A White Dragon Slayer's Mate by AnimeFanfac
A White Dragon Slayer's Mate by Madi Bright (◡﹏◕✿) Fanfiction
Y/N Dragneel is Natsu's twin sister she's about two minutes younger than Natsu. They were both raised by Igneel and have Fire dragon slaying magic. Both of them were on...
Marshall lee x reader lemon by Late_Night_Pleasures
Marshall lee x reader lemon by LustfulThoughts Fanfiction
Lemon!! Smut!! Romance!! Goofy moments and sarcastic comments!!
Corrupted (Yandere Levi x reader) - Lemon by RobinLychee
Corrupted (Yandere Levi x reader)... by RobinLychee Fanfiction
Her dreams of a quiet life within the walls were shattered, when she met Corporal Levi. She never wanted to join the Survey corps, since her wings were broken long ago...
South Park. Omegaverse  by nagisaschiffer
South Park. Omegaverse by Isabel Alcocer Fanfiction
Como ya está escrito en el título: este fic está basado en el AU de omegaverse, y no se basa en un solo shipp si no en varios. Cosillas que se me ocurren xdxd
The Loudest Voice (Squip × Reader) by Im_A_General
The Loudest Voice (Squip × Reader) by Angel Of Music Fanfiction
I am genuinely sorry. "Why are you wasting your time on this?" you may ask.. well.. I have no idea. I'm in the mood?
Sangwoo x Reader   ~The college Student~ by da_oringalsquish
Sangwoo x Reader ~The college St... by Just weeb trash Fanfiction
^^^ After a depressing break up you cut off everyone that had contact to you maybe 3 months later in college "He" seems different from other people you knew wh...
Dracula X Reader (Lemon) by VeroCandelaria
Dracula X Reader (Lemon) by Vero Candelaria Fanfiction
Dracula turns naughty?! This is my first lemon. So I will try my best guys NOTE ; girls are the main character, but boys your are Dracula You were just finishing college...
Voices In My Head (Squip x Reader) by Im_A_General
Voices In My Head (Squip x Reader) by Angel Of Music Fanfiction
You are a huge Be More Chill fan, living a normal life. Well, as normal as life gets. You love musical theatre, and one day while acting out "The Squip Song" s...
Neko-Boy X Reader ~ A 'Little' Secret by XxxiMaGiNaTiOnxxxX
Neko-Boy X Reader ~ A 'Little' Sec... by The Bad Smile Fanfiction
So... You find this little golden-furred kitten in your backyard while it's raining, looking sick and pitiful. So what do you do? Of course, you don't leave it out in th...
>> Mαrҝipliєr smutshσts<< by _escap3_
>> Mαrҝipliєr smutshσts<< by 🌍☕️εѕρяεѕѕσ☕️🌍 Fanfiction
This is smut shots of the one and only markiplier or Mark fishbach! So it's only smut! Here you go!!
Fnaf Lemons! by NightmareFlowerFNAF
Fnaf Lemons! by NightmareFlowerFNAF Fanfiction
Hello! I have a dirty mind and really like fnaf so, here's a lemon book! Don't like it? Click away! This will be mostly X readers and, I won't lie, there will be a few w...
The New Teacher (Teacher!Markiplier x Reader) by The_Angel_That_Wrote
The New Teacher (Teacher!Markiplie... by The_Angel_That_Wrote Fanfiction
You're a university (college) student when you are told that your normal teacher has left and you are assigned a new one. Being the sassy little shit you are, you get in...
Mi pequeño corderito by Nagisa2
Mi pequeño corderito by Nagisa Misumi Fanfiction
Es un fanfiction : De la ''serie'' Fnafhs , pero su tema central es Fred y Freddy. Advertencia: Su contenido es yaoi, si no te gusta... por favor no tires arena :v
『 Hikaru x Reader x Kaoru 』Stuck In The Middle 『 OHSHC 』 by Bry_anime
『 Hikaru x Reader x Kaoru 』Stuck I... by ˗ˏˋ angel ˎˊ˗ Fanfiction
[Being Translated into Spanish, German and Pig Latin!] Spanish Translation: https://my.w.tt/UiNb/Mxc2sWdHkH German Translation: https://my.w.tt/UiNb/xp6IlwlfTH Pig Lati...
I Have A Sister! (Diabolik Lovers x Reader) by SlyAngle66
I Have A Sister! (Diabolik Lovers... by Lucinda A. Fanfiction
When Yui finally gets a phone working she calls her sister to come help her. But Yui didn't tell her that. She told her something different. She only said, "Hey, (Y...
Nightwing X Reader (lemon) || Roommates With Benefits || C O M P L E T E D by dementedAesthetics
Nightwing X Reader (lemon) || Room... by dementedAesthetics Fanfiction
An assassin falls for the renowned hero of Blüdhaven, Nightwing. A relationship that developed from a raw, physical attraction. Will this be able to conquer all problems...
Death note lemons by charlotte_stainson
Death note lemons by charlotte_stainson Fanfiction
Title says it all. Worked on by me and my friend @cj_horse_fnaf
From Sensei to Daddy☽Kakashi x Reader☾ by chibi_moon_doggo
From Sensei to Daddy☽Kakashi x Rea... by Mizuki🌙 Fanfiction
Ever since you'd been lately assigned to Squad 7, you'd had a small crush on Kakashi-Sensei, even though you'd only seen his left eye you knew he was a hot and worth the...
BANGTAN BOYS LEMON!!!! by jiminie10012
BANGTAN BOYS LEMON!!!! by park jimin Fanfiction
attention tout le monde c'est du lemon partout j'espère que ça vous plaira je suis responsable de ce que j'écris mais pas de ce que vous lisez d'accord ! ne me signalez...
Ninjago oneshots by Soccerstrike42
Ninjago oneshots by Angel of darkness Fanfiction
All of these will be ninja x reader, unless you want otherwise. Oh yeah, and I take requests! I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE CHARACTERS OR THE SHOW.