Inked: The Reaper Chronicles by EveMcGee
Inked: The Reaper Chronicles by EveMcGee Action
Some people are just marked for trouble. Ethan is a boy looking for answers as he struggles through life. However, he comes closer to getting him after an encounter wit...
Tower of Sorrow by Michael-Sorbello
Tower of Sorrow by Michael Sorbello Paranormal
A king driven mad with grief imprisons his daughter in the cellar of a dark tower. A morbid and maddening rendition of a classic fairy tale theme.
Forever Dark: Book 1 of the Forever Dark Series by JacksonDeanChase
Forever Dark: Book 1 of the Foreve... by Jackson Dean Chase Vampire
A lonely teen sells her soul to become a vampire, only to discover that becoming a monster will forever deny her the love she craves. When sixteen-year-old horror fan Ci...
The Reptilian Age by VRPGGameEmpress
The Reptilian Age by D.K. BlueMoon Poetry
This poem is another allegory of a precursor race of which I've dreamed, and whose elder world may contain a glimpse of Earth's true past. Now come and harken the reptil...
Yithian Age by VRPGGameEmpress
Yithian Age by D.K. BlueMoon Poetry
A poem I've written about the Great Race of Yith, which is inspired by Lovecraft's Shadow Out of Time.
The Passover (Short Story) by SophieAliceRiches
The Passover (Short Story) by Sophie-Alice Horror
Quarrez-Nal is a small mining town that doesn't like outsiders. But this outsider is one it has been expecting.
The Thing in the Forest by Michael-Sorbello
The Thing in the Forest by Michael Sorbello Horror
Adrian Blight is a reclusive man that spends his days in the comfort of his cabin deep in the forest. One night, an ethereal fog cascades over his home, and he is beckon...
Emily's Typewriter by KirstieOlley
Emily's Typewriter by Kirstie Olley Horror
An 1800s husband's tale as he watches a new-fangled contraption take over the life of his beloved wife. Where is the line between obsession and possession?
ChoujuX's Short Story Vault by ChoujuX
ChoujuX's Short Story Vault by Z Short Story
A collection of short stories written for various reasons. More to be added as I write. Stories: -Walk Into Madness -Walk Into Eternity (Early Draft) -The Battle o...