The Brides by ShraddhaBhatia6
The Brides by Shraddha Bhatia Romance
Three Best of Girl Friends, all set to marry their arranged husband. Nidhi a sweet simple girl all packed and ready for a ruthless businessman. Sneha, caring and compas...
Apathy  |♚NaLu♔| by Tenrae
Apathy |♚NaLu♔| by Error Code 606 Fanfiction
ΛPΛƬΉY ________________________________ |✘ In which his fondness of her grows to no limit. ✘| ___________________________________
Forcefully His by irresistibly_cute
Forcefully His by fudge Spiritual
[#11 in spiritual-5/12/2017] "I am a man. I can do anything I want with you." I stared at him, with disgust. I scowled. "Go f*** yourself." His face...
Belle | #1 by xxKeepGoingxx
Belle | #1 by ⦁N a d i a⦁ Teen Fiction
"How many times do I have to tell you?" she whispered, feeling the tears collect at the corners of her eyes. "I'm ugly, I'm disgusting, I'm the girl who e...
Unknown and Unusual by Azairis
Unknown and Unusual by Ashley Adderley Horror
A compilation of my short, horror stories. #TNThorrorstories #TNThorrorcontest
Where Broken Hearts Meet by DeBrayah
Where Broken Hearts Meet by De'Brayah Romance
Bria Lynn Mason, wanted nothing more in life than to own her art gallary and writing museum. Bria worked hard towards her dream and was able to fulfill it by the age of...
Living Nightmare by annikadarkling
Living Nightmare by Annika Fanfiction
Laten Balace is a 23 year old police officer. Haunted by nightmares of a childhood molester, encompoused in her addiction of self-mutliation and drowning in an ocean of...