Despise and Despair by WorldofPedz
Despise and Despair by ☠️Pedz☠️
"You're my assistant," His lips hovered dangerously close to my right earlobe. "I expect you to obey me, or you'll be disposed of." Those words rippe...
  • mysticawards
  • romance
  • assistant
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Intimacy by thunderstorm546
Intimacy by Storm
"I'm on my way to you right now." "What?" I feel my body heating up at the thought of him standing outside the door in all his tattooed glory. "...
  • badboy
  • rogue
  • hot
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The Bad Boy and Me {FIRST DRAFT} by JustMeLayna
The Bad Boy and Me {FIRST DRAFT} by Layna
• • • C O M P L E T E • • • || FIRST DRAFT || The bad boy was hugging me. Ryder Knix was trying to comfort me, and let me tell you, it was working. "I'm here, oka...
  • friends
  • bffs
  • drama
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The Nerd's Secret Life by CandySweat_13
The Nerd's Secret Life by Prov Girl
Ashleyah Fox is that quite nerdy girl none notices. The one who's always wearing the long sleeved shirts and big bulky, black rimmed glasses. Completely invisible to the...
  • girlplayer
  • lovehate
  • nerd
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Omerta- Book I (Winner of the 2015 People's Choice Award) by katrocks247
Omerta- Book I (Winner of the 2015... by Katarina E. Tonks
VENDETTA SERIES TRAILER: * * * Omertà- noun (as practiced by the Mafia) a code of silence about criminal activity and a...
  • italian
  • possessive
  • hate
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Demons From The Past by Reeyu97
Demons From The Past by ♛ R E E
"Go to hell!" She spat out. I could feel my lips curling into a smirk as I advanced towards her. "Oh I will, sweetheart, and I'll make sure I drag you dow...
  • murder
  • protective
  • friendship
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Rain Again (Completed) by clararicks1
Rain Again (Completed) by Clara Ricks
Highest Ranking on hotlist : #1 Her confusion multiplied looking at the raw anger in his eyes, the seriousness and finality in his features. 'I seriously am clueless her...
  • heartbreak
  • friendship
  • billionaire
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Chasing Cecilia by bryony_grace
Chasing Cecilia by Bryony Grace
*It is not love that is blind, but we that are blind to love* When Cecilia's abusive father gambles her to her childhood enemy, forcing the two to marry, Cecilia sees a...
  • love
  • romance
  • love-hate
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LOVE TO HATE YOU by JoWatson_101
Sera's usually a good girl. (Except for that one wild night in the backseat of a stranger's car!) But what happens when that stranger turns out to be a bad boy- not to m...
  • cocky
  • chicklit
  • love
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Unwanted by Writer20161
Unwanted by Gone.
Highest Ranking: #1 in werewolf as of 10-12-15! "Please...don't do this." I whimpered as he took a step closer. He narrowed his black eyes, "Sorry not sor...
  • pack
  • mates
  • heartless-mate
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The Billionaires Son by kikiceleste_
The Billionaires Son by Kiana (Kiki)
I smiled again, this time I noticed Nick looking across the table in my direction. His gaze was intense, there was something about it. It was intense, intimidating, sens...
  • nicolai
  • love-hate
  • relationships
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Fool Me Twice, Shame On Me by RedovefromVenus_
Fool Me Twice, Shame On Me by ℓⱮ
"So this was all just a game to you . . .this whole time, you pretended to like me in order to humiliate me in front of the entire school?" An air of melanchol...
  • fool
  • california
  • diversity
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The Lonely King | Ongoing [2nd Edition] by shevvie
The Lonely King | Ongoing [2nd Edi... by 紫苑
"Ignore their stares, they do nothing but remind you that you are alive." When Alexandra Knight was offered a rare scholarship to attend the most prestigious b...
  • academy
  • school
  • royalty
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Like Yesterday by crossroad
Like Yesterday by Freesia Lockheart
Have you ever met that one guy? That one guy who once ruined your life? For Reese, the day he left was the happiest day of her life. No more humiliation. No more...
  • yesterday
  • cover2012
  • love-hate
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Heavy Wears The Crown by ObsceneIrrationality
Heavy Wears The Crown by R.A. Franco
Carter Reid is looking for only one thing when she meets drug addicted, womanizer, lead singer Nolan Doufer. A job. Nolan Doufer is used to getting what he wants, a bab...
  • musician
  • punk
  • rockstar
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Damaged (Bullied Series #3) by VeraMicic
Damaged (Bullied Series #3) by Vera Micic
***This is the sequel to Bullied and Pained, and it can't be read as a stand-alone*** *This blurb contains spoilers, so it is advised not to read it unless you read Bul...
  • drama
  • abuse
  • bully
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Once Upon a One Night Stand | ✓ by simonesaidwhat
Once Upon a One Night Stand | ✓ by simone shirazi
Seven years and a handful of scandals was enough to make Taliana Avilla forget all about her sworn enemy, Sebastian Phillips. Too bad a one-night stand and a lost diamon...
  • lovehate
  • school
  • thefairytaleseries
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Sweet Bastard by sweetdreamer33
Sweet Bastard by Neilani Alejandrino
Lisa Brooks worked as a secretary to the powerful self-made billionaire, Alessandro Russo for two years already. He hardly noticed her as a person. For him, she was a ro...
  • heartbreak
  • secretary
  • romance
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Perfect Target by FaithEri
Perfect Target by Faith
"This is a bad idea." I whisper as his lips graze my neck. "I like bad ideas." He replies huskily, before grabbing my chin and pulling my mouth towa...
  • hot
  • lovehate
  • money
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My multibillionaire husband by QueenKeely
My multibillionaire husband by K E E L Y
I was 16 when my father arranged a marriage with a young multibillionaire man to make peace between our families, I didn't want this. Isaac Miller is a multimillionaire...
  • peace
  • completed
  • arrangedmarriage
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