko/Yohane Tsushima are lovers. Riko thought everything in her life is perfect until she lays her eyes on Ms. Perfectionist and student council p...
  • diariko
  • lovelivesunshine
  • yohariko
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Our Feelings (Muse x Dense!Female Reader) by FanficsRu
Our Feelings (Muse x Dense! FanficsRu
Subject: (L/N) (Y/N) Subject's Age: 14 Current Love Interest: Unknown Current Harem Number: 9+ Notes: - Transfer student - Goes to Otonokizaka High - Good...
  • yazawanico
  • hoshizorarin
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Your Smile | Love Live! × Reader Oneshots by joyfulweirdo
Your Smile | Love Live! × Reader 喜び
⇨ Book 1 of the ❝Love Novels❞ Series ----- ❝Just how far are you willing to go to chase your feelings?❞ -これから [Korekara] ----- A collection of Love Live! and Love Liv...
  • lovelive
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Random Love Live stuff by thelala123
Random Love Live stuffby Unknown :P
Just random stuff related to love live. The anime, game and just my thoughts on some stuff.
  • umisonoda
  • aqours
  • llsif
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Can Love Live in You? (Love Live Stories And Oneshots) by Miki_jr1
Can Love Live in You? (Love Live Miki jr
Have you ever wondered how love felt? Let me show you. Hey!!! Everyone I am glad to be here, so yeah, my first book and is a oneshot one, be patient with me!! :D Genera...
  • yuri
  • aquors
  • muse
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The Book Of Idol Hell (Or Should I say Love Live?) by PanayoPie
The Book Of Idol Hell (Or Should Nani??
U Liek Love Live?
  • lovelivesunshine
  • spiritual
  • lovelive
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❝ TENDER LOVE. ❞ ↬ L. Live! by makinae
❝ TENDER LOVE. ❞ ↬ L. Live!by Love ya.
➖I wish our love lasted longer.
  • rin
  • gxg
  • nozomitojo
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Love Live! & Sunshine!! x Fem!Reader by skyekurohoshi
Love Live! & Sunshine!! x Fem! Skye
The Love Live! and Love Live Sunshine!! girls featuring Fem!Reader-chan~ Enjoy! Requests CLOSED!
  • lovelive
  • fanfiction
  • loveliveschoolidolproject
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I Like You, I Love You (Love Live x Reader) by FanficsRu
I Like You, I Love You (Love FanficsRu
Oneshots featuring μ's, Aqours, ARISE, and Saint Snow! Requests closed.
  • harem
  • girlxgirl
  • lovelivesunshine
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Perfect The Way You Are ~ Love Live! NozoEli  by dusk_drawings
Perfect The Way You Are ~ Love parfaitgay
Everyone likes you when you are an idol right? Unfortunately not, as we learn when a certain purple haired shrine maiden gets constantly ridiculed by the public for her...
  • bulimia
  • eliayase
  • anorexia
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...I think I like you, what should I do? [Love Live x Fem!Reader] by weeaboo343
...I think I like you, what Love Live Trash
HIGHEST RANK: #389 in Fanfiction. What you read on the title is what you will get! Will consider requests for all the Muse and Aqours girls. Please read inside for more...
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Random Love Live! Story Book by G-Zoe13
Random Love Live! Story Bookby Gwyneth Zoe Casero
As the title says, full of weirdness hilarity and gayness all around scenarios has questionable situations and it may or may not have answers and it has short and or lon...
  • minamikotori
  • ayaseeli
  • nishikinomaki
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Love Live x Reader by deadcxrxixmxsxoxn
Love Live x Readerby #1 Jin Kisaragi fan
This is a story that is directed by majority vote in which you the reader gets to decide what happens in the story
  • fanfiction
  • loveliveschoolidolproject
  • love
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Love Live! X Fem! Reader Yuri Oneshots [REQUESTS CLOSED] by Kistune123
Love Live! X Fem! Reader Yuri Kistune123
"I'm here for you. I always will be." "I like you, but do you like me?" A book of yuri oneshots with the members of μ's and Aqours.
  • lovelive
  • loveliveschoolidolproject
  • fanfiction
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[Love Live!] Nishikino Maki x Male!Reader by Fukurorin
[Love Live!] Nishikino Maki x Mi-jin Kuro
You are supposed to attend an All-Boys' school, but was forced by Principal Minami to attend an All-Girls' school due to lack of students transferring in Otonokizaki Hig...
  • loveliveschoolidolproject
  • minamikotori
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Our Love MakixNico (Futanari)  by CherryMaki5
Our Love MakixNico (Futanari) by CherryMaki5
Nico and Maki are now married and living together. Maki is working at her family's hospital as an Doctor. Nico takes care of the house and visits Nozomi and Eli from tim...
  • gxg
  • drama
  • lemon
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Our Big Family! - Love Live Family!AU (Hiatus) by SnowyandRainydays
Our Big Family! - Love Live - Ernest&Celestine -
I do not own the characters except for Y/N-chan! The neighborhood was a normal one, except for the fact that there was a family that had 15 children edit: and sometimes...
  • siblings
  • manysiblings
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❝ Baby. ❞ ↬ L. Live! by makinae
❝ Baby. ❞ ↬ L. Live!by Love ya.
➖you were the music that I had on repeat, and never had gotten tired of you since.
  • honokakousaka
  • animexreader
  • yuri
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