Turned Down Twins by xxxariaaa
Turned Down Twinsby Stars and Stripes
He was close to the door when I got up. His eyes widened when he saw me. He started at me. We both looked at each other with wide eyes. "Cristiano please stop! Whe...
  • sad
  • left
  • vows
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Left Behind [Editing] by Krazy_Monster
Left Behind [Editing]by Atli
It's all Levi's fault. If he hadn't left Malibu, Andrea's life would have never been so complicated. She was the girl he left behind. Two years later they meet again. In...
  • romance
  • sadness
  • highschoolsweethearts
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The Paul Sister by HiHowIsLife
The Paul Sisterby HiHowIsLife
What is it like being a paul...the only daughter in the family...being left by the people who you thought would be there for you through everything?Find out what happens...
  • logan
  • jake
  • sister
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When She Left (On Going) by xxPiggyReaderxx
When She Left (On Going)by PiggyReader
20 years old Rachel Cartwright is married to 25 years old Joseph Johnsons for almost 3 years. But everything went wrong after she saw Joseph doing some miracle with her...
  • singlemom
  • billionaire
  • drama
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Pregnant By Cameron Dallas (Completed) by kel1021
Pregnant By Cameron Dallas (Comple...by Kelly Easton
After all the abuse at home, Bailey Smith, who is only 16, goes to a high school party and gets drunk to clear all the bad memories. After drinking and dancing all night...
  • magcon
  • abuse
  • left
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The Buzzing Lie  by FanFicMaddyG
The Buzzing Lie by FanFicMaddyG
Book 2 He left her. He said he would come back. He never did. After a Tragic accident occurs after the third month her faith changes completely about him. Her whole worl...
  • agreste
  • ladybug
  • year
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I Still Believe In Us by wintersandfall
I Still Believe In Usby wintersandfall
After getting married to love of her life Rachel thought that her life would be perfect but what if things don't turn out right . Just after two months her life changed...
  • betrayed
  • husband
  • love
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The Man Who Left | ✔ by iamaakhan
The Man Who Left | ✔by Khan
For Maya, there is never a happy ending. All her life she'd loved Nathan - the man who always stood by her side during the dark days of her life. But when she gets news...
  • shortstory
  • support
  • broken
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Lucy the Angel Demon|| Completed by Rhiannaisnoodles
Lucy the Angel Demon|| Completedby ChaosQueen
Lucy hides her ability but what happens when they turn on her?
  • left
  • nalu
  • sad
my hero academia x male reader by VincentHardy5
my hero academia x male readerby Vincent Hardy
i own nothing
  • left
  • myheroacademia
Water Me by simisioluwa
Water Meby Simi Akinyade
Jess Love ... A once vibrant, colourful, happy young lady who never frowned, always smiling became dull one fateful day because she was left on the alter by her long...
  • love
  • rejected
  • heartbreak
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Left Broken by justforfun323
Left Brokenby justforfun323
Skylar Miller, has a huge crush on this boy named Austin Parker. Austin Parker, well... he is the most popular boy also known as the bad boy of the school in West Field...
  • heartbreaker
  • romance
  • alone
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Tales Of Love by chinaangel
Tales Of Loveby Angel Plant
On a cold say I could not say why, something happened to me. I was happy for a while but it all faded away like ink. I was lonely and upset. I had shadows around me...
  • man
  • abuse
  • alone
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« Do you keep my old messages, If you do please do not read them » Only one message turned Elena's life upside down. As Tyler was curious to know more about the message...
  • tyler
  • stupidlove
  • left
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Kidnapped By The Bachelor by LoftyWriter
Kidnapped By The Bachelorby C.Navarro
7 Billion people 7 Continents 3 Major Oceans 4.5 billion Girls And the Hottest Bachelor in town chose to kidnapp me! So Far highest ranking is #12 in Humor ...
  • broken
  • contract
  • childhood
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Sing (twilight fanfic) by MegSymonds
Sing (twilight fanfic)by Meg Symonds
After being left for dead by Edward, Bella decides that she's going to make a change in her life. The shock of his sudden disappearance evoked emotions that she put into...
  • vampire
  • renae
  • jasper
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Poetically by GirlYouCanNeverBe
Poeticallyby 「e - she」
A place where paintings are drawn through words. But the colours are smeared by the rain of emotions. Where proses are made poetic.
  • lovepoems
  • love
  • teen
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"Death By Love"-Pernico Story by Kasgayfangirl
"Death By Love"-Pernico Storyby kas
A day before Annabeth and Percy got together, Percy went to Nico cabin, he got there and told Nico that he loves him, and Nico said the same thing too, they kissed and o...
  • pipabeth
  • percabeth
  • left
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I'm Back, Mate by call_me_Susi
I'm Back, Mateby Call me susi
This is the sequel to Hello, Mate. You would have to read the first book to understand this book. "Violet, I need you to come to this event with me in California, c...
  • love
  • back
  • left
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