Different [A King!Levi x Servant!Reader Story] by attackoncreativity
Different [A King!Levi x Servant!R...by ((:
You are the personal servant of Princess Petra of the neighbouring kingdom ruled by Levi, who was recently crowned king. Soon, word spread that he was hosting a ball to...
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Grand Doujinshi Ereri trop Sexy by EreriLemonHard
Grand Doujinshi Ereri trop Sexyby 《21décbr2017》
  • ererilemonhard
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Levi Boyfriend Scenarios (Levi X Reader) by MegaBlazethecat
Levi Boyfriend Scenarios (Levi X R...by MegaBlazethecat
This is a wondrous set of boyfriend scenarios about Levi Ackerman from Attack on Titan. All of the scenarios contain you and Levi spending time to together with a hint o...
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Levi x Reader Oneshots by leafifael
Levi x Reader Oneshotsby leafi
Oneshots with our precious Levi. Disclaimer: I don't own AoT or the Characters. I don't own the fanart used. I don't own you. Started: 9th February 2017 Finished: [Ongoi...
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Do You Still Love Me by xxdeathwishxx212
Do You Still Love Meby Lawliet TJ
SEQUEL TO DON'T YOU TRUST ME A lot of things have changed in the last four years. They are living happily together. Levi has taught Eren so much. Thanks to Levi Eren kno...
  • aot
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♥︎Always Mine♥︎《Levi X Reader》 by MollyCooper6
♥︎Always Mine♥︎《Levi X Reader》by 𝙰𝚌𝚔𝚎𝚛𝚖𝚊𝚗.
Levi Ackerman and (Y/N) (L/N) are two thugs from the underground, brought up to the survey corps. A strong unbreakable bond of trust is shared between you both, and you...
  • readerinsert
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Fate. (Aot boys x Reader by Magy_Faustian
Fate. (Aot boys x Readerby Magy Faustian
You are a young woman, by the name of [y/n]. You have been running away from titans, well...A certain titan. For some reason, titans do not attack you. Actually, the see...
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Doujinshis Eren x Levi (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 2 by Ayampawa
Doujinshis Eren x Levi (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 2by Aʏɑʍքɑաɑ (~ * u *)~
ADVERTENCIA: SI NO TE GUSTA EL YAOI...LARGAOS DE AQUI >;V (? Doujinshis Ereri/Riren !! :DD ...habrá lemon 7u7..A EMPEZAR :DD!! ---------- Estas páginas son las cuales...
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Eight Boys, Three Words, One Girl (Completed) by CharlotteCarol
Eight Boys, Three Words, One Girl...by Charlotte
Bambi Raye's life was normal. Well as normal as any girl's life can be. That was until she was 15, when her life changed forever. All her friends that she thought she wa...
  • lévi
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Hushed by strawhat_pirate
Hushedby strawhat_pirate
Small and strong, Lyra is a very quiet young girl. Unwilling to talk about her family, or her life before joining the Cadet Training corps, nobody really knows where Lyr...
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Teach Me How To Love (Teacher!Levi x Reader)  by SatanicPickles
Teach Me How To Love (Teacher!Levi...by ~Nat~
Every day for you was hell. Constant harassment over nothing, being told you're not good enough and coming home to a broken home. Just as you thought it all went to shit...
  • aot
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  • attackontitan
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Humanity's Strongest Weapon (Shingeki no Kyojin fanfic) by AuchiBoo
Humanity's Strongest Weapon (Shing...by ms.tery
Levi Ackerman x OC ~ Xyra Grantaine Wissen. She's the infamous unknown force behind the Survey Corps that can defeat a horde of titans in a matter of seconds like a tor...
  • snk
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AOT/SNK: Levi X Reader "Mr. Ackerman" [AU] by Strongest_Soldier
AOT/SNK: Levi X Reader "Mr. Ackerm...by Liz/Levi
You work for the Ackerman corporation as in a assistance. Working for your boss, Mr. Ackerman. A man of many rumors you hear around. He talks...you stay shut. He moves...
  • atackontitan
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Character x Male!Reader by Choco_Bananas
Character x Male!Readerby Sweet Sinnamon Daddy
Coming this (insert whatever season it is right now): A radically awesome one shot series about you! *Points at reader* But wait! There's more! Not only are you, well...
  • gravityfalls
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Yuri Oneshots?? (X Reader) by RubicMaster
Yuri Oneshots?? (X Reader)by RubicMaster
These are x reader yuri oneshots! Put in a scenario request!! (Put in??)
  • nozomi
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  • jeankirschtein
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Don't You Trust Me by xxdeathwishxx212
Don't You Trust Meby Lawliet TJ
Eren is a senior in high school. Levi is his french teacher and has been his closest friend for the past four years of high school. Eren is 18 Levi is 25. In just two we...
  • highschoolau
  • eren
  • snk
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Eren's Savior (Eren x Levi) by BlueDusk8
Eren's Savior (Eren x Levi)by BlueDusk
Eren Jeager had an okay life in his pack. Sure he was an Omega and had issues with his father, but he had his mother and friends there to always support him. When his pa...
  • erenjaeger
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Metal Claws - (Lemon) Levi Ackerman X Reader by Angel_BlackShadow
Metal Claws - (Lemon) Levi Ackerma...by Angel ✔
ATTENZIONE: Sono presenti, sin dai primi capitoli, scene esplicite di sesso, violenza e sangue (infatti è una specie di dark story). Non consigliata per i deboli di cuor...
  • rivaille
  • levi
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Stay with Me~ Ereri by craetor
Stay with Me~ Ereriby Call me Bec
AU Eren has been homeless for years. Levi gets his car painted and has to walk to work. He sees Eren, and thinks he's disgusting (disgustingly filthy, that is). Levi...
  • eren
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Levi Ackerman x Reader {Lemons} by DirtyMindedFreakArmy
Levi Ackerman x Reader {Lemons}by Helpless
*Requests are open!* So this is my first, hoping it will go well, but yea. Levi and reader, descriptions in the story. Reminder!!!**** If you want to use some of the de...
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