No Regrets (Teen-dad Series) (#Wattys2017) by booknerdian
No Regrets (Teen-dad Series) ( L.J Grace
Sometimes little ends that were left untied have a way of coming back and changing all your plans. I got my ex-girlfriend pregnant, now she's gone and I'm stuck with a b...
  • siblings
  • custody
  • unexpected
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The Prophecy. by EmberBentley
The Ember Bentley
When the moon goddess created the werewolves species, she thought about her heir. Who would be strong enough? Who would be brave enough? But mostly, who has the heart? ...
  • omega
  • alpha
  • elemental
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The Prince and Me(COMPLETED) by Brat_fairy033
The Prince and Me(COMPLETED)by Cheryl Padios Villarma
Romance Edward John Barber Anak mayaman Gwapo,matalino, isang kilalang heart breaker, At nag iisang anak ng kilalang business tycoon sa bansa.. Marydale Entrata maaga m...
  • lifechange
  • mayward
  • myprince
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A Fazbear's Randomness by AbbeyFazbear
A Fazbear's Randomnessby Abbey
Welcome to my randomness book. You like random? Are you as random as me? Well, here is where anything can be totally random. If you don't like random, then back off. Wai...
  • rants
  • randomthoughts
  • random
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TastyWords16's SECOND Book of Nonsense  by TastyWords16
TastyWords16's SECOND Book of Kaine
The sequel to the messy journal,Nonsensical Jabber, that I've kept for about a year now. I don't know why my audience is so fascinated with my life...but here's more ran...
  • crazypeople
  • crazythings
  • music
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IS LOVE ETERNAL...? ✔ #TheCrazziestWins by kanfiiiiii
IS LOVE ETERNAL...? ✔ Kaniz Fatima
HIGHEST RANKING-- #5 in short story...26 Nov 2017 . . Beautiful cover by @ImMisLilComplicated . This story is about an orphan girl and how her life completely changes af...
  • loneliness
  • eternity
  • romance
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(Updates Every Saturday) The Long Haul: We're Not Our Parents by LydiaSymone
(Updates Every Saturday) The Lydia Symone
Children of a Model & CEO of a great business empire, Veronica & Vain Gates lives in the shadow of their parents. Along with Terra Gates and Ashton Marcel, they find th...
  • kinks
  • matureaudience
  • ceo
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The Girl With A Dream by OneIndianWriter
The Girl With A Dreamby OneIndianWriter
❝ Never let go off your DREAM ❞ "The Girl With A Dream" is a book about Anika and Nirav. It is a simple story of two ambitious youngsters who end up getting m...
  • wattpadindia
  • indianliteraryawards
  • india
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Love Will Make it Alright by karinberry
Love Will Make it Alrightby Karin Berry
After all the years of pain, the family traveled back to Portugal on the same year because New York holds too much secrets and pain to the family. Nobody knew their secr...
  • pearlawards2018
  • japanese
  • brazil
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Happy Little Ghost Girl by Artsybookworm18
Happy Little Ghost Girlby Minara *^O^*
If you had a dead sibling who came back alive a month later, how would you react? When Kira comes home to find her 1-month dead sister, Miria, on HER bed, she isn't feel...
  • sad
  • school
  • adventure
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Forced by On7thSky
Forcedby On7thSky
Everyone has heard about love at first sight and love after getting to know each other. But this time the hero falls in love at the sixth sight, so let's say he has gott...
  • obsession
  • deen
  • romance
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Bad at LOVE  by dreamcature13
Bad at LOVE by dreamcature13
I have a crush on my brothers best friend while I have a boyfriend who's secret cheating on me to make things worse there always gotta be a mean girl who started dating...
  • badatlove
  • friendfiction
  • teenagers
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Tell No One...  by GwenevierjonesEhimen
Tell No One... by Gwenevierjones Ehimen
Songs of the wise drunk owl... Who travelled the sea and lived a life filled with adventures and finally comes home to tell the tales of what its eyes have seen... A se...
  • lifeordeath
  • fantasy
  • lifelessons
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the secrets we hide by thedevilneedsfood
the secrets we hideby thedevilneedsfood
What once was Heaven is now Hell, What once was happiness is now sorrow, What once was bright is now dark, And it's all his fault.
  • tears
  • wife
  • blue
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Sorry My Nerdy Girl by Skyblue_tears
Sorry My Nerdy Girlby PinkyCharmer❄
Meet Macy Lee - Isang nerd na babae na gustong magkaroon ng mga kaibigan ngunit wala ni isa na lumalapit sa kanya. Meet Yuhan Kim - Isa namang mayabang na lalaki na wala...
  • happiness
  • future
  • lifechanging
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Life changing phone call | Katy Perry Fanfiction by KatyCatLara
Life changing phone call | Katy KatyCatLara
Katy just finished her Witness World Tour when her life changes forever. She wouldn't have thought of donating a kidney to a thirteen year old girl with cancer until she...
  • motherlove
  • sad
  • fanfiction
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My Prayer Book  by MrsSkylerTailia
My Prayer Book by Mrs & Mrs De La Cruz
The 12 Archangels of heaven and what they stand for, also their pray for each Archangels . A collection of different pray for you , for every different occasions and si...
  • god
  • christianity
  • christianprayerbook
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The Animanian Chronicles: Fire Within by Teenie_Huber
The Animanian Chronicles: Fire Teenie
Tara's life is anything but easy. All she has in the whole world is her three-year-old daughter Bethany. They have been slaves their whole lives on a plantation at the f...
  • animania
  • love
  • kindness
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It's A Sad Life by minsugaforever
It's A Sad Lifeby minsugaforever
By age 14 I have faced: few friends (all my life) having a mother who was half alive (10 - 13) losing a mother (13) depression (10 and on) father who got Alzeihmers (14...
  • suga
  • life
  • bigbang
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The light in my darkness by KayleeGivesKisses
The light in my darknessby Kaylee
❝I can't do this anymore!❞ I sobbed looking into his light caramel eyes. ❝I know.❞ He hushed. ❝You won't have to,everything will get better,I promise.❞ My sobbing quiete...
  • lies
  • happilyeverafter
  • dating
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