The Myth of Wile E by wednesdaymccool
The Myth of Wile E by Colleen Cooper Humor
Highest Ranking: #1 in Humor [FEATURED] An idealistic poet refuses to budge from the last parcel of land a developer needs to acquire in order to build a shopping...
The Artist's Skill by black_hole_survivor
The Artist's Skill by ✍️black hole survivor General Fiction
Everyone was kept at a distance, even those closest to me. I was nothing but an illusion. The persona people knew-a singer that could melt hearts and free minds-wasn't t...
LOVE by blackninjaa
LOVE by Nicole B. Poetry
About love. Poetry. Essays. Speech. Poems. Do not expect too much, i'm an amateur. PLAGIARISM IS A CRIME.
The Line in the Sand by BG_Davies
The Line in the Sand by B.G. Davies Historical Fiction
In the spring of 1900, ten teams set out by canoe on a government-sponsored expedition to survey the wilds of Northern Canada. Their four-month mission: to record an inv...
Close Your Eyes by shrzjnju
Close Your Eyes by Shiraz Janjua Science Fiction
When a falling meteorite kills one of the first four colonists of Mars, the survivors must confront what it means to live and die on the new frontier.
It used to be Simple | ft.Cole Sprouse by Stars-and-Guns
It used to be Simple | ft.Cole Spr... by Nalia Romance
Anna is simple. She owns a simple life full of simple things she enjoys on the daily. However, Anna is suddenly found unemployed and forced to find a new job. But it...
Silver by rowena_wiseman
Silver by Rowena Wiseman Teen Fiction
Everyone says that things are much better now than they were in the past, but Sylvie is not so sure. Teenagers are forced into arranged marriages, people disappear if th...
Maelyn: The Nine Princesses - Book 1 by AnitaValle
Maelyn: The Nine Princesses - Book... by Anita Valle Romance
Maelyn was not born a princess. The king found her as a child, the lone survivor of a poor village slaughtered by the Red Fever. Suddenly she became a princess of Runa R...
Outpost by Pietri0x
Outpost by Pietri0x Poetry
Poetry - written in Free Verse an eclectic blend of what is felt ; ~ light too hope. darkness. love.
Soulwoven by realjeffseymour
Soulwoven by Jeff Seymour Fantasy
The first volume in the epic fantasy series Soulwoven. Litnig Jin has spent his life yearning for the power to weave the souls of the dead into magic. His brother Cole h...
Aesthetic by gwiyeou33_
Aesthetic by I love your eyes Poetry
You're aesthetic. You and only you. -Gwiyeou- #114 in Poetry 07/07/16 :) #84 in Poetry 07/08/16 :) #60 in Poetry 09/05/16
F A C E S by HubbyBubby14
F A C E S by ⓚⓐⓨ General Fiction
Imagine, being locked away from society. Behind that one door, no one knows who she is, what she is, not even that she's alive. To many, she's a mystery. A famous myste...
From Wattpad to Published Author - My Journey by TaranMatharu
From Wattpad to Published Author... by Taran Matharu Non-Fiction
In November 2013, I started writing my novel, Summoner: The Novice on Wattpad. I reached 1 Million reads within 4 months and was featured on NBC news. I was offered repr...
Espresso Love (A Dystopian Japan Novel) #Wattys2014 by takatsu
Espresso Love (A Dystopian Japan N... by TAKATSU タカ Science Fiction
In Tokyo, where the System siphons thought, emotions & memories, a literature student meets a strange psychic girl and they embark on an escape from mindless agents, dre...
Exuberance Is Beauty (Book 1) by rosegluckwriter
Exuberance Is Beauty (Book 1) by Rose Gluck Historical Fiction
(Featured Story 2016 & 2017) Oregon, 1940s. War widow Eve Miller is whisked away from her home in Portland to start a new life with her illegitimate baby. However, Jeff...
droplets of god by jrtompkins
droplets of god by JRTompkins Romance
Marguerita's handsome new island neighbor Savio sends her a rose, nearly killing homeless nine-year-old flower vendor Antoníto. Her mentoring of the budding entrepreneur...
never grow old by leahcanscience
never grow old by Leah Cannon Science Fiction
***Winner of the Ooorahs 'Best Dystopian' Award*** Chloe is immortal. She doesn't fear death or disease. And she believed she had no family. That was until she found le...
Soulwoven: Exile by realjeffseymour
Soulwoven: Exile by Jeff Seymour Fantasy
The second volume in the epic fantasy series SOULWOVEN. Darkness is falling. The dragon Sherduan is free, and the fate of the world balances on its claws. The Jin broth...
Sentience: A Collection of Sci-Fi Short Stories by emmett_biffle
Sentience: A Collection of Sci-Fi... by Emmett Biffle Science Fiction
An android created for just one purpose locked in a room where he cannot complete it. A human of such low genetic standing that his citizenship is called into question...
The Way Back by AlexLischak
The Way Back by AlexLischak General Fiction
Simon, an enigmatic man, sees life through a different glass. Sitting on the porch of his unwanted, soon-to-be stepfather's cabin, he realizes he wants nothing to do wi...