I Will Always Choose You by ClexaTrash2x14
I Will Always Choose You by Master∞Geek Fanfiction
Clarke leaves arkadia refusing to go in after what she done at Mt Weather. As much as she wanted to deny it at first she had feelings for Lexa which she couldn't hide f...
LOVE in Polis by Daughterofchaos065
LOVE in Polis by ヽ( ´¬`)ノ Fanfiction
Clarke and Lexa finally found peace. There love for each other blossoms over the days. Follow this lovely couple one there journey through Love in Polis
Love Bites by grangers-elf
Love Bites by kenna Fanfiction
ADC gif pieces. One shots, imagines, and would includes for gifs. Mostly Lexa, but there will be some Alicia and Alycia. Requests open. Key: (M) = mature * = imagine •...
The Ones On The Ground (sequel to The One Who's Fallen) by The_Sarcastic_Dork
The Ones On The Ground (sequel to... by The_Sarcastic_Dork Fanfiction
After the defeat of the Mountain, Clarke and Lexa need to make their way back to Polis in order to make Skaikru and Maunkru official clans. They, as well as Raven, Anya...
The One Who's Fallen by The_Sarcastic_Dork
The One Who's Fallen by The_Sarcastic_Dork Fanfiction
After Abby realizes that Jaha may use his executive powers to float Clarke before her 18th birthday, she and Raven scrape together a pod and send Clarke down to earth a...
THE 100 IMAGINES by GroundedBellamy
I don't take requests here. These imagines are all from my Tumblr, I just went over them and corrected (hopefully) all of the mistakes and other problems. I did get rid...
Lexa enterprises (A clexa story) by Qxeenkilla
Lexa enterprises (A clexa story) by Mary Fanfiction
When Clarke Griffin gets a new job at the notorious 'Lexa enterprises' HQ, she doesn't expect her new boss to be quite so... Cold. Find out what happens as the two colli...
From Outer Space by ChooseYourLife
From Outer Space by Giny Fanfiction
Camila and Lauren have a long, long history together. They are tied to each other in more than one ways, which forces them to stay connected to each other. Lauren howeve...
SILENTLY ♛ B. BLAKE by hallodude
SILENTLY ♛ B. BLAKE by cate :) Fanfiction
si·lent·ly ˈsīləntlē/ adverb How Parker Murphy spent her life. Until Earth. Until Bellamy Blake.
My Salvation || The 100 by bellamysblakess
My Salvation || The 100 by bellamysblakess Fanfiction
| Sequel to Our Salvation | " I figure, when you've been hurt so much, danger doesn't faze you, pain doesn't hurt you. " Avalon is a nightblood. She finds h...
HELPLESS | NARNIA AU by indigogalaxyjas
HELPLESS | NARNIA AU by ❛ j a s ❜ Fanfiction
❛ IF IT TAKES FIGHTING A WAR FOR US TO MEET, IT WILL HAVE BEEN WORTH IT ❜ in which the world turns to the kings and queens of old, but the kings...
That's Why I Love You by HedaPrisa
That's Why I Love You by The Commander and the Princess Fanfiction
Takes place after episode 307. This is what should've happened. Lexa and Clarke explore their new relationship and work together to defeat Pike and other problems that c...
Handle With Care | b. blake by -flowerchild111
Handle With Care | b. blake by Papi™ Fanfiction
"I'm a garbage bag covered in salt, with a hint of sugar. Along with a sign that says, "Fragile" and, "Handle With Care." In which trash is foun...
I Bear It So They Don't Have To (A Clexa Fanfiction) by AllYouKnoww
I Bear It So They Don't Have To (A... by AllYouKnoww Fanfiction
Clarke can't deal with the guilt she is carrying from the events at Mount Weather. Can Lexa help her through or will this burden stay with her forever? Set after Clarke...
broken children ▷ t.hundred gif series ✓ by richardharmoan
broken children ▷ t.hundred gif se... by now at @poseybility Fanfiction
❝ the ground, that's the dream. ❞ ©RICHARDHARMOAN
Who We Are [Bellamy Blake] by UnderMySkin
Who We Are [Bellamy Blake] by Sabrina Fanfiction
OLGA KURYLENKO AS ETAIN FROM CENTURION IS ATHENA (please stop asking me who she is in the comments, please.) **SPOILERS FOR BOTH SEASONS EVENTUALLY** When a Grounder fro...
Little Red||B.BLAKE by -bernthal
Little Red||B.BLAKE by "OHANNA!" Fanfiction
"they were just two lost souls,
young and desperate,
but they found each other,
and someway, somehow;
they helped guide each other's way." [THE 100] [SEASON ON...
Of Scotch And Wine // Clexa AU by pladicus
Of Scotch And Wine // Clexa AU by AJ Fanfiction
Lexa is a strong scotch and Clarke is a fine wine. WARNING: CONTAINS TALK OF RAPE 09 May 2016 -- 05 Aug 2016
Dorm 100 // The 100 AU by pladicus
Dorm 100 // The 100 AU by AJ Fanfiction
College is the new beginning for recent high school grads. Follow roommates Lexa and Clarke and their friends as they max out the college experience. EDITING 09 Mar 2016...
Nie rozpoznajesz mnie? | Clexa by OnlyYami
Nie rozpoznajesz mnie? | Clexa by Yami Fanfiction
Clarke od miesięcy nawiedzają niepokojąco realne sny. Kosmos, postapokaliptyczna Ziemia, jej znajomi, ciągła walka o przetrwanie. Ostatniej nocy, ujrzała intrygującą dzi...