Inked: The Reaper Chronicles by EveMcGee
Inked: The Reaper Chroniclesby EveMcGee
Some people are just marked for trouble. Ethan is a boy looking for answers as he struggles through life. However, he comes closer to getting him after an encounter wit...
  • voidjumpers
  • monsters
  • superpowers
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Forest of Ascension by Michael-Sorbello
Forest of Ascensionby Michael Sorbello
An eldritch fog cascades over the home of Adrian Blight. Being the nature loving recluse that he is, he finds himself beckoned by the mysterious fog into venturing furth...
  • psychological
  • ghost
  • macabre
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After Death by SleepDeprivedFemale
After Deathby SleepDeprivedFemale
AU in which the Kishin sealed Lord Death in the battle 800 years ago. When the supposed final battle between the two Gods ended with the Kishin as the victor, two surviv...
  • horror
  • dtk
  • soul-eater
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TRAVELLERS LOST by SleepDeprivedFemale
TRAVELLERS LOSTby SleepDeprivedFemale
[No previous knowledge of the Sunless Sea universe required.] The Spartoi crew end up in an underground sea, devoid of Sun and logic. This is their eldritch adventure of...
  • tsubaki
  • jackie
  • fallenlondon
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I Know Where the Dead Ones Go by BenSobieck
I Know Where the Dead Ones Goby Benjamin Sobieck
A pair of police officers doesn't believe the reports about a gruesome creature killing people and stacking the bodies in a bad part of town. The supposed witnesses, mos...
  • police
  • supernatural
  • mystery
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Tales from the Outer Town by killalily
Tales from the Outer Townby kill -a-lily
A collection of short stories I write throughout the time, all around the story of Outer Town.
  • lovecraftian
  • inspiredbymanythings
  • paranormal
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The Fear We All Feel by maviam-
The Fear We All Feelby maviam-
Time flows differently in this peculiar city and there's something lurking under the ground. People are going missing, the clock groans fiercely and storms over the jagg...
  • lovecraftian
  • gore
  • bizzaro
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Fire and Rain by SamMcClanahan25
Fire and Rainby SamMcClanahan25
Jonathan works in a place called Grey Manor, a home for the mentally ill. It's a relatively quiet place where people can work on banishing their demons. That is, until o...
  • horror
  • darkfantasy
  • monster
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The Glory and the Dream by JasonLuthor
The Glory and the Dreamby Jason Luthor
A rousing tale of adventure and mystery on the haunted waves of the Emerald Ocean. Charles George Malcolm Raleigh, retired military officer and adventurer recognized by...
  • lovecraftian
  • drama
  • gothichorror
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The Marvelous Misadventures of Walter Guilman: The Witch House by ThomasSto
The Marvelous Misadventures of Thomas Stonožka
Shipwreck survivor and all around stick in the mud Walter Guilman moves into the haunting city of Arkham, Massachusetts to attend the prodigious Miskatonic University. H...
  • lovecraftian
  • hplovecraft
  • horror
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