THE WATTPAD MURDERS (Others Now Shall Fall) by bigimp
THE WATTPAD MURDERS (Others Now Mick Smith
#WATTPAD FEATURED STORY# Interpol edit of infamous 'Wattpad Murders' confessional. On the evening of 20th September 2017 grocery store assistant Clayton Lee Deschamps o...
  • crime
  • literaryfiction
  • killer
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The Silent Ones by insilentio
The Silent Onesby —𝐑𝐀𝐄
Silence is a virtue when the world is ending. [Some chapters may be private, so it would be best to follow me.]
  • privateschool
  • literary
  • dark
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Of People, Places, And Things by BriannnD
Of People, Places, And Thingsby Brian Dang
This is my first collection of assorted short stories all wrapped up in the theme of people, places, and things. Which, for all of its integrity, means a collection of...
  • literaryfiction
  • collection
  • litfic
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Encountering Darkness: The Great Pursuit (Book One) by Pdizzle09
Encountering Darkness: The Great Paul Brandt
In this nightmarish tale, Pete and Amy try to discover who or what to follow. Pete and Amy hear many voices declaring "truth", which is the right one? The sit...
  • otherworld
  • adventure
  • youngadult
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Levies of Devotion by NIKBENJAMIN
Levies of Devotionby Nik Benjamin
Love of country and love for two women bridge the lives of two boys across class and culture. Growing up in western New York, Robbie is the classic golden boy, son of a...
  • baby-out-of-wedlock
  • virginity
  • vietnam
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Sunlight 24 by MG1440
Sunlight 24by MG1440
If the game wasn't fair before, it's definitely not fair now. Or so thinks Dorian Waters, part of the ever-expanding portion of humanity who can't afford the nano-implan...
  • youngadult
  • literaryfiction
  • nearfuture
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Nika by BG_Davies
Nikaby B.G. Davies
  • adult
  • mystery
  • english-lit
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The Unhappy Man and the Immortal who was Looking for Death by Schreidner
The Unhappy Man and the Immortal Felicia Caitlin
The following story, as strange as it might be, is a faithful and true recount of what happened in this city of smoke and dust in the late 1909. I myself as the writer b...
  • immortal
  • lowfantasy
  • originalcharacter
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Goddess of the Moon by jrtompkins
Goddess of the Moonby JRTompkins
When Ethen sets up camp in the wilderness, the last thing he wants to see is a blood-covered woman coming toward him with two kids. For Cyntia, the refuge she finds is m...
  • emotional-recovery
  • stress-relief
  • paradise
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There are Many Birds in Alaska by SeagullSeb
There are Many Birds in Alaskaby Sebastian Bank Jorgensen
[Featured 15/03/18] ONGOING --- A supposed death-curse has been following a family for three generations, and now its latest victim has been claimed: the mother of sixte...
  • friendship
  • psychological
  • featured
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Interviews on the Literary Fiction Network by LiteraryFiction
Interviews on the Literary The Literary Fiction Network
An interview series with literary authors featured on our network. Stay tuned for a look into the heads of these talented folk!
  • literary
  • reading
  • featured
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Featured Reads on the Literary Fiction Network by LiteraryFiction
Featured Reads on the Literary The Literary Fiction Network
A featured read every week/two weeks will be recommended and reviewed here. Tune in and add to your reading lists for brilliant literary work that will for sure inspire...
  • feature
  • recommendation
  • litreads
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DAN+ABBY by KayHartford
DAN+ABBYby Kay Hartford
DAN+ABBY is inspired by graffiti scratched into wet concrete in a city park. The park's visitors and found art inspire this series of flash fiction, character sketches...
  • danplusabby
  • wattys2017
  • literaryfiction
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Green Eyes by little77epiphany
Green Eyesby a l y s s a
He might have lived an ordinary life. If his family hadn't died in an accident due to a military-based experiment when he was four, he might have had a normal childhood...
  • wearetheintroverts
  • love
  • litfic
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Scrib-O-Rama by paolojcruz
Scrib-O-Ramaby Paolo Jose Cruz
A Post-Künstlerroman in Five Passages § A writer struggles to finish his second novel while also trying to be a dad, an outsourced customer support trainer, a ta...
  • outsourcing
  • litfic
  • literaryfiction
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Nine Lies of B.G. Davies by BG_Davies
Nine Lies of B.G. Daviesby B.G. Davies
A WW II veteran struggles with the aftermath of a false truth; a young girl prepares to sell her body to a passing stranger; an ancient trapper sniffs the path of the wo...
  • historical
  • litficreads
  • literature
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Maybe You Can Go Back by ShannonKellie
Maybe You Can Go Backby ShannonKellie
A short story about love and reconciling.
  • music
  • truelove
  • literaryfiction
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"The Host in the Attic" by Rohan Quine is a hologram of Oscar Wilde's "The Picture of Dorian Gray", digitised and reframed in cinematic style, set in...
  • ontariotower
  • dorian-gray
  • the-imagination-thief
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Take Away the Saints by AnthologyAddicts
Take Away the Saintsby Official Anthology Addicts
This anthology will collect noir and hard-boiled style stories from some of Wattpad's brightest authors, as well as some up-and-comers that I think we'll be seeing a lot...
  • scifi
  • hardboiled
  • fantasy
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