Korea's Kpop Princess(kpop FF) by musiclover6214
Korea's Kpop Princess(kpop FF) by musiclover6214 Fanfiction
Lee Jae hwa is a former SM rookie. Something happens that causes her to be kicked out of SM ENT but that didn't stop her from becoming an idol. SM also didn't know she h...
Best Friends  by AnonymousSwift
Best Friends by Chin Estrada Teen Fiction
My best friend, the girl who's he love, not me. Cover by : achhuu
She's The Long Lost HEIRESS by kendrazap
She's The Long Lost HEIRESS by DevilGod Teen Fiction
Hanggan kelan niya kaya makakayanan ang pagiging isang NERD ? Hanggang kelan kaya niya matitiis ang mga nambubully sa kanya na, pati pamilya niya ay itinakwil siya...
Bullies meet the Gangster girls (ORIGINAL) by Kim_Hyuna04
Bullies meet the Gangster girls (O... by Aelex Chrysly Derecho Teen Fiction
This Story is about a Rank 1 Gangster Girls in Asia that always been expelled on their school what if they enrolled again and They will meet the Bullies Gangster Boys wi...
A Boyish Girl Turns Into A Princess [ON-GOING] by _pandaa03
A Boyish Girl Turns Into A Princes... by u n k n o w n Teen Fiction
Can you guess what is the outcome of this? When a boyish girl turns into a princess? Complicated, right? Magiging madali ba sa isang babaeng kilos lalaki na magmukha at...
OUT FOR BLOOD: The Revenge of Lucy Campbell by MasterJey24
OUT FOR BLOOD: The Revenge of Lucy... by MasterJey24 Vampire
Si Lucy ay isang simpleng dalaga na may simpleng pangarap. Ang mabigyan ng HUSTISYA ang pagkamatay ng kanyang pamilya sa kamay ng malupit na pamumuno ng misteryosong pam...
Billionaires Lover ♥♥♥ by xxlovesxx
Billionaires Lover ♥♥♥ by xxlovesxx Random
Brand New Love by Fanfics_withNoJAms
Brand New Love by Fanfics_WithNoJams Fanfiction
Three bestfriends started to hang out with the other three transferred students. After some time, they became closer and closer. Don't you wanna know how?
The Boy In My Dreams (COMPLETED) by PDSTACS
The Boy In My Dreams (COMPLETED) by .. Teen Fiction
FINISHED: July 4, 2014 Noon pa man ay nahuhumaling na si Shine sa lalaking nasa panaginip niya. At nang makita at makilala niya ito sa di inaasahang panahon at oras ay h...
The Heirs (Slow Update)  by EXOKai_Wolf
The Heirs (Slow Update) by ALittleObsessed Fanfiction
I'll be writing this book based on the popular Korean Drama, 'The Heirs'. *Update* This book was originally meant for the 30 Days Writing challenge in 2016 but clearly...
Destined to be with A BadBoy by Reecheru142003
Destined to be with A BadBoy by Rachell Reecheru Divina Aguil... Romance
when you Fall in love it's not your brain who should be followed, it's should be your heart. eh pano kung nahulog ka sa taong wala ng pinangarap sa buhay kundi ang manak...
Fattie To Beauty  | Oh Sehun And Jeon Jungkook ff by Jimin_Bam
Fattie To Beauty | Oh Sehun And J... by DabThighs Fanfiction
When a Fat Girl who's named Lee Jihyun, becomes Patite because of a K-Drama ~~~~~~~ Start: 09/02/17 Ended: 00/00/00
Fight Me • survival af [CLOSED] by -kimgyeom
Fight Me • survival af [CLOSED] by > b o r a < Fanfiction
"You gotta fight me in order to take that spot." where 35 girl trainees from different companies compete to be placed in a girl group with 7 members. similar t...
Love Me (Slow Updates) by pinkyaishu
Love Me (Slow Updates) by Aishu Fanfiction
This story is about a girl who is the daughter of a millionaire and her love for Lee min ho. First started as a fan girl and then fallen in love with him. she will do an...
Deal Breaker by Eifell_Smith
Deal Breaker by Eifell Jade Teen Fiction
Nakipag-deal ka sa taong hindi mo kilala. And this deal means breaking someone's heart kapalit ng paglinis sa iyong pangalan. Kaya mo bang panindigan ang napasukan mong...
OOTB2: A New Beginning  by Irish_Byun
OOTB2: A New Beginning by Khimmy Irish Fanfiction
Sino sila? Sino ba talaga ko? Sino siya sa buhay ko? Yan ang mga tanong na tumatak sa isip ko simula nung makilala ko ULIT sila. Nakalimot na ako. Meron na akong pr...
Reality Check - A Faith Fanfic (KDrama) by Midnight_Lilac
Reality Check - A Faith Fanfic (KD... by Midnight_Lilac Fanfiction
Time and History are things that shouldn't be messed around with. But what happens when an oh-so-ordinary modern day girl ends up in the past, 600 years before the time...
Yah Pabo ! SARANGHAE  by strawbrytae
Yah Pabo ! SARANGHAE by 🌸 방탄소년단 🌸 Fanfiction
NaRae is a normal human girl and the only daughter to the most wealthiest bussines man . She was a main target for those craving money and her father's enemy . To keep N...
Vengeful Love by GALAXXXXY_FORU
Vengeful Love by GALAXXXXY_FORU Fanfiction
REVENGE. Revenge was all he wanted. To take everything and to destroy the Wang's most precious thing. Their precious daughter, Zara Wang. Zara Wang a girl who ha...
Spy Teens [ON-GOING] by Deathdream24
Spy Teens [ON-GOING] by Jeon Eunbi Teen Fiction
Misteryong mahirap lutasin. Misteryong nasa iisang tao lamang ang sagot. Misteryong nakakamatay sa isang mali. Anim na estudyante ang mababago ang buhay dahil sa isang m...