Endless Love (A Forbidden Love Story) by RgMtthw
Endless Love (A Forbidden Love Sto... by Madam Lucy
How does it feel to love a girl? Ano nga bang pakiramdam ng magmahal ng kapwa mo babae. Sabi nila, bawal. It's forbidden, kaya lahat ng bagay gagawin nila mapaghiwalay l...
  • forbidden
  • moiradelatorre
  • kayecal
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Blue is my Colour [Katelyn X Female Reader] by WhatsHerFaceFanfics
Blue is my Colour [Katelyn X Femal... by ❝T-Bex❞✔
BOOK 1! [[Created on February 27th, 2017]] [Y/N] was a successful young individual. She was working in a diner that paid her more cash then she needed, she was loved by...
  • lesbianism
  • bisexuality
  • whatsherfacefanfic
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Hold Me Tightly (LostGirl FanFic) (Doccubus) (girlxgirl) by sierranh_19
Hold Me Tightly (LostGirl FanFic)... by Sierra N. Hughes
Dr. Lauren Lewis and Succubus Bo Dennis have a very fluctuating relationship with many complications. All Bo wants is to stay with Lauren, but Lauren only wants Bo to be...
  • lesbianism
  • lesbian
  • bodennis
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Dangerous Loving Game-Mikannie{Finished} by STOP2143658709
Dangerous Loving Game-Mikannie{Fin... by STOP2143658709
Mikasa's got a lover and she is as dangerous and sexy but sweet and vulnerable as they come!But when Mikasa finds out exactly what kind of person her lover really is,she...
  • lesbianism
  • betrayal
  • fetishes
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The Model Part 2 (Under Construction) by LaurenLiddle
The Model Part 2 (Under Constructi... by LaurenLiddle
Mina is back! But this time she's in New York, transitioning from her comfortable life, to the big apple. However, Mina seems to be a magnet for trouble as she hurtles t...
  • fan
  • book2
  • drama
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Best of Both Worlds (m/f  and f/f  fanfic) by ParisBrooklyn
Best of Both Worlds (m/f and f/f... by ParisBrooklyn
This story contains sexual content involving females. If that is not your thing, please do not read this story. Also contains straight sexual content as well. Story is a...
  • fantasy
  • michaeljackson
  • badera
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Dupla Identidade - Fim de Jogo by IgorPaiva
Dupla Identidade - Fim de Jogo by Igor Paiva
Conta a história de Jhon, um renomado advogado e um excelente agente de um Departamento de Homicídios. Quando pequeno, Jhon, teve uma infância destruída pelo pai e por u...
  • ação
  • serialkiller
  • novela
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If Only by dragonslayer2493
If Only by Samantha N
A story where people happen upon a friendship that can flourish into a budding romance if only.... ...
  • sam
  • cameron
  • youth
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Living Nightmares by jazzywolf13
Living Nightmares by Jasmine
  • depression
  • apocalyptic
  • zombie
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Play Date [Puppica] [Yuri] by Mangle-Chan2
Play Date [Puppica] [Yuri] by 🌸 Y u k a r o 🌸
Me llamas por teléfono, te sientes tan distante me dices "Tienes que venir, hay unos juegos que quiero jugar" estoy caminando a tu casa, nadie esta, solo estam...
  • puppica
  • chippet
  • chicaxpuppet
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el diario de una lesbiana by holoholohi
el diario de una lesbiana by holoholohi
cuya niña solo quiere que sus padres la quieran como es y cuenta sobre sus problemas
  • lesbianismo
  • youandi
Catálogo de Hombres by eddy-blogs
Catálogo de Hombres by eddy
Cuando llega una edad en donde la virginidad empieza a estorbar, no importa cómo lo haga pero Samanta no se va a quedar atrás, haciendo un pequeño catalogo de hombres pa...
  • acoso
  • músculos
  • lesbianismo
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El Poder del Pasado - Kookmin by unicoanonimo
El Poder del Pasado - Kookmin by Shawol
En donde Jungkook no puede superar su pasado y lastimas a personas inocentes, en este caso hará sufrir a Park Jimin su asistente, sin saber que era el hermano menor de P...
  • jungkook
  • hoseok
  • yugyeom
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Spare the rod, spoil the child~ A Foxxay one shot by 00kayuki2nagizuma
Spare the rod, spoil the child~ A... by x0StrAwberryzon0xy3r1
After Misty Day comes home drunk, Cordelia decides she has had it. Misty must learn. WARNING: Story contains spanking and slight nudity so if you are sensitive to the...
  • raulson
  • punishment
  • lesbianism
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Crisantemo Violeta by Niickiix
Crisantemo Violeta by Bunsy
La insoportable idea de perder tu amor.
  • drama
  • lesbianismo
  • romance
Huntress: Pactos de Amor y Sangre by BrokenNero616
Huntress: Pactos de Amor y Sangre by Broken Nero
Hace tiempo que una criatura viene vigilando a la joven Helena Wayne Kyle, tambien conocida como Huntress. Aquel ser tan retorxido esta enfermo de celos y no parara hast...
  • brucewayne
  • huntress
  • sobrenatural
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Depois daquele beijo by rafavieiraoficial
Depois daquele beijo by Rafa Vieira
OBSERVAÇÕES: Depois daquele Beijo foi lançado em 2011. Em 2015 uma nova versão começou a ser postada aqui, mas como o livro está em negociação com algumas editoras par...
  • girlxgirl
  • garotaxgarota
  • ficçaoadolescente
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