The Dolan Twins Little Sister by TreshaDolan
The Dolan Twins Little Sister by AneesahJune Fanfiction
Belle Avery Dolan is Grayson And Ethan Dolan Younger Sister.Belle have hard times in life because of her brothers.her brother friends,her friends helps her through every...
HIS One shots by SarcasticallyWitty
HIS One shots by Leata Humor
This is a one shot book about Stayden, Rivel, Lake, The Original Devils, The Spawns, The Descendants, pretty much everyone. This includes one shots about what happened a...
Diakko Oneshots by EastWalking
Diakko Oneshots by Lotion™ Fanfiction
This is a bunch of Diakko oneshots from the anime Little Witch Academia. Feel free to request a oneshot you would like to see. [WARNING: A lot of these chapters have ang...
The Alpha's Little Rogue| ✓ by QueenJoEe
The Alpha's Little Rogue| ✓ by E.J Werewolf
[HIGHEST RANK #1 in WEREWOLF 14/10/2016] A girl who had been on the run for eight years had no intention to stop now and having a mate was not something she looked forwa...
little ❦ yoonseok by accidist
little ❦ yoonseok by lil baby Fanfiction
in which yoongi is small and hoseok is perfectly okay with that ✧ dd/lb • fluff/smut
The Alpha's Baby (Complete) by Mel_Riddle
The Alpha's Baby (Complete) by Melissa Riddle Werewolf
"I'm not yours!" I hiss and try to walk away but instead he traps me against the wall and whispers in my ear "Oh but you are babygirl."
Alpha's Young Angel by NerdySelf
Alpha's Young Angel by NerdySelf Werewolf
Cole Harber has been searching for his mate for five years, now at twenty five, he's finally stopped his futile search parties and has buried himself into the work he ne...
His Little nightmare by PaulaShattuck
His Little nightmare by PaulaShattuck Fanfiction
The Maw was his home, his work was his hobby, and there child was his responsibility. This story is about the Janitor and what his life was when he first stepped foot on...
daddy - l.h.  by lukehkink
daddy - l.h. by bdsm warning Fanfiction
You were amazing kitten," he smiles. "Thank you daddy." I blush.
Little Daydreams by Degal_Heartfang
Little Daydreams by A crazy shipper :3 Fanfiction
Six and Seven, who've known each other from a very young age, try to escape the Maw with the help of the Janitor and the Nomes. Along the way, can they save each other f...
🍑 ∫ Booby Senpai by DokiKissu
🍑 ∫ Booby Senpai by .·✿ ᴳʳᵉᵉᵗᶤᶰᵍˢ ✿·. Random
✧『Trust me, I'm out of this world❣』✧
Daddy's Cumslut Academy by Heartbreavks
Daddy's Cumslut Academy by Heartbreavks Fanfiction
:SMUT WARNING: Valentine is kicked out of her house,after she slapped her father for being a drug dealer,Suddenly she was kidnapped. "Alright sluts get up.&qu...
The brooks brothers Little sister  (a janoskian fanfic) by AshtonsArmy94
The brooks brothers Little sister... by AshtonsArmy94 Fanfiction
Elle is just a normal girl from Melbourne, Australia. However there's one other thing, her brothers are 3/5 of the Janoskians!
DDLB/ABDL «» Tysh by mindofthornsandstars
DDLB/ABDL «» Tysh by Doe Fanfiction
an au in which Tyler's a little. also an au in which Josh doesn't know he's a Dom.
The Alpha's Kitten by Xplicitt
The Alpha's Kitten by Kathryn Hayes Werewolf
Catherine Daniels wasn't aware werewolves existed until she met Jason Kingston. He's a possessive, sexy, cocky Alpha that gets what he wants when he wants. Jason doesn't...
My First Daddy by theuglytruth15
My First Daddy by Melody_Me Romance
For Eva life was a constant routine. She did the same thing every day and nothing changed. That is until she met Tobias, a ruggedly handsome man that understood her and...
He Was Looking For A Princess, Instead He Found Me (Part I) by flying-person
He Was Looking For A Princess, Ins... by Anthie Vampire
Book One of 'The Tales of a Royal Lunatic' THIS STORY NEEDS EDITING!! Emilee is crazy. Well, not literally. She's just slightly hyper and possesses a brain that is cons...
Goddess In Naruto. (Naruto) (Problem Children) (Editing) by amani_chi
Goddess In Naruto. (Naruto) (Probl... by panda_chama Fanfiction
Name: Amani Kageura Age: 12 Height: who the heck cares it's an anime people. how am I suppose to know that? Personality: I'm very poised and well mannere...
Mister Popular's Little Sister by dancinginsunlight
Mister Popular's Little Sister by j Teen Fiction
After the divorce of her parents, Marley Parker stays in North Carolina while her brother and father move to California. Ten years after the divorce, Marley finds hersel...
Wildfire: Can't Resist (Ageplay Lesbian Stories)  by FireStarterXx
Wildfire: Can't Resist (Ageplay Le... by FireStarterXx Teen Fiction
This is the sequel to Wildfire. The secret Khloe has been keeping from the beginning is finally out. After all the love and trust she's been given comes into question...