Blue Jeans | ✓ by blueberrings
Blue Jeans | ✓ by gigi Short Story
A WATTPAD FEATURED STORY •featured on the What's Hot list• •ranked #2 in short story• they say that if you love someone, you should let them go. coco couldn't. ...
James & Lyla by UnsinkableShips
James & Lyla by sarah Short Story
When Lyla starts writing the words she should've never left unsaid. Copyright © 2016 by UnsinkableShips. All Rights Reserved. Cover by @bateaux.
All This Time (Contemporary Romance) 💰 | ✓ by LillieVale
All This Time (Contemporary Romanc... by lillie 🌙 ChickLit
💋‼️ FEATURED IN COSMOPOLITAN ‼️💋 🎬 PROMOTED BY TNT 🎬 I give as good as I get, and between fevered pants and inflamed kisses over his lips a...
Heart Of Iron (GirlxGirl) by CharlesBalzitch
Heart Of Iron (GirlxGirl) by Charles Teen Fiction
It was then, on that day. when she spoke those hateful, horrible words. I finally obliged to what my brain had told me. "Build a shield around that damn heart, lock...
The Cry Of The Lost Heart by SweetRose0320
The Cry Of The Lost Heart by IamMaroseSaragosa Poetry
He said, " I will wait for you to come back home." She said, "I love you. Please hold on." He said, " I will wait. If not here, I promise to wai...
Breathe Again by EmSlough
Breathe Again by em | 남 상아 Romance
[A 2017 Wattys Award Winner] In which Hannah Jung, with the help of Xavier Park, learns to breathe again.
The Matchmaker's Match by CaitlynRachelC
The Matchmaker's Match by Caitlyn Coker Romance
“Where is revenge going to get you, Adam? What’s it going to prove?” Katie asked. “He killed my brother, Kate. I won’t rest until I bring him to justice” “By murder?” ...
Firelight | NCT U / SMRookies / NCT Fanfic [ Doyoung ] by creamistry
Firelight | NCT U / SMRookies / NC... by adeline 🌹 Romance
[ The Third Sequel of the Candlelight Series ] [ NCT U Kim Dongyoung ▪ Oh My Girl Kim Jiho ▪ BTS Kim Seokjin ] "The stars showed you to the right path, yet it d...
Letting Go of Us by basically_michelle
Letting Go of Us by Michelle Teen Fiction
"I wish that I had never met you and then there would be no need to impress you. No need to want you. No need for loving you. No need for crying over you. No need f...
In the Midst of the War by MissCatharine
In the Midst of the War by MissCatharine Romance
Minahal ka niya ngunit masyado kang naging manhid para maramdaman iyon. Kahit na mahal ka niya ay kailangan niyang magsakripisyo para sayo. Para sa ikasasaya mo. Ngunit...
Letting Go [Short Story] by moonbeautie
Letting Go [Short Story] by Monal Patel Teen Fiction
All her life, she has believed that promises are meant to be broken. The shock of her parents death at a young age, left her vulnerable, closing her into a cocoon that s...
A Kiss with a Stranger by Azribabes
A Kiss with a Stranger by Azribabes Teen Fiction
"I feel safe to be with him.I feel safe for every words that he said. I feel safe to be hugged by him and I feel safe to have A Kiss with a Stranger."
gone (completed) by its_shivu
gone (completed) by shivu bali Short Story
*and, she left. but just because she did, doesn't mean she wanted to.*
not mine.. by LoleeAzzam
not mine.. by lolee azzam Romance
"sometimes people instead of growing together they grow apart" .. i'll try to keep this one as realsitic as possible .. bear with me cause this is my second ti...
Nothing Lasts Forever (A BTS Suga Fanfic) by WithYourHope
Nothing Lasts Forever (A BTS Suga... by a dream meant to be broken Random
DISCONTINUED [ A sequel for the previous book, 'Rain' ] On-Going ☆ Completed ☆ On-Hold ☆ Soon "Loving you was not easy. But letting you go was hard." All Rig...
Laimer Matsumoto (A Fangirl Dream) [COMPLETED] by imjustyouroption
Laimer Matsumoto (A Fangirl Dream)... by C E S S A Fanfiction
This story is not a love story. its a story about love. :) [To all Laimer Matsumoto's fan out there. Makakarelate kayo dito]
Between the Wor(l)ds - English Version - A Linkin Park FanFiction by Kariliah
Between the Wor(l)ds - English Ver... by Kariliah Fanfiction
» Do I know where I am? Do I know what has happened to me? Do I know who I am? No. « When Mike awakens in an almost empty Los Angeles without any memories of the past...
Rivals [ On Going ] by luxxiel
Rivals [ On Going ] by luxxiel Teen Fiction
Love is unstopable. Love knows no bounderies. Do you believe in Love? A feeling that makes a person sad, angry, and most of all happy. But what if your friends stop you...
We Can't Be by Blackishaa
We Can't Be by OrimBlack Teen Fiction
Lagi na lang bang hindi pwede? Yung tipong lahat ng bagay mali. Diba pwedeng maging masaya na lang palagi? Kaso dmn, alam mo yung pakiramdam na everytime na magiging mas...
I Never Want To Let Go Of You by MacKenziePaizen
I Never Want To Let Go Of You by MacKenzie Paizen Romance
A 17 year old girl falls in love with the wrong guy. Now she has to fight to keep him and has to make her father like him and find the good side. How will she deal with...