Darcy: Being Harry Styles Daughter by isja1410
Darcy: Being Harry Styles Daughter by Isabella Jagger
At a young age Darcy loses her mother; Lucy Styles to cancer leaving Darcy feeling alone and with no one to talk to. Darcy and her father, Harry grew quickly apart witho...
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A Ducktales Story by 3010246cj
A Ducktales Story by Finn Mc. Missile #1
Caroline didn't know how she and her best friend found this world in their sleep, but they just know they have to help.
  • huey
  • louie
  • webby
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Brothers Conflict: Ema's twin sister- A Change of Hearts- SLOW UPDATE by Neko1290
Brothers Conflict: Ema's twin sist... by Shin-chan
Ema told her true feelings to her brothers- she only see's them as family. A little time after that, someone familiar showed up. The new stunning girl in the story. Ema'...
  • azusa
  • brothersconflict
  • iori
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The haunted hathaways and school of rock crossover  by AmyNewton7
The haunted hathaways and school o... by Amy Newton
When the haunted hathaways and school of rock come together Tomika's secret is revealed. How will her friends react to it
  • ray
  • fouie
  • zamika
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DuckTales x Reader(On Hiatus) by Moontankcrossskull
DuckTales x Reader(On Hiatus) by Moontankcrossskull
It's just oneshots with DuckTales characters...I won't do any lemons or limes. Only SFW. I also take requests. Just give me character(s) and plot. Like this: (character)...
  • louie
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We Got A Long Way To Go [ALAN BOSLEY] [REMEMBER THE TITANS] (SLOW UPDATES) by SpontaneousMischief
We Got A Long Way To Go [ALAN BOSL... by Mmkay, sure.
Earnest "Ernie" Wallace is an African american teenager. She isn't what you would call acceptable in the small town of Alexandria, in fact, no black person is...
  • remember
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  • petey
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Shelter (Ducktales 2017 X Reader One-shots) by Crystalstar2030
Shelter (Ducktales 2017 X Reader O... by SomeBODY
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Code of Honor (A Drift x OC Fanfic) by PrincessAura273
Code of Honor (A Drift x OC Fanfic) by Madalyn
Drift has lived quite the life. He escaped execution from his commander Turmoil, met a group of non-factions who taught him the path of good, and left the Decepticons an...
  • yoshi
  • mitsuko
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A Haunted Secret? S.O.R/Haunted Hathaway FF by ThatFanficReader24
A Haunted Secret? S.O.R/Haunted Ha... by ThatFanficReader107
Frankie Hathaway is framed for something she didn't do. Now no school in Louisiana will accept the name Frankie Hathaway. But, what if she isn't Frankie Hathaway anymore...
  • miles
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Louis Tomlinson | » by flawlouis-
Louis Tomlinson | » by el ♡
❝ if i were a food, i'd be chilli. because you know, i'm hot ❞ ❝ there are more insecure girls in the world. i want to hold them and show them how beautiful they are. ❞ ...
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One Directions Mate (A Vampire Love Story) by JiminsJamsxx
One Directions Mate (A Vampire Lov... by Riane
Samantha a sweet and innocent girl who suddenly bumpes into 5 boys at school who no one seems to talk to because they are really mesterous whats gonna happen when she fi...
  • niall
  • liam
  • harry
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Haunted Hathaways/School Of Rock Cross-over: Musical Madness [ON HOLD] by PrincessMeganFire
Haunted Hathaways/School Of Rock C... by Megan Owen
Frankie Hathaway. Tamika Young. The same person? FYI on hold
  • michelle
  • treddy
  • preston
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Ducktales 2017 x songs and whatever else by jbarraza1037
Ducktales 2017 x songs and whateve... by jbarraza1037
You know how it's going down. So you got stories , songs, fanfic ideas with your ship , write in the first chapter. thanks . Art cover made by bowtiesandtriangles On Tu...
  • dewey
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Saved from suicide by leaper16
Saved from suicide by leaper16
Can Kelsey really be saved this time? WARNING contains content that can be triggering
  • styles
  • romance
  • niall
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Return (z.m ff) by 1dxhani
Return (z.m ff) by 1dxhani
اون فقط میخواست از همه چی دور باشه... . . . . ریترن داستان چهارم منه یه جورایی میشه گفت تخیل و شاید آرزوی من از آینده واندیه فکر نمیکردم داستان خوبی بشه ولی مثل اینکه خو...
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"I Will Always Love You!" - A Dawsey Story - Chicago Fire by CrazyForChicago
"I Will Always Love You!" - A Daws... by Katie
Grief everyone deals with it differently. It's a process and a painful process. "I Will Always love you!" is my version of what happens after 5x10. Matt and Ga...
  • 81
  • mattcasey
  • squad
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new duck:(ducktales fanfiction 2017) by spooklyal
new duck:(ducktales fanfiction 201... by I eat kids
DJ not from around duckberg she along duck have no family and home one day she met duck family (Art belongs to me (spookly al)
  • dewey
  • lena
  • ducktales
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Pikmin 2: Alternate Ending: The Search for an Old Friend by SuperGamerBros
Pikmin 2: Alternate Ending: The Se... by The Super Gamer Bros.
Just an alternative ending to Pikmin 2 where Olimar goes back to the Pikmin planet 1 year after losing Louie. I do NOT own anything in this story, Pikmin and all things...
  • louie
  • nintendo
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Duck Talk (A Discussion on All Things Ducktales) by xanderwrites
Duck Talk (A Discussion on All Thi... by The Dude Mabel
This is a discussion on all things Ducktales 2017, topics like, after episode recap, characters, etc. Ducktales and It's Characters are owned by Disney.
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  • donaldduck
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Quack Pack x Reader(On Hiatus) by Moontankcrossskull
Quack Pack x Reader(On Hiatus) by Moontankcrossskull
I do what I want. If you don't like it...THEN DO F***ING READ IT!
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