The haunted hathaways and school of rock crossover  by AmyNewton7
The haunted hathaways and school o...by Amy Newton
When the haunted hathaways and school of rock come together Tomika's secret is revealed. How will her friends react to it
  • taylor
  • fremmer
  • kwon
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"I Will Always Love You!" - A Dawsey Story - Chicago Fire by CrazyForChicago
"I Will Always Love You!" - A Daws...by Katie
Grief everyone deals with it differently. It's a process and a painful process. "I Will Always love you!" is my version of what happens after 5x10. Matt and Ga...
  • onechicago
  • 61
  • gabbycasey
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Twin Brother by FaceAssBitch
Twin Brotherby Face@$$Bitch
" i think it's wrong but i love the way you feel in me and they way you love me" "i know you....because your me, but just with different emotions"
  • love
  • bxb
  • confusion
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DuckTales x Reader(PROBABLY SLOW UPDATES) by -Chips-
DuckTales x Reader(PROBABLY SLOW U...by -Chips-
It's just oneshots with DuckTales characters...I won't do any lemons or limes. Only SFW. I also take requests. Just give me character(s) and plot. Like this: (character)...
  • dewey
  • donaldduck
  • ducktales2017
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Duck Talk (A Discussion on All Things Ducktales) by xanderwrites
Duck Talk (A Discussion on All Thi...by The Dude Mabel
This is a discussion on all things Ducktales 2017, topics like, after episode recap, characters, etc. Ducktales and It's Characters are owned by Disney.
  • disneyxd
  • louie
  • webbyvanderquack
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Baby sister (brothers conflict 2) by Philimena2254
Baby sister (brothers conflict 2)by Philimena
After Nina leaves for the camp with WIB
  • conflict
  • dramtic
  • kawaii
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Shelter (Ducktales 2017 X Reader One-shots) by Crystalstar2030
Shelter (Ducktales 2017 X Reader O...by SomeBODY
  • ducksssssssssss
  • shelter
  • dewey
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Return of the Red Dogs (A Jungle Book Tale) by Loxodonta14
Return of the Red Dogs (A Jungle B...by Loxodonta14
Three months since the events of the first movie and Mowgli the man-cub reunites with his wolf family only to learn that a new threat is terrorizing the jungle, more ter...
  • dholes
  • baloo
  • kipling
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One Directions Mate (A Vampire Love Story) by JiminsJamsxx
One Directions Mate (A Vampire Lov...by Riane
Samantha a sweet and innocent girl who suddenly bumpes into 5 boys at school who no one seems to talk to because they are really mesterous whats gonna happen when she fi...
  • zaynmalik
  • harry
  • love
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pet pics by TheKittenSmuggler
pet picsby Madison Bond
people often ask about my pets when and if I mention them so here's some pictures
  • snake
  • lizard
  • louie
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Code of Honor (A Drift x OC Fanfic) by PrincessAura273
Code of Honor (A Drift x OC Fanfic)by Madalyn
Drift has lived quite the life. He escaped execution from his commander Turmoil, met a group of non-factions who taught him the path of good, and left the Decepticons an...
  • prime
  • yoshi
  • drift
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DuckTales Life by GamerAzialle
DuckTales Lifeby 💝😎Cinnamon Roll The Matchma...
A bunch of randomness with our favorite ducks as they play fun games. AND SHIP WARS, this is not for someone who easily get triggered when he/she sees something against...
  • louie
  • dewey
  • ducktales2017
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Got to read to find out😜😜😜 Plus human AU, and the boys are 14 and Webby is 13 1/2
  • ocs
  • secretsisters
  • heuy
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Ducktales 2017 x songs and whatever else by jbarraza1037
Ducktales 2017 x songs and whateve...by jbarraza1037
You know how it's going down. So you got stories , songs, fanfic ideas with your ship , write in the first chapter. thanks . Art cover made by bowtiesandtriangles On Tu...
  • louie
  • louiexwebby
  • deweyxwebby
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DuckTales Oneshots by ANormalJay
DuckTales Oneshotsby NerdyJay
Welcome to the Rebooted DuckTales OneShots! Disney, Disney XD and DuckTales are not associated with this Book or anything with Me, all rights to them
  • louie
  • webby
  • ducktales2017
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Dewey x Webby by balshipper
Dewey x Webbyby Fatima 😺🐈
just me and ducktail ship and yes Louie will be the world triplet as always Huey and his little brother side oh well because you have nothing to do what you're supposed...
  • huey
  • webby
  • evil
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A New Conflict by unikitty455
A New Conflictby unikitty455
What if Ema learned that she had a thirteen year old sister, and finds out that she might be bringing a new family member into life? Read to find out.
  • rintarou
  • futo
  • brothersconflict
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Ducktales (Webby x Louie)•short story by spooklyal
Ducktales (Webby x Louie)•short st...by Kai
Hello loubby shippers if you look for you here there be •Au •musicals •teenage age •love story •and stuff (Warning: Sorry about my English)
  • loubby
  • ducktale
  • webby
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Secret Garden by harrish6
Secret Gardenby harrish6
(I do not own any of the cartoons, Undertale or Flowerfell. They belong to their respectful owners. I only own this story, cover and OCs.) It ran in the family. The beau...
  • nicole
  • ốc
  • huey
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Human! Ducktales RP by Booklover1023712
Human! Ducktales RPby Sorceress
Once again
  • huey
  • roleplay
  • ducktales
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