Her Miracle twins [Melwood] by xemileexx
Her Miracle twins [Melwood]by Emilee
(SLOW UPDATES) Melissa's life went down hill when her boyfriend and baby daddy Blake left her with their twins. That was until Chris came in to her life 4 years later (Y...
  • karadanvers
  • melwood
  • lore
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Male Reader x Female SCP-1471 by 1direxon1
Male Reader x Female SCP-1471by 1direxon1
Just a very long story I wanted to make that actually came out great. Art by Walter Sache
  • love
  • beast
  • scp-1471
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Heartbound Oneshots by xoxBlindedxox
Heartbound Oneshotsby Bejewled_Cookie
A bunch of oneshots based around the brilliant game of heartbound. Published whilst the game is still in development Hug the potato son on your way past ;w; this boy nee...
  • lore
  • lorexreader
  • potatoson
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La sombre vie d'Apep by IsaacDavene
La sombre vie d'Apepby Isaac Dvn
texte inscrit dans le lore de "World of Warcraft" où je décris la vie d'un draeneÏ élevé et vivant parmi les orcs
  • lore
  • worldofwarcraft
  • wow
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Mushroom High School by SaltyNuts
Mushroom High Schoolby I won't hesitate
With popularity, there's a price to pay. We all desire power; whether it's the ability to perform something or act in a particular fashion, or the capacity to direct or...
  • rosalina
  • series
  • daisy
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Avatar: The New Hero Saga. "BOOK-ONE: REEMERGENCE" (Now Complete) by Cstories11
Avatar: The New Hero Saga. "BOOK-O...by Cstories11
(Strays away from what is cannon) It's been eighteen years since the death of the last Avatar and the conclusion of the second Grand World War. And now, from within a re...
  • firebending
  • makorra
  • airbending
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League of Legends Lores by oriaisandra
League of Legends Loresby oriaisandra
The lore to every champion so far in League of Legends!
  • lore
  • league
  • legends
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Accidental Vampire King by RebeccaMiller385
Accidental Vampire Kingby Rebecca Miller
Ages ago, Leon was a sweet natured, loyal servant of his Lord. One night the monster came, and everything was destroyed. His life was spared by a sympathetic hunter, but...
  • werewolf
  • slash
  • magic
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Siren Suicides (Second Edition) by kseniaanske
Siren Suicides (Second Edition)by kseniaanske
On a rainy September morning 16-year-old Ailen Bright flees her abusive father by jumping off the Seattle Aurora Bridge. Instead of a true death, in the water she finds...
  • fantasy
  • seattle
  • lore
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Tolkien Lore Tricks and Tips by Silmarilz1701
Tolkien Lore Tricks and Tipsby Silz
Just some helpful, easily condensed Tolkien lore for myself and others hoping to accurately explore Arda in fanfiction. I, Silz (as ElwingAndEarendil), was part of the S...
  • silmarillion
  • elves
  • tolkien
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Heart bound oneshots by Fanboysstillexsist
Heart bound oneshotsby Fanboysstillexsist
I didn't find a ton of results for heartbound so i figured I should write something for it myself! {Cover art not mine}
  • heartbound
  • reader
  • lore
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Mushroom High School 2 by SaltyNuts
Mushroom High School 2by I won't hesitate
There's no such thing as a perfect, drama free year. Perfection has immense pressure, so even with the good, you have to let out a bit of steam. But what the Mushroom Hi...
  • yoshi
  • mario
  • supermario
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Pack Pointers by FckYeahWerewolves
Pack Pointersby FckYeahWerewolves
Not sure where your story is headed? Struggling to bring in readers? What even IS a werewolf? We've come together to bring you a few tidbits of information that may hel...
  • characterbuilding
  • cliches
  • grammar
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✘ XAROWEL by heymister
✘ XAROWELby legglesgreenleaf
The elven god of war is the only one that can stop the ongoing war between the elves and humans, and in order to do so, they must wield the weapon of the great elven ki...
  • middleages
  • godsandgoddesses
  • originallore
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Lore of Eternal Shadow: The Fugitive King by DoctorRobert1966
Lore of Eternal Shadow: The Fugiti...by DoctorRobert1966
*New Chapters Every Sunday and Wednesday* The land of Galgaroth is threatened by the return of the ancient tyrant Caligo. The mighty and immortal Zey^Rey people, to whom...
  • eternal
  • dragon
  • elemental
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Pawprints in the Snow: A Ghost Tiger Saga Handbook by SaintCorvus
Pawprints in the Snow: A Ghost Tig...by Xin
A guide to the Ghost Tiger Saga, detailing bits of lore, trivia, and other related content. It is highly recommended that you read the Saga in its entirety before contin...
  • trivia
  • illustrations
  • lore
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She Only Breaths in the Dark by sisterphy
She Only Breaths in the Darkby sisterphy
Caspian lives with his brother Adrian in a small village called Rosvale, where everything has been perfect ever since the war ended 10 years back... however, word has sp...
  • dungeonsanddragons
  • worldbuilding
  • village
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The Dragon Priestess (A Skyrim Interpretation) by MuzzCakes
The Dragon Priestess (A Skyrim Int...by Muzz
Years before the Empire, before the Jarls, when Dragons ruled Tamriel, there existed a cult that had order over each of the nine holds. Dragon Priests. Each held a power...
  • gaming
  • dragonborn
  • fantasy
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Adopted by BTS (psycho twins) by xCyberBabyX
Adopted by BTS (psycho twins)by L & J
(in this book) Lore and Jennie are psychos,then they get adopted by Jimin's dad read more to find out.
  • lore
  • jimin
  • adoptedbybts
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Woven In War: Lost Stories by JoshJonya
Woven In War: Lost Storiesby JoshJonya
A book containing some background of characters from the "Woven In War" series
  • history
  • aliens
  • scifi
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