Things I'll Never Tell the World by RoseLupin303
Things I'll Never Tell the World by Rose Poetry
#36 in Poetry "Not only did I love her, but I could tell the universe loved her, too. More than others. She was different. After all, I would be...
Miss Icequeen  by Dreamstartonight
Miss Icequeen by Amber Teen Fiction
Meet Allie (17), the so called Icequeen of the story. She is dragging lots of worries with her, which causes emotions as guilt, sadness and anger. After 'The Big Tragedy...
Songs Of Outcasts And Wanderers by ivebeenbamboozled
Songs Of Outcasts And Wanderers by 💥ғʀᴀɴᴋɪᴇ ᴏɴʏᴇ💥 Fantasy
❝A runaway nobleman with freedom on his mind. A wandering abomination with no home for his kind. Oh what adventures they have, when their paths are combined.❞ ▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁▁...
Trust ( Mafia Romance) by irajmalik
Trust ( Mafia Romance) by iraj-mailk Romance
"Don't worry little one there is no one here to save you from me, you don't know how desperately I have waited for this moment" he said coming closer to me, hi...
The Ex-wife  by BellaStevens930
The Ex-wife by Bella Stevens Romance
Highest rank so far on hot list : #33 in romance "Get out", he shouted at me "get out now and never come back" I wiped at the tears that were streami...
Alone in Marriage by EtySukaisih
Alone in Marriage by Lily White Romance
There stood the most gorgeous man in Erica Ferguston's eyes, her groom, Arnold Binder. But, her world crushed when she found out her husband never love her like he claim...
The Nerd by danielleward136
The Nerd by Danielle Ward Romance
Hayden Smith is just a girl who wants good grades and keeps herself to herself whilst all the rest of the school bullies her. But what happens when Mr Peterson walks int...
DESIGNED FOR HIS PLEASURE by Sinaidkincaid16 Romance
Her attraction for him was so strong, she gifted him her innocence. She loved him enough and hoped after 14 months of being together, he would reciprocate her love. Hi...
Unseen by BelWatson
Unseen by Bel Watson Teen Fiction
[COMPLETE ✓] Rumour has it that a new guy is joining our class this year. All the girls are going crazy, imagining all the case scenarios from cliché YA books: myster...
I Fake That Smile! ( Completed Watty Awards finalist 2012) by khassal
I Fake That Smile! ( Completed Wat... by Mel ChickLit
.This story is very emotional, Sheena has gone through hell and still is. She is only 18 years old and she is homeless, alone with no family or friends. She goes to scho...
Queen of Shadows  by celestialgal
Queen of Shadows by η ί ͻ χ Werewolf
The Shadow has been hunted for years by the dominating Alphas. She is a challenge that cannot be conquered. She enjoys the chase but she has never been caught. She is ju...
Emotion by prosenpoetry
Emotion by lεα καlεs Poetry
Happiness hallucinates me from reality. Sadness shuts me from the world. Fear frees me from doing stupid stuffs. Disgust is way deeper than you think. And actually, ange...
I found you  by zainee72
I found you by zainee72 Fanfiction
Manik malhotra who have lost everything. Who didn't know what is warmth of mother, who didnt know how it feels when father gives you all blessings of world without eve...
Loneliness H.S by lukelikeapenguin
Loneliness H.S by lukelikeapenguin Fanfiction
"You didn't really think I could love you, did you?" I can physically feel my heart break as he spits out the words as if they are poison on his tongue. ...
Demons lurk just beneath what's visible. by charlotte_3588
Demons lurk just beneath what's vi... by charlotte_3588 Fanfiction
Connie Beauchamp successful, accomplished, and confident. But that's the surface, Demons wrestle for the light just below it claimed her once before, and the growing anx...
Love Poems ♥ by KhushixD
Love Poems ♥ by Khushi <3 Poetry
Stephen Chbosky once said, “We accept the love we think we deserve.” This is not just a collection of poems but my feelings compiled together ♥ Enjoy!
No One Asked You by JadeAlexCarter
No One Asked You by Jade Alexandra Teen Fiction
Eliza Is just another girl, nothing too special, but she can't help what others think about her. For some reason, people just hate her. Never told her why, they just hat...
Broken  by 12pm_thoughts
Broken by Eileen B.♡ Poetry
A Collection of Poems for the Broken.
The No One  by angles_with_scars
The No One by Eva Fanfiction
Naruto is hated by the village he calls home. However, no one notices. They think he's just having bad days here and there but what they don't know is that he lies. Outs...
Hopelessly Yours by PopcornSweetcorn
Hopelessly Yours by Ms Popcorn Spiritual
He was not who she was looking for until that one night... She's not who he wants, not even in millions of years...