Nika by BG_Davies
Nika by B.G. Davies
  • award-winning
  • completed
  • thriller
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Caged - The Human Zoo  by rocazella
Caged - The Human Zoo by K. J. Rocazella
Eugenics. The genetic divide between your people and mine. There's me, Priya. I live in the Zoo. Then there's you, Jax. You live in the real world. An original to...
  • future
  • dystopian
  • fantasy
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After falling deaf, musical virtuoso ROSE must grapple with putting the pieces of her broken life back together again, but that's difficult when she gets into a traumati...
  • visible
  • music
  • mystery
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Winners Anthology by _WriteMeThis_
Winners Anthology by Mila&Mandy
It has always been my belief that writers need to stick together and help each other when we can! I love to read and review works by up and coming writers, because talen...
  • winners
  • contest
  • nature
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in all the right places by BrianMcBride
in all the right places by brian mcbride
Charlie is an orphan. Olivia is dying. And they're both searching for something crazy beautiful.
  • cancer
  • literaryfiction
  • literary
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King of Mist by Hafferby
King of Mist by EHafferby
What happens when a writer gets lost in his own stories? Why is he stuck and how does he escape? The only novel to include a character from a Bob Dylan song fighting Jim...
  • classics
  • humor
  • litreads
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Featured Reads on the Literary Fiction Network by LiteraryFiction
Featured Reads on the Literary Fic... by The Literary Fiction Network
A featured read every week/two weeks will be recommended and reviewed here. Tune in and add to your reading lists for brilliant literary work that will for sure inspire...
  • fiction
  • recommended
  • review
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Deadlies (YA Gothic Fantasy) 🔎 by LillieVale
Deadlies (YA Gothic Fantasy) 🔎 by lillie 🌼 लिली
The woods are lovely, dark and deep. And if you stay awhile, you might espy a king of queens, fast asleep. ...
  • heartbreak
  • witches
  • murder
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Encountering Darkness: The Great Pursuit (Book One) by Pdizzle09
Encountering Darkness: The Great P... by Paul Brandt
In this nightmarish tale, Pete and Amy try to discover who or what to follow. Pete and Amy hear many voices declaring "truth", which is the right one? The sit...
  • christianfantasy
  • christian
  • adventure
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Contests on the Literary Fiction Network by LiteraryFiction
Contests on the Literary Fiction N... by The Literary Fiction Network
Join our contests for literary fiction and win prizes and street... Wattpad cred! Within is information for the monthly, semi-annually, annual, everything in between pro...
  • award
  • litreads
  • groupprofile
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The Salamander by GryRanfelt
The Salamander by Gry Ranfelt
How do you explain an 80 kg salamander hanging out on your wall? You don't. Nobody else can see it. Short story.
  • depression
  • literary
  • shortstory
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The Way Back by AlexLischak
The Way Back by AlexLischak
Simon, an enigmatic man, sees life through a different glass. Sitting on the porch of his unwanted, soon-to-be stepfather's cabin, he realizes he wants nothing to do wi...
  • epic
  • newadult
  • book
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When You Hear Echoes from the East (Short Story) by misspopgoingnowhere
When You Hear Echoes from the East... by Mia
"Are they dead? Or are they pretending to be dead?" Based on my Lola's (grandmother) experiences during World War II in the Philippines. This was a way for me...
  • joreviewplanetawards2017
  • philippines
  • omp
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A Year of Stories (Collection Three) by sbspalding
A Year of Stories (Collection Thre... by Steve Spalding
The goal: A new short story, every weekday, for a year. That's about 260 stories, for anyone keeping count. This is Volume 3, covering May and June stories (mostly)...
  • science
  • magical-realism
  • science-fiction
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Starlight by BriannnD
Starlight by Brian Dang
"As young as we were, we thought we were immortal."
  • romance
  • literaryfiction
  • starlight
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Maybe You Can Go Back by ShannonKellie
Maybe You Can Go Back by ShannonKellie
A short story about love and reconciling.
  • rehab
  • shortstory
  • reconcile
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Night Sky by BriannnD
Night Sky by Brian Dang
Two friends talk about dreams while being among the sky.
  • airplanes
  • nightsky
  • literaryfiction
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Salvation of Ignorance by theotherday
Salvation of Ignorance by Laura
Phoebe has been encumbered with a task: finding a husband. Of course, it was a rather common expectation for a young woman of the early 1800s. However, Phoebe's husband...
  • history
  • 1800s
  • earlystatehood
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#LitFicChat by LiteraryFiction
#LitFicChat by The Literary Fiction Network
Join other literature-lovers in conversation about various topics on writing, reading, lifestyle and more.
  • literature
  • writers
  • litfic
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Levies of Devotion by NIKBENJAMIN
Levies of Devotion by Nik Benjamin
Love of country and love for two women bridge the lives of two boys across class and culture. Growing up in western New York, Robbie is the classic golden boy, son of a...
  • vietnam
  • buffalo
  • toronto
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