male reader x RWBY  by sabastianRitchey
male reader x RWBY by sabastian Ritchey
I'm a fan of h.p. lovecraft and Edgar Allen poe \_(°_°)_/
  • edgarallanpoe
  • lovecraft
  • xmalereader
World Eater by FancySnake
World Eaterby anime boys
**1ST PLACE FEATURED IN HORROR 8-31** Alzar's mind wasn't the only thing that was falling apart. ---- After an emotional outburst lands him in the principal's office, Al...
  • horror
  • long
  • school
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Çürük Öyküler by mertozzy
Çürük Öykülerby Mert Özer
Kendini evrenin dışında bulan, ölmeyi veya doğmayı başaramayan, ya da zihnini parazitlerden koruyamayan insanların öyküleri... Karanlık, ıslak ve soğuk sayfalarla dolu b...
  • bilimkurgu
  • fantastik
  • varoluşsal
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ELDRITCH NIGHT by hammbody
Eldritch horrors descend from the sky to consume the world. Only a last-minute intervention by a mysterious Hegemony of Worlds saves Earth, albeit temporarily. Skills, l...
  • fantasy
  • scifi-
  • game
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Terrarinomicón: Cronología y Mitos de Terraria por Tartován el Historiador by Rafa5924
Terrarinomicón: Cronología y R.P.S.TuGfa
(Yo, tratando de escribir lore para Terraria)
  • indie
  • terraria
  • cthulhu
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Making Contact by EvanderFragoso
Making Contactby EvanderFragoso
A psychotic killer is on the loose. His victims are exclusively women, and each murder is committed twelve-hours from the last. While the police struggle to pinpoint the...
  • opennovellacontest
  • ái
  • detective
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les atlantes l'appel du Cthulhu by dr-toto
les atlantes l'appel du Cthulhuby dr-toto
Mathias, jeune garçon en menace de mort cherche un remède ... Droits d'auteur:
  • cthulhu
  • mort
  • lovecraft
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Bungou Stray Dogs AU -Your's Sincerely- Howard P.  Lovecraft ❌ reader by Kokoriki_denki
Bungou Stray Dogs AU -Your's Sakura Koko Denki
Even the most jerking of people can have hearts of gold// before anyone yells at me! This is an AU, I lowered his seemingly assumed age down to 17, but I still kept his...
  • bungostraydogs
  • xreader
  • fanfiction
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My Dance With a Witch by AFractaleWriter
My Dance With a Witchby AFractaleWriter
After some digging, I obtained some pages from Hennepin County police titled "My Dance With a Witch". They think of it as a joke, but I'm releasing these pages...
  • oldones
  • horror
  • greatoldones
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The Outcast by Asarielxx
The Outcastby Asarielxx
He was weird, different. A loner that never quite fit in, or so they've decided. Only his two feline companions kept him sane and what would the future bring, none could...
  • lovecraft
  • magic
  • mysterious
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Humane by CuriouslyMellow
Humaneby Mr.Gullible
What does it mean, to be human?
  • contest
  • lovecraft
  • cosmichorror
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The Redlands [FEATURED] by Sam_Castle
The Redlands [FEATURED]by Sam Castle
In the Redlands, a field sown in demon blood, John Fontayne faces his own demons. A Faustian pact may lead him to the other side, but it will not protect him from the mo...
  • poe
  • horror
  • shortstory
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H. P. Lovecraft - Povídky by Vampirak
H. P. Lovecraft - Povídkyby Vampirak
Předem upozorňuji že žádná z těchto povídek není mé dílo. Pouze vám sem chci předat povídky od génia hororu H.P. Lovecrafta, neboť jsem je na Wattpadu nenalezl v českém...
  • česky
  • hplovecraft
  • lovecraft
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Frases, poemas, rimas y leyendas by SergioSauset
Frases, poemas, rimas y leyendasby SergioSauset
Recopilación de frases y obras universales de diversos autores que marcaron una época.
  • neruda
  • cervantes
  • elquijote
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The Obscure by livinginmymindgirl
The Obscureby T. A. Nelson
Who would have known one night, one stupid act could cause so much destruction and so much horror. Rosaleen Gibbons has everything that night at the annual town carniva...
  • newadult
  • stephenking
  • dimension
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PRECINCT 20: Dead Strange -- Short Stories by ARYngve
PRECINCT 20: Dead Strange -- A. R. Yngve
If a house can be haunted, what about a whole city block? Or an entire neighborhood? Welcome to the 20th. Precinct 20 is the oldest district in the City. The buildings a...
  • homicide
  • horror-thriller
  • thriller
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La Cité des Morts-Vivants by user11564849
La Cité des Morts-Vivantsby Erwan Duarte
Il y a quelques temps, dans un petit village, un meurtre a été commis. Un journaliste enquête. Il est sur le point de découvrir la vérité...
  • stephenking
  • lovecraft
  • luciofulci
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The Memoirs of Harold Campbell  by hughesyUK
The Memoirs of Harold Campbell by Aaron Hughes
Harold Campbell recalls a nightmarish interaction with a horrific beast in hope of understanding the surreal encounter.
  • gothichorror
  • shortstory
  • psychological
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The Cursed Jewel - Book IV of the AXOM Saga by CraigCooper9
The Cursed Jewel - Book IV of Craig Cooper
Death The Kid, son of the Grim Reaper, discovers that graduates of DWMA are being brainwashed and enslaved into an army. The consequences to DWMA could be devastating. D...
  • blackstar
  • tsubakinakatsukasa
  • blackstarxtsubaki
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Rust: One by ruzkin
Rust: Oneby ruzkin
She died in New York. She woke in Rustwood. After being pushed in front of the subway C-Line, Kimberly Archer finds herself in an impossible town with a husband she's n...
  • paranormal
  • cronenberg
  • peaks
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