99 Entries by Areiaien
99 Entriesby Areiaien
99 Entries of Imperfect Poetry.
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  • pain
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A Apple For A Teacher by Kelly_AngelicKitten
A Apple For A Teacherby Kelly AngelicKitten Gomez
  • futanari
  • millsxviseberg
  • maiaxalex
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Mexican Problems by RyxxCium
Mexican Problemsby Because I Can
Every dealt with these types of problems? You're probably Mexican.
  • relate
  • mexicanproblems
  • latinos
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Individual Romance Role Plays!!! by Gizzy_Da_Oreo
Individual Romance Role Plays!!!by FNAF FANGIRL!!!
Eager for early romance? Come here! You can experience what these other people feel... Listen to their gruesome past, help them out with it, and in the meantime, get a l...
  • suicidal
  • lifesproblems
  • love
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Our minds are fucked [poetry] by badboysoftlips
Our minds are fucked [poetry]by Fuck off
When I breathe I feel like theirs no real purpose. Living to die, dying to live. (lower case intended)
  • lifeproblems
  • dead
  • societysucks
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Attack on Titan: Another Path (Arc I -Life Reboot) by Maryenne042
Attack on Titan: Another Path ( Mariana-Souza
Another Path is a Modern-like Hardcore Alternative Universe of Attack on Titan. As the name implies, the story will be told in another way, but on the base is basically...
  • lifeproblems
  • attackontitan
  • arminarlert
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Just some poetry  by charne_bieber
Just some poetry by charne_bieber
  • lifeproblems
  • powerful
  • emotion
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a book about a sad existence by Itisgoingtobeok
a book about a sad existenceby 🌹🌙🌹
If I get tagged it's in here. So it is really just a book about my sad life,, Maybe a bonus rant or update on my crappy life. Anyway it's just a book about a sad existen...
  • mychemicalromance
  • random
  • lifeproblems
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YOU ARE NOT ALONE by Shakti5555
Cover @Grishma_Rajput Share your problems with our team to find happiness in ur life.. All the best You are not alone... Not alone to feel low about you Not alone in d...
  • lackofselfconfidence
  • careerfailure
  • advise
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Random Shit 0.2~ by 16_Xiomara_16
Random Shit 0.2~by 🌙Moon🌙
  • idkanymore
  • worsemoments
  • family
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Somali Problems by flawesomemuslimah166
Somali Problemsby nyasomali
A collection where a tired, lazy Somali girl rants about the troubles that many of us face.
  • unafriadoftruth
  • muslim
  • humor
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ask  sherwathan ''dares and request/questions by in-a-heartbeat-123
ask sherwathan ''dares and Luis Hernandez
i will be taking request questions and dares and i will try to update as much as possible
  • sherwin
  • sherwathan
  • heats
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Life, Problems by lennyluluu
Life, Problemsby Faith Parton
.The Biggest Problems in Life. .The Funnest Rant Like, Ever. .My Account's Headline Story. .Leave A Review, Maybe?. .Please Enjoy. {Started MAR/12/2018} *Cover made by M...
  • relatable
  • lifeproblems
  • unforgiving
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RANTS by -ScootMcCool
RANTSby Ayla
.... ok?
  • life
  • lifeproblems
  • help
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hurricane | irl by xiimoon_
hurricane | irlby ; s i m o n e
"Life is not a problem to be solved, it's a reality to be experienced"
  • adventure
  • lifegoals
  • reality
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...  ~#1~ by Fandom_Cakes
... ~#1~by 💕TMNT💕
This is my depression book.
  • cuts
  • trigger
  • ihatemyself
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My Book Of Nothingness And Randomness by StarcoWarriorShipper
My Book Of Nothingness And KaygeeMacapundag
Life rants, personal info, tag book and crazy stuff like that.
  • lifeproblems
  • myotpisthedeathofme
  • rant
Book of Stuff by fandasaur
Book of Stuffby fandasaur
I believe the correct reaction for this, is: "what the actual fuck".
  • danhowell
  • sexual
  • bored
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my dark poems by buggsbunnylina
my dark poemsby music is my life
Just a bunch of poems I write when i feel like crap. I own all of these.
  • crappiness
  • selfharmawareness
  • life-is-a-pain
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How To Stay Hopeful by ThatGirlThaakirah
How To Stay Hopefulby ThatGirlThaakirah
Hi, I'm ThatGirlThaakirah and I want to make you smile today. If you're ever feeling down or like you're at your lowest, I want you to read this book. I want to show yo...
  • lifechanging
  • life
  • lifeproblems
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