Fairy Tail Scenarios by KatrinaZilla
Fairy Tail Scenarios by TodoDeku is Life Fanfiction
This book is about the stupid scenarios that you come up with your head but never write about. Ranging from extreme shipping to crack couples. __________________ Author...
The Fairies Are Now Tigers (RoLu, StiVy) by LuceFT
The Fairies Are Now Tigers (RoLu... by PJbetray11011 Fanfiction
Now that Lucy Heartfilia and Levy McGarden's hearts are broken by Natsu Dragneel and Gajeel Redfox, they join "The Enemy". Also, before the two girls go to Sab...
Devil/Dragon Mating Season (Fairy tail guild) by Maddiecute247
Devil/Dragon Mating Season (Fairy... by Reyna Faudoa Fanfiction
Dragon/ Devil Mating season is here at Fairy tail. Natsu Is always with His Luce, Wendy always asks Her Romeo to go on jobs with her, Gray won't leave Via alone, Gajeel...
Dragon Mating Season by stabmeplssatan
Dragon Mating Season by Kevin Fanfiction
So yeah, I have been reading a lot of Fairy Tail fan fics and I came across some amazing ones that have motivated me to write this, so I don't really know the direction...
Fairy Tail Dragon Mating Season by ManlyPrincess
Fairy Tail Dragon Mating Season by Elle Fanfiction
It's dragon mating season in Earthland! With this new phenomenon descending upon Fairy Tail and their friends, how exactly will they solve this problem? Most importantly...
Amnesia (Nalu Fanfic) by GerardAdrian8
Amnesia (Nalu Fanfic) by Gerard Adrian Fanfiction
Natsu Dragneel had amnesia because of an incident. The incident wasn't a car accident but the cause of love. You see Natsu had a girlfriend and it so happens that this g...
Revenge Fairy Tail Revenge by animelover12k
Revenge Fairy Tail Revenge by animelover12k Fanfiction
Lucy, Juvia and Levy are forgotten by fairy tail called weak and useless. They mentally destroyed themselves. They left the guild with only master caring about them. Joi...
Playing with fire  by AmaraDrawer
Playing with fire by Amara Fanfiction
Natsu dragneel, the schools bad boy. Fresh out of jail and ready to fight. For him things come easy including girls, but what happens when he meets a already taken girl...
Roommates with the Prince of the School (A NaLu Fanfic) by llamacorn456
Roommates with the Prince of the S... by Omelet Fanfiction
Lucy Heartfilia is an intelligent girl who was homeschooled most of her life. So going to Fiore High was a huge step for her. Especially moving into the dorms there. Tho...
Imperfectly Flawless (Nalu) by dickterpepper
Imperfectly Flawless (Nalu) by dickterpepper Fanfiction
"I still don't get it. You do understand that I am overweight and full of fat, right...?" "I don't care about your appearance! It's your personality that...
Fairy Tail Parent! X Child!Reader by AbsynthZaraki
Fairy Tail Parent! X Child!Reader by AbsynthZaraki Fanfiction
A series of short stories where you can see what I think it would be like to be a child of a Fairy Tail character.
The Fairies Revenge by karuwinters
The Fairies Revenge by Karu Winters 👑 Fanfiction
After Katori, Levy, Erza, Cana, Wendy, Juvia, Mirajane and Lucy witnessed something that the love of their lives would never do, a training journey in Tenrou Island awai...
Natsu x Reader High School by llama_356
Natsu x Reader High School by llama_356 Fanfiction
You were always alone because your parents died at age 10 and your brother moved in with his bitch of a wife when you were 8 and now you live alone . Until your Aunt Che...
Forever Yours [NaLu❤] by thefinestwine
Forever Yours [NaLu❤] by Thunderbitch Fanfiction
✿◉●•◦Natsu x Lucy◦•●◉✿ Mira will stop at nothing until Lucy and Natsu realize their feelings for each other. But little did she know that nature has also paired them tog...
The Farthest Star by Tabbycat520
The Farthest Star by Tabbycat520 Fanfiction
Lucy is a junior at Fairy Tail High and is known as one of the most popular and well behaved students there, but is afraid to fall in love.When a new boy joins the schoo...
Fairy tail RP by Laxus-Dreyar_
Fairy tail RP by Drake Random
A fairy tail rp Read the rules there
'Crush' Nalu Highschool AU by arayaj
'Crush' Nalu Highschool AU by arayaj Fanfiction
-Natsu was pretty much the school's bad boy. He wouldn't care about anyone, let alone if he hurt them or not. Violent and self centered. -Lucy's the new girl who has loa...
Dragon Season by LoveBook2502
Dragon Season by Bee Fanfiction
Every 10 year's everyone in earthland celebrates as every 10 year's it's dragon mating season. Fairy tail is no different 5 years after Tenro Island dragon season rolls...
I Fell In Love With A Rocker by Ultimate__Genesis
I Fell In Love With A Rocker by ♕ Le Fluff King ♕ Fanfiction
Levy McGarden was a normal girl at the Fairy Tail Academy. When a celebrity moves to her school she knew her ordinary life was about to take a big turn. Gajeel Redfox is...
Lucy's Tears by dream-catcher-girl
Lucy's Tears by dreamer Fanfiction
Long story short Fairy tails One-and- only Lucy left fairy tail for reason that breaks her heart. After a year, she finally comes back to Magnolia. You would expect her...