Submissive Devil (boyxboy/mpreg) by Grace_ShadowWolf
Submissive Devil (boyxboy/mpreg)by I'm—so—FABULOUS
Everyone in the 4 realms -besides Earth- knows that every 1,000 years the throne is passed down to the royal heirs. The first realm is Heaven, the second is Purgatory -o...
  • yaoi
  • heaven
  • devil
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l love my daddy ~ by Kay16Kay
l love my daddy ~by Kay Kay Gatwood
Hi my name is Liam my mommy got remarried but"giggles " me and daddy got a secret can you keep it swear this one you'll save better lock it in your pocket taki...
  • kinky
  • cheating
  • smutwarning
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Deathly ー Edward Cullen by cosimode-
Deathly ー Edward Cullenby !IT’S REAL GOOD!
T W I L I G H T "I could scream anything, and I never thought anyone would be able to hear me. Let alone my thoughts. Now, here I am. Standing in front of him, and...
  • vampire
  • limbo
  • jacobblack
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Before the day by Judy_Mad_hatter
Before the dayby Judy_Mad_hatter
Angus and Natalie somehow got stuck in the limbo, Angus has a goal and it is to keep Natalie with him till the final judgement. But if they remember their past, they wil...
  • love
  • cute
  • needalife
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Almas Gemelas by ladivina17
Almas Gemelasby ladivina17
Y es aquí donde se forman las preguntas 7u7 ¿Qué pasaría si muerte se cansara de esperar a vida? ¿Si su lazo con él estuviera irremediablemente roto? ¿Qué pasaría si un...
  • yaoifanfic
  • trianguloamoroso
  • fanfic
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Friends till the end? {Charlie x reader}  by margaritaC13
Friends till the end? {Charlie x Zeymar Acapela
You wake up in a new dimension, good news... Your dead... a good chance to make "the best friend" in the whole galaxy. And sure, a new opportunity to get a new...
  • demon
  • crush
  • love
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Random Fanfics by Bites-x-Bruises
Random Fanficsby ℒᴀᴜʀɪɴᴋᴀ
Yep. You read the title right. I'll write fanfictions off of different AU's, games, characters, and even sometimes ships. Some of my stories will have twist endings, bew...
  • fanfiction
  • limbo
  • undertale
Just a Dream {Girl Meets World} by Creativity77
Just a Dream {Girl Meets World}by Creativity77
In this Girl Meets World fanfiction, Maya Hart has been ran over by an unknown person. Because she was injured so badly, she ends up slipping into a coma. While she is i...
  • limbo
  • gmw
  • girlmeetsworld
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Qué Pario! en el Limbo #YIA18 by LaurentGoldsmith
Qué Pario! en el Limbo #YIA18by Laurent Golsmith (Victoria)
Bueno, después de ver varios vídeos de estos chicos me ha surgido la inspiración para este fanfic: Después de una larga convivencia con sus fans, varios miembros del e...
  • kenny
  • edgar
  • limbo
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Shattered mind and Broken soul by TheCountofHell
Shattered mind and Broken soulby { TheCount }
Come along with belle as i began writing the cycle of birth, life and deaths of Belle Luna. Note - will rip off storys i read with a footer if bored, in need of charact...
  • cultivation
  • rippingoffotherstorysforcharectersofbored
  • fivrmmorpgs
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FIRST BULLY NOW BFF [ India westbrooks and tinashe book series 1 ] by tinatrey
FIRST BULLY NOW BFF [ India ronae knox
there's a girl named india at school and shes being bullied at school name tinashe. tinashe the popular girl in school she bully india at school then something amazing h...
  • growinguptogether
  • fieldtrip
  • death
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The Secret Garden (GirlxGirl) by HollyMD
The Secret Garden (GirlxGirl)by HollyMD
After the death of her father, Ashley goes back to the garden they frequented when she was younger and discovers the magic that lies inside.
  • death
  • hospital
  • life
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Limbo by crepuscularcurse
Limboby Erica
When Maggie Conway awakens to find herself alone in an eerie old hangout spot, she sets out for answers. With these answers, however, lie consequence. she meets Rylan, a...
  • purgatory
  • adventure
  • paranormal
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Wrong Choice  by YES-IM-QUIRKY
Wrong Choice by Weird Machine
"You have two options, number one you fire the gun at pore little Sarah but luckily you and your precious Sam get to get out of here." "And option number...
  • bloodroute
  • trueroute
  • deadend
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Welcome // Grethan by KMenzie
Welcome // Grethanby G r e t h a n
This is life. It's a test. It's a game. Did you pass?
  • boyxboy
  • creepypasta
  • weird
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Two Minute Flatline.  by SkyesAflame
Two Minute Flatline. by Morgan S.
((Rough first draft)) When you see the Afterlife, it's not something you can mentally handle. Wether it's because it's too grand, or because it's too horrible, depends o...
  • afterlife
  • undead
  • skeleton
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SOUL DUST by sevneteens
SOUL DUSTby it's mars
you're gonna rattle the stars, you are. © 2017 mars
  • teen
  • nanowrimo
  • ghost
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Inbetween - Book 1 of the Guardian series by Corinder
Inbetween - Book 1 of the Corinder
The Inbetween is a tale about the Guardians- those stuck between life and death who serve to protect the living- and Amelia. Just a few months after turning twenty Ameli...
  • spiritual
  • lesson
  • training
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Historia de una simple alma by soramurasaki404
Historia de una simple almaby soramurasaki404
Es la historia de 5 almas que "viven" en el limbo gracias a su repentino encuentro con la muerte, estas deciden juntarse y relatar sus recuerdos que tienen co...
  • almas
  • histórias
  • cortas
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Testament (Trinity Book 2) by GemmaHumphrey
Testament (Trinity Book 2)by GemmaHumphrey
  • demon
  • paradise
  • limbo
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