All This Time (Contemporary Romance) 💰 | ✓ by LillieVale
All This Time (Contemporary Romanc...by lillie ∙ लिली
💋‼️ FEATURED IN COSMOPOLITAN ‼️💋 🎬 PROMOTED BY TNT 🎬 I give as good as I get, and between fevered pants and inflamed kisses over his lips a...
  • family
  • love
  • coming-of-age
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James & Lyla by UnsinkableShips
James & Lylaby sarah douglas
When Lyla starts writing the words she should've never left unsaid. Copyright © 2016 by UnsinkableShips. All Rights Reserved. Cover by @bateaux.
  • friendship
  • letters
  • firstlove
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Second Hand Wedding by MaryFahey
Second Hand Weddingby Mary Fahey
Teacher Chloe's engagement has ended two months before her wedding. To recycle her stylish event, she proposes to the hunk she jilted twice for eccentric behaviour! Vi...
  • lovestory
  • socialanxiety
  • proposal
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Breathe Again by EmSlough
Breathe Againby em | 남 상아
[A 2017 Wattys Award Winner] In which Hannah Jung, with the help of Xavier Park, learns to breathe again.
  • asianamerican
  • boygirl
  • teenfiction
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Things You Never Knew by invisiblilly
Things You Never Knewby jas deroubaix
If Tyler Scott knows something in life is that you only give proper worth to something when you finally lose it. Or as Passenger sings, he only needed the light when it...
  • lettinggo
  • tears
  • cameron
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Heart Of Iron (GirlxGirl) by CharlesBalzitch
Heart Of Iron (GirlxGirl)by Charles
It was then, when she said those horrible words, that I finally obliged to what my mind told me. "Build a shield around that damn heart, lock it, and throw the key...
  • confused
  • cold
  • choices
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the boys i've loved and the end of the world by catarinehancock
the boys i've loved and the end of...by catarine hancock
for the ones who used to love me, the ones who broke my heart, and the one who loves me now. and for you. for all of you. ~ a sample of catarine hancock's debut poetry...
  • prosepoetry
  • love
  • mentalhealth
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In Places Where You Are by crossroad
In Places Where You Areby Freesia Lockheart
Every love has a story. How you first met. Who said the first word. Even mine does. Seven o'clock is not the time anyone will thi...
  • firstlove
  • 90s
  • lettinggo
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The Prince's Temporary Wife by DreamScribbler
The Prince's Temporary Wifeby シンシアケイ
"Don't you ever mutter her name again," he hissed as he pushed me to the car door. His eyes still staring into mine. "And I hate questions involving the p...
  • friendship
  • wealthy
  • replacement
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Breaking walls. by nomadsvj
Breaking walls.by Nomads.vj
#76 TEEN FICTION on 15 March 18' Reyes- truth or dare? Kea- truth. Reyes- do you wanna kiss me? Kea- dare. Reyes-*leans forward* I dare you to kiss me. Kea- never have I...
  • college
  • teenfiction
  • drama
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KOWTS AT IBA PA. by ___the_scientist
KOWTS AT IBA PA.by revi😁>
  • lettinggo
  • moveon
  • emoquotes
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His Diary | Completed by infiniteendings-
His Diary | Completedby d e s t i n y
[Jeremy's Diary] Where Jeremy writes a diary to his beloved, telling her how hard it is to stay away from her and that there is no other choice. All Rights Reserved. His...
  • brokenboy
  • hurt
  • romance
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Letting go.  ➵JJK by Plualien
Letting go. ➵JJKby Plualien
"Do you remember?" -- A Jeon Jungkook Fanfiction Started: 2.24.18 Ended: 2.24.18 Completed Nothing belongs to me except the plot.
  • highschool
  • lastletter
  • bitterness
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Letting You Go by Scribbler-kun
Letting You Goby Scribbler-kun
This story is Adrien Agreste/Chat noir x MALE reader, meaning, It's boys love. If you don't like this kind of stuff just kindly press the back button and don't read it. ...
  • lettinggo
  • love
  • miraculous
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Dear Universe, by bryblooms
Dear Universe,by ˗ˏˋ bee’s keeper ˎˊ˗
In which a girl writes to the stars and moons, the only entities that seem to listen.
  • mature
  • universe
  • anxiety
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00.02.30 by thesourhoe
00.02.30by ana
❝I knew I was in trouble the first time I saw you smile.❞ × Kim Jae Min hates his life. He hates his past, all of his deeds...
  • depression
  • lettinggo
  • stigma
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He's In Love With My Sister by Sherry13
He's In Love With My Sisterby Sherry13
Stuck in a time loop, Lorena has to repeatedly watch her fiance fall in love with her sister again and again. She keeps falling in love with him again and again... unt...
  • comfort
  • memoriesfrompastlife
  • differentworld
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Unspoken Words by SapphireIanne
Unspoken Wordsby Sapphire Ianne Altamirano
A collection of poetry about heartbreaks, inspirations and etc. Written by: SapphireIanne Cover by: PrinsesaSopiya Date started: December 05, 2017 Date finished: Decemb...
  • poems
  • movingon
  • love
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Love Letters by kiatankow
Love Lettersby kiat
On one of Paulo Coelho's masterpiece, The Witch of Portobello, the guy asked " Why do you love me?" she simply replied " I don't know and I don't care.&qu...
  • loving
  • friends
  • lovers
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The Art of Letting Go by ElisiaWrites
The Art of Letting Goby Elisia
"I'm here to stay." . . . In which a guy, haunted by the past, doesn't believe in forevers. But she's determined to change that.
  • broken
  • depression
  • happy
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