The League of Dragon Riders by yoyojd
The League of Dragon Ridersby Chaos
Most people fear dragons. Most people can't see past their large scales and fierce personalities. Most people can't control them. Yes, they're dangerous. They are also v...
  • legend
  • dragonriders
  • adventure
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The Healer's Mate [The Werewolf Chronicles #2] by AnnyVirdi
The Healer's Mate [The Werewolf Ch...by Anny Virdi
Highest Rank: #6 in Werewolf (12/19/15) Seven years ago my parents were killed by hunters. I was found by Alpha Neal and brought back to the White Thorn pack where I was...
  • legend
  • shifter
  • love
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Legend of the White Wolf by willowtree147
Legend of the White Wolfby ~Wanderlust~
Just when the world is about to get hectic between rouges and packs, the goddess promises a saviour to rescue the innocent and punish the evil. They will face many hards...
  • legend
  • alpha
  • fantasy
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Mysterious Girl (COMPLETED) by anighthowlers
Mysterious Girl (COMPLETED)by Ate Andeng 💕
She's all about mystery, adventure, & risk. And her heart was wild & full of magic. ** Written by: @anighthowlers Genre: Fantasy Mystery Teenfic ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 2017...
  • ron
  • filipino
  • taglish
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Creepy Japanese Urban Legends by SchoolRainbow
Creepy Japanese Urban Legendsby SchoolRainbow
Love the creepy side of Japan? On the surface, all that people hear about Japan is their rich culture, and how weird some of their customs and inventions are. But aside...
  • folklore
  • games
  • japanesefolklore
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A Viking's Rage by heather_cooki
A Viking's Rageby H.H. Cook
[A FORMER WATTPAD FEATURED STORY] ❝Not soon after she could feel his fingers caressing her scars, she closed her eyes. I shall kill whoever made these marks on your bo...
  • history
  • epic
  • scandinavia
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Mystic High ✓ by storyweaver95
Mystic High ✓by Ivana Keynes
Oriane Moore, the new addition to the Diana Mist College, recently discovered that she is a witch. Or more specifically, a so-called 'elemental'. It's changed her life c...
  • magic
  • teen
  • demon
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The Black Moon Legend [The Werewolf Chronicles #1] by AnnyVirdi
The Black Moon Legend [The Werewol...by Anny Virdi
Highest Ranking: #37 in Werewolf (01/07/16) (Title was changed from "No Distractions The Black Moon Legend" to "The Black Moon Legend") From the very...
  • damon
  • highschool
  • alpha
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Chocolate Kisses (A Thug Story) by Mj_Baby02
Chocolate Kisses (A Thug Story)by Alex Queenii
"Your mine and mine only." He growled in my ear tryna claim me. Ice it's not gon happen. Niggas like you don't want nun but booty." I tried walking away b...
  • action
  • thugs
  • drugs
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summer of '62 ← benny rodriguez by 80slostgirl
summer of '62 ← benny rodriguezby 80slostgirl
❝You're killing me, Smalls.❞ I wasn't kidding. It killed me not to kiss her. // #1 in Sandlot: Feb 2017 #1 in Benny Rodriguez: Feb 2018
  • love
  • thesandlot
  • 1962
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Cold Fire by shayebay
Cold Fireby ⚜ 𝔰𝔥𝔞𝔶𝔢 𝔱𝔥𝔢 𝔱𝔢𝔢𝔫�...
[A Wattpad featured novel] Melissa has a rare, undiagnosed disease, or so say the doctors that did tests on her for half of her life. She doesn't need a medical certific...
  • school
  • prophecy
  • cold
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The Rider's Truth. by saoigreen
The Rider's Truth.by saoigreen
Book Two. - Behind the magic and splendour of Valaxia, lies a darker world of torture, betrayal and deceit. One that Neely Lynch has become too well acquainted with; h...
  • action
  • adventure
  • saviour
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The Unpredictable Fire Adventurers [General Iroh II x Reader] [Legend of Korra] by MizzGinger
The Unpredictable Fire Adventurers...by ❥Mizz
He was supposed to be the Fire Nation's prince. You were supposed to be the Fire Nation's top student. Having never spoken before, you two end up on an adventure that ne...
  • irohthesecond
  • lok
  • prince
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I'm Rogue Because I'm Different (GirlxGirl) by Anonymous-Anonymous
I'm Rogue Because I'm Different (G...by :D
I'm Rogue because I'm different, my pack beat me and my parents left me to die.
  • rogue
  • girlfriend
  • girlxgirl
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forbidden colors ✦ jimin by guccicarat
forbidden colors ✦ jiminby nellz
A legend said that a prince and princess of the two breeds of angels will meet and make their kingdoms one. But Jasmine did not think out of all the princesses in the pa...
  • boys
  • breeds
  • park
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Legend of Zelda x Reader Oneshots by Wolfie_is_ROOD
Legend of Zelda x Reader Oneshotsby Wolfie ROOD
This will include mostly Breath of the wild characters, but I do accept requests for any legend of Zelda character you dare to throw at me. My favorites are Revali, Vaat...
  • oneshots
  • zelda
  • revali
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The Midnight Sorceress |Lesbian Story| by Svetaivanova
The Midnight Sorceress |Lesbian St...by Sveta
Cassandra is summoned by a magical owl, and she discovers that another world exists in the middle of Siberia, where monsters, dragons, elves, and sorcerei fight for dom...
  • ancient
  • folklore
  • folktale
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Making her The Alpha || Completed||  by Toramimi5
Making her The Alpha || Completed|...by J.Antonette
*ORIGINAL STORY, WRITTEN & EDITED IN 2016* BOOK II of the "Making her" Series "The past of Penelope & Dacia" Born into a werewolf clan where her fath...
  • jealousy
  • bết
  • legend
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Pitman's Legend [COMPLETED] by WhispersConfusions
Pitman's Legend [COMPLETED]by WhispersConfusions
[COMPLETED] {BOOK ONE OF THE JAMAL PITMAN SERIES} At the ripe old age of sixteen, Jamal Pitman is forced to join the crime family his father works within. Training to be...
  • legend
  • mob
  • crime
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Pitman's Legend: God is Gracious by WhispersConfusions
Pitman's Legend: God is Graciousby WhispersConfusions
{BOOK TWO OF THE JAMAL PITMAN SERIES} Synopsis coming soon Highest Rank: #66 in Action on 4/13/2018
  • lucaguiterrez
  • legend
  • janisanderson
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