THE WATTPAD MURDERS (Others Now Shall Fall) by bigimp
THE WATTPAD MURDERS (Others Now Mick Smith
#TWICE-WEEKLY UPDATES# Interpol edit of infamous 'Wattpad Murders' confessional. On the evening of 20th September 2017 grocery store assistant Clayton Lee Deschamps of...
  • quirky
  • humor
  • grownupreads
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There are Many Birds in Alaska by SeagullSeb
There are Many Birds in Alaskaby SeagullSeb
[Featured 15/03/18] ONGOING --- When her mom dies, Kathrine is forced to move up north with her father. To cheer her up, he suggests a road trip to Alaska so they can g...
  • sad
  • alcholism
  • family
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Caged The Human Zoo by rocazella
Caged The Human Zooby K. J. Rocazella
Eugenics. The genetic divide between your people and mine. There's me, Priya. I live in the Zoo. Then there's you, Jax. You live in the real world. An original to...
  • eugenics
  • future
  • wattys2017
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Sunlight 24 by MG1440
Sunlight 24by MG1440
If the game wasn't fair before, it's definitely not fair now. Or so thinks Dorian Waters, part of the ever-expanding portion of humanity who can't afford the nano-implan...
  • contemporary
  • sciencefiction
  • youngadult
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DAN+ABBY by KayHartford
DAN+ABBYby Kay Hartford
DAN+ABBY is inspired by graffiti scratched into wet concrete in a city park. The park's visitors and found art inspire this series of flash fiction, character sketches...
  • danabby
  • abby
  • flashfiction
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King of Mist by Hafferby
King of Mistby EHafferby
What happens when a writer gets lost in his own stories? Why is he stuck and how does he escape? The only novel to include a character from a Bob Dylan song fighting Jim...
  • grownupreads
  • adventure
  • monomyth
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Nika by BG_Davies
Nikaby B.G. Davies
  • adult
  • college
  • literature
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Short Stories by whitneyrvandiver
Short Storiesby Whitney Vandiver
A collection of shorts stories and flash fiction inspired by moments in life. Stories are updated weekly.
  • modern
  • literaryfiction
  • relationship
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The Unhappy Man and the Immortal who was Looking for Death by Schreidner
The Unhappy Man and the Immortal Felicia Caitlin
Let's Say, in a fictional world where people live in slum and everyone is unhappy, lives a man who are no different than the others. Grumbly and unhappy. One day he went...
  • novel
  • originalstory
  • fiction
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Encountering Darkness: The Great Pursuit (Book One) by Pdizzle09
Encountering Darkness: The Great Paul Brandt
In this nightmarish tale, Pete and Amy try to discover who or what to follow. Pete and Amy hear many voices declaring "truth", which is the right one? The sit...
  • darknessandlight
  • thriller
  • mystery-thriller
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The War of Indian Succession by smiteria
The War of Indian Successionby smiteria
When the world's largest democracy collapses, war breaks out between countries and religions to control the vacuum where India was present. The story is narrated by vari...
  • india
  • political
  • politics
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The Way Back by AlexLischak
The Way Backby AlexLischak
Simon, an enigmatic man, sees life through a different glass. Sitting on the porch of his unwanted, soon-to-be stepfather's cabin, he realizes he wants nothing to do wi...
  • newadult
  • book
  • christian
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This Time, You'll Listen by angel_filyaw
This Time, You'll Listenby angel_filyaw
A collection of poems and short stories I've written that need a home, a place to grow into more than broken pieces. Delve into the human condition, as dark as it may be...
  • random
  • newwriter
  • pain
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Guide to the Literary Fiction Network by LiteraryFiction
Guide to the Literary Fiction The Literary Fiction Network
An introduction and comprehensive guide to the Literary Fiction Network: what we do, what we believe in, how we help writers and readers, how we plan to grow the communi...
  • group
  • award
  • campaign
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Goddess of the Moon by jrtompkins
Goddess of the Moonby JRTompkins
When Ethen sets up camp in the wilderness, the last thing he wants to see is a blood-covered woman coming toward him with two kids. For Cyntia, the refuge she finds is m...
  • relationships
  • literary-fiction
  • hot-springs
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