Mending Broken Wings by crazybooklady79
Mending Broken Wings by crazybooklady79
Bryce East and Taylor Highland were happily married for 23 months. Coming home after planning a surprise vacation for their 2 year Anniversary Bryce has divorce papers...
  • marriage
  • cheating
  • romance
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Bad is an Understatement ✔  by IvyKnightWP
Bad is an Understatement ✔ by Ivy Knight
"I don't know who you think you are coming here, and acting like you don't care about anything. Now listen here Princess, because I'm not going to repeat myself. He...
  • newadult
  • badass
  • player
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What I Couldn't Tell Him by coffeefueledcreation
What I Couldn't Tell Him by coffeefueledcreation
Jaimie Perron left her old life in an rush, desperate for change before its too late. A new school, new beginnings, or a new end in her case. Her life was easy; she is p...
  • rivalry
  • player
  • chicklit
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Marked by the Alpha by zabellerain
Marked by the Alpha by zabellerain
"You are mine," He murmured across my skin. He inhaled my scent deeply and kissed the mark he gave me. I shuddered as he lightly nipped it. "Danny, you ar...
  • room
  • shirt
  • flirt
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Abused by nikknakk3
Abused by Nikki Robinson
Since she was 10 years old Kendall's mother had abused her and her father had never noticed it. After eight years of abuse, one day her father walked in on her mother vi...
  • ahhh
  • bad
  • love
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After The Ink by The_Dreamer_10
After The Ink by B.D. Fresquez
[COMPLETED] [Previously titled Her Tattoo] "Why do you still want him?" He snapped at me. "He doesn't want you anymore Lace. He made that pretty clear, di...
  • girl
  • dylan
  • lies
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The Truth Hurts by 7ofspades_
The Truth Hurts by • Gia •
"You know...I thought I was just being a good friend by telling you. But no...I just wanted you for myself right? I didn't care about your feelings?" Even thou...
  • truth
  • smoothies
  • highschool
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A Secret Service [COMPLETED] by joymoment
A Secret Service [COMPLETED] by Joy
"I LOVE IT!" - CarniaHolmes "I'm going to break your nose, because I don't like your face," Carter said. She pointed to Zac. "I'm going to...
  • teenfiction
  • drama
  • arrogant
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BBLS #1: The Billionaire's Mistress(UNDER MAJOR RECONSTRUCTION) by StilettoGodmother01
BBLS #1: The Billionaire's Mistres... by Tamanny
Highest Rank in Romance {4}11/25/17 " I honestly do not know what type of game you're playing here but do not think, not for a second that I will leave my wife for...
  • babies
  • lovestory
  • hot
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Secret Daughter by Jsworld
Secret Daughter by Jsworld
Highest Ranking 👉 #4 in Romance (07/08/2017) Charlotte is a smart girl and a bright student. Although her family was not wealthy and couldn't pay her way into one of t...
  • passion
  • ceo
  • secret
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Unveiled (Completed) by Jacklyn
Unveiled (Completed) by Jacklyn
WATTPAD FEATURED STORY also Promoted by AMC & The Walking Dead "Don't be scared my child. I am not here to hurt you." His voice was like honey that dripped fro...
  • friendship
  • love
  • supernatural
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The Dons Daughter by sentimaxo
The Dons Daughter by Sentima Mani🥀
Highest Rank #2 in Action Rose Regina is a normal teenage girl, struggling with making it through the last year of high school. Living with her Grandmother as her paren...
  • boss
  • protective
  • secrets
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Still With Me by AvaViolet
Still With Me by Jessica Cunsolo
This is the third and final book in the "With Me" Series. You must read the first two books ("She's With Me" and "Stay With Me") in order t...
  • firstperson
  • rivals
  • humor
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Revenge on the Billionaire by tamlaura1
Revenge on the Billionaire by Heather Teston
  • hurt
  • revenge
  • possessive
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The Nerd & The Cheerleader by tangieee
The Nerd & The Cheerleader by Tangie Hanigan
Megan Tipton was your typical small town sweetheart. She was captain of the cheer team, and of course was with the hottest guy in school, and on the football team, Zacha...
  • kissinggirls
  • suspense
  • nerdygirl
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My Broken, Mute Mate (Completed) (Wattys 2017) by ChicagoDreams
My Broken, Mute Mate (Completed) (... by 1-800-273-8255
Highest Rank: #3 in werewolf He looks over everyone, inhaling deeply, trying to pick out a scent. "She's here," he whispered with a smile. He walked through th...
  • teenfiction
  • moon
  • broken
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She's With Me by AvaViolet
She's With Me by Jessica Cunsolo
| ranked #1 | 08.27.2015| | completed | 08.25.2016| | winner of a Talk of the Town WATTY 2016 | | Winner of The 2016 Fiction Awards "Best Teen Fiction" | Wh...
  • rival
  • romance
  • highschool
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Forced to Love by tamlaura1
Forced to Love by Heather Teston
COVER MADE BY LAKSHMINAMBIAR: What happens when you put two people from different worlds together? One a rugged hard-working cowboy, Luke Rogers...
  • pain
  • passion
  • dominant
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Stay With Me by AvaViolet
Stay With Me by Jessica Cunsolo
| ranked #1 | 01.12.2017| | completed | 11.13.2017| | Winner of The 2017 Fiction Awards "Best Teen Fiction" | It's finally winter break, which means Amelia...
  • romance
  • lies
  • violets
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The Power Bond by therealKH
The Power Bond by Therealkh
Book three in 'The Bond Series' (Please read 'The Royal Bond' first) This is Ryker's book! ---------------------------- Alpha Ryker is the ultimate womanizer. He's the q...
  • werewolf
  • romance
  • fate
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