icons & pfps by angelicfuck
icons & pfps by jessie Random
" it's your voice that undresses me, your words that caress me. "
Rush's Art Book #2! Run Away! by RainingFaye
Rush's Art Book #2! Run Away! by ANGSTY TEENAGE MESS Random
HEY YOU! You wanna see more of my terrible art? Then come on in! If you've had it with me and my insanity, RUN AWAY. *COVER IS MINE, DUH*
Nathan Prescott imagines by jellybeangreen
Nathan Prescott imagines by jellybeangreen Fanfiction
{REQUEST STUFF!} I write sometimes so I thought I would write stuff about my favorite asshole. I guess I have a thing for unstable boys.
Love Beyond Time {PriceField Fanfiction} by BluePunkRockRebel
Love Beyond Time {PriceField Fanfi... by Nikita Gomez Fanfiction
What if Max never got her powers and Nathan didn't kill Chloe? What if Chloe and Max simply reunited one day and have been working on their friendship ever since? Well t...
Partners in time {Pricefield fanfiction} by BluePunkRockRebel
Partners in time {Pricefield fanfi... by Nikita Gomez Fanfiction
This will be my second Pricefield fanfic a follow up to Love Beyond Time. If you haven't read LBT I do reccommend you do so since there will be allot of refrences to the...
Hearts are never Broken {Pricefield} #wattys2016 by BluePunkRockRebel
Hearts are never Broken {Pricefiel... by Nikita Gomez Fanfiction
In this Life is Strange fanfic, we get to experience a world where Max didn't leave Arcadia Bay. She and Chloe are closer than ever. Both the girls think it is more than...
With You It's Different (Nathan Prescott x Reader) by 8Lady8Death8
With You It's Different (Nathan Pr... by 5AM Bedtime Fanfiction
Since day one at Blackwell Nathan Prescott has been around me. I was easily accepted into his group and the Vortex Club despite being little like them. But something we...
A Mark Jefferson story (Deleting soon) by kareena4848
A Mark Jefferson story (Deleting s... by kareena4848 Fanfiction
A Life Is Strange: Mark Jefferson fanfiction about you being the new girl. By the way, Mark Jefferson is NOT a creep in this story. {I DON'T OWN ANY OF THESE CHARACTER...
Nathan Prescott X-Reader X Mr. Jefferson by Creme-de-la-Creme
Mark Jefferson x Reader "Our Dark Room" (Life Is Strange) by Strongest_Soldier
Mark Jefferson x Reader "Our Dark... by Liz/Levi Fanfiction
You are a new student, you wish to be here because your favorite photographer teacher Mark Jefferson is teaching at Blackwell Academy. You are so exited to finally meet...
Amberprice: Before The Storm by Chargedlion
Amberprice: Before The Storm by Chargedlion Teen Fiction
What Rachel and Chloe's friendship was like before it all went wrong
Missing: Rachel Amber  by eddielovesgaga
Missing: Rachel Amber by Eddie Mystery / Thriller
Jenna and Rachel grew up together, and experienced life at each other's hand. The older they got, the closer they seemed to get. But Rachel was secretly dealing with men...
My Blue Haired Rebel - |Life is Strange Fanfiction| by AkiTheKitsune
My Blue Haired Rebel - |Life is St... by Jessica Fanfiction
Max Caulfield recently found out she had the power to turn back time, the ability to change anything she wanted. But once she realizes she has feelings for her best frie...
Warren x Reader OneShots (Life Is Strange) by umeaxdawn
Life is Strange - One Shots by nateisnotonfire
Life is Strange - One Shots by ghost king Fanfiction
here i'll be writing a selection of one shots based on the game life is strange ships included~ ✩ pricefield ✩ grahamfield ✩ caulscott ✩ chasescott ✩ chasefield
For Him ~Grahamscott~ by adoreljh
For Him ~Grahamscott~ by Babs Fanfiction
Nathan, a stuck up rich boy, is working for a man called Mark Jefferson. Jefferson does some really fucked up shit, and he really doesn't support it at all. He's always...
-GrahamScott- by upsidedownunicorn
-GrahamScott- by upsidedownunicorn Fanfiction
Life is strange fan art starring Warren Graham's un-official stalker, Nathan Prescott. Even powerful people can't control who they fall in love with. [The cover art belo...
MULTI-FANDOM BOOK: PREFERENCES, IM... by Author-Chan Fanfiction
Welcome to my book! To those of you who have stopped to read the summary, hello there, I'm the author of the book. I would just like to say that I DO NOT own any of th...
Pricefield  (Chloe X Max) Life Is Strange Fanfic  by _useless_trash_
Pricefield (Chloe X Max) Life Is... by _useless_trash_ Fanfiction
Max hasn't seen Chloe of 5 years and when she comes back she is unsure if Chloe will remember her. Will Chloe remember her? Will they become more than best friends? Wil...
Can't We Just Start Over? by Hella_Awkward_88
Can't We Just Start Over? by Hella_Awkward_88 Fanfiction
Max and Nathan starting over and falling for each other. Hella fluffy fanfic where the life is strange story isn't a factor.