Followed ✓ by jandralee
Followed ✓ by jandralee
Boy meets girl, girl falls in love, blah-blah-blah. Let me be clear with you from the beginning. This is not that kind of story. My name is Cait, and I live in the g...
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The People v. Jonathan Ludarac by RichardMcLarn
The People v. Jonathan Ludarac by Richard McLarn
This document is the property of The United States Department of Justice. Any dissemination of this document without proper permission from the aforementioned government...
  • legal
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  • suspect
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Alpha Incorporated by BG_Davies
Alpha Incorporated by B.G. Davies
Lust, deception, revenge, love--all in a day's work for Isabella Measures, intern to the powerful CEO of Silicon Valley's Alpha Incorporated. But when the hot billionair...
  • literature
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  • intern
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The Purpose of Miss Shepley by ArdenBrooks
The Purpose of Miss Shepley by Arden Brooks
Edith Shepley has every advantage: an education, an inheritance, the best prospects for a good match... But, unhappily, she looks like a Wyrm. Burdened by her glaringly...
  • marriage
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Espresso Love (A Dystopian Japan Novel) #Wattys2014 by takatsu
Espresso Love (A Dystopian Japan N... by TAKATSU タカ
In Tokyo, where the System siphons thought, emotions & memories, a literature student meets a strange psychic girl and they embark on an escape from mindless agents, dre...
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Lovers and Madmen by MurphyChapelwood
Lovers and Madmen by Murphy Chapelwood
Faye Walsh is a poor wanderer, a halfhearted writer, with a sour past and a secret heritage. Her dreams, always oddly prophetic but grounded in reality, have turned dark...
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Memories by PurpleCielo1117
Memories by Kazue Tsubasa
❛ In which Johnathan is given a second chance to love and to lose her again. ❜ Ranked #393 in General Fiction 【I Survived The Most Brutal Review】 【Winner of The Brigade...
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Nika by BG_Davies
Nika by B.G. Davies
  • literary-fiction
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fragile [PREVIEW ONLY] by jandralee
fragile [PREVIEW ONLY] by jandralee
NOW PUBLISHED. What does it mean to be normal? It's such a loaded word, with about a billion different meanings, and every one of them makes Ava Collins sick. At 17, Ava...
  • romance
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Breaking the Huntress (ON HOLD) by kmw1113
Breaking the Huntress (ON HOLD) by Kat
Katrina Gardner is a cold, sadistic, and seductive huntress, who craves the hunt. From the tender age of seven, after the bloody massacre of her mother, she has been tra...
  • action
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Adieu To Love by Amenah___2
Adieu To Love by Le Moody Writer
"All I see is a Monochrome Sea of Grey." Basil Landsborough, an aspiring violinist and an ardently loving husband, rushes home, bubbling with news of his accep...
  • safelove
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Bear journals by annagems
Bear journals by annagems
Turning into a bear had never been on Marcus Bay's bucket list. And when a series of (rather unusual) events leave him trapped in the body of a t...
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After falling deaf, musical virtuoso ROSE must grapple with putting the pieces of her broken life back together again, but that's difficult when she gets into a traumati...
  • lyrics
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  • mystery
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Hysteria in the House of Change by OllieRedfern
Hysteria in the House of Change by Oliver Redfern
The House of Change looms over the Yorkshire moors - a new scientific marvel by the Leadership that promises to amaze and inspire all visitors. A group of academics are...
  • britain
  • dystopian
  • litreads
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Bittersweet by AJINYUI
Bittersweet by MIYAZAKI.
He's made up of concrete skyscrapers, but I'm made up of spring wind. © AJINYUI 2016. designed by me」 cover art owned by akira kusaka」
  • sad
  • shortstory
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Picos Gêmeos by OllieRedfern
Picos Gêmeos by Oliver Redfern
I told my boyfriend: I'm thinking of starting a new blog but I have no idea what to call it. How do you say Twin Peaks in Portuguese? he asked. When he'd visited Brasil...
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The Courage of the Cowardly Soul by ChuckDonahue
The Courage of the Cowardly Soul by Charles Donahue
Blurb: Jacque, a medic in the trenches of WWI, deserts his platoon and joins a Christian monastery to flee the violence he can no longer endure. There, he deals with pro...
  • philosophy
  • wwi
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King of Mist by Hafferby
King of Mist by EHafferby
What happens when a writer gets lost in his own stories? Why is he stuck and how does he escape? The only novel to include a character from a Bob Dylan song fighting Jim...
  • quest
  • litreads
  • adultfic
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The Manifesto Of An Almost Chav by SarahWeaver6
The Manifesto Of An Almost Chav by Spypunk
A movie reviewer who works as a programmer, explores socialism and the human condition. Begging the question of revolution, this manifesto explores the need for a twenty...
  • transrealism
  • cryptography
  • politics
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Featured Reads on the Literary Fiction Network by LiteraryFiction
Featured Reads on the Literary Fic... by The Literary Fiction Network
A featured read every week/two weeks will be recommended and reviewed here. Tune in and add to your reading lists for brilliant literary work that will for sure inspire...
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