Cry-Baby by simply_criss
Cry-Baby by Cristina Teen Fiction
I wiped my eyes once again to see deep piercing green ones looking down at me. More tears came as I saw the root of my anger, and I stood up pushing past him. I tried t...
Hafizul Ilham Iskandar..seorang lecture yang bertugas di sebuah UITM dalam bidang graphic designer....nur izzarah farah ilmie..seorang pelajar semester 3 dalam diploma g...
CHILDREN OF SETHRO : TRINITY by shockwavepulsar
Season Three of Children of Sethro
I Am The Alpha (Part 1/2) by EllaCharlotte
I Am The Alpha (Part 1/2) by Ella Charlotte Werewolf
Erin Daniels is part of the East Forest Pack, not only that but she's the Alpha. In a male dominant race this makes her one of a kind. She was born with the Alpha imprin...
The Girl With The Sunset Eyes {Historical Interracial Romance/ #1 Blake Series} by MeepyM
The Girl With The Sunset Eyes {His... by MeepyM Historical Fiction
{London 1795} Katherine Ayim is resold illegally after running away from her master. Her new owner is known for his benevolent nature and approachable character. But, t...
Breeder by KiroAngel
Breeder by KiroAngel Fanfiction
Harry gets a bit too frustrated during potions class. No one thought he would survive the wrath of Snape. From the Harry Potter universe, snarry (Severus Snape/Harry Pot...
Chinese Basic  by LarineExoCassiopeia
Chinese Basic by Tilarine Oo Random
Structure of a Pinyin Phonetic Syllable I am being a student at GESC chinese center. I take the basic lesson from GESC. So, my basic lesson are the same with GESC's. And...
Et si je te disais merci ? by KitsumaKanzaki
Et si je te disais merci ? by Kitsuma Short Story
"Et si je te disais merci" est un recueil de 3 OS, dédiés à une de mes amies. Le but de ces textes étaient de lui remonter le moral. • Emprise amoureuse : Ci...
Missing - Utopiste Debout by Utopiste_Debout
Missing - Utopiste Debout by Utopiste Debout Mystery / Thriller
J'ai mis un titre en anglais parce que c'est badass. Je suis Thomas, et comme les gens de mon entourage disparaissent un par un malgré le silence des médias, j'ai décide...
I Met My Werewolf Mate In Handcuffs by XxDaBitch15xX
I Met My Werewolf Mate In Handcuffs by Love <3 Adventure
I use to be perfect. I use to think I had it all. I use to love those monsters they call my parents. All that changed the day i turned thirteen and my father drunkenly l...
Coups de cœur Wattpad by Xhantia
Coups de cœur Wattpad by Xhantia Random
Sur Wattpad, je traine entre les titres. Sur Wattpad, je lis des histoires, plein d'histoires! Mais il y en a qui, lorsque je les finis, me laissent sans voix. Waouh. ...
Les semeurs de mots (#conseils #citations #critiques) by J_Eyme
Les semeurs de mots (#conseils #ci... by J_Eyme Random
Il est de ces auteurs dont la plume trace sur les murs de leurs maisons de papier des fenêtres qui donnent directement sur notre âme. Ici, seront recueillis toutes les...
ICONIC Sustainable Lecture by AchuArchana
ICONIC Sustainable Lecture by Archana Suresh Random
Bored by tbe lecture I lazily glanced out of the window to find green luscious trees waving at me. Are they trying to tell something to me?
lawak di kampus by syahiera98
lawak di kampus by syahiera98 Fantasy
semasa langkah ku laju menuju block fakulti ku...langkah ku menjadi tidak stabil n seakan hilang arah....dan tertiba kaki ku tersalah langkah dan *bush*..badan cium bumi...
Warning of ad Dajjal by Steamriser1
Warning of ad Dajjal by Steamriser1 Short Story
this is a khutba taken from Sheikh Abdul-Muhsin ibn Muhammad Al-Qassim - 12 Muharram 1435, to remind you of the importance of ad Dajjal.
Carnet de lecture by EcoleWattapadienne
Carnet de lecture by Les Petits Profs de Wattpad Non-Fiction
Bonjour, bonjour ! Ici, vous pourrez retrouver nos "analyses" de livres de tous les genres ! Classique, fantastique, héroïc-fantasy, réaliste, science-fiction...
Aide et Conseils {OUVERT À TOUS} by Feather-Anonyme
Aide et Conseils {OUVERT À TOUS} by Feather-Anonyme Random
Salut !! J'aime beaucoup aider les autres, alors si vous voulez de l'aide dans ce qui est de l'écriture, bah vous demandez ici et... MAGIQUE, une aide vous est offerte...
Differential Equations (Notes, Lecture, and Examinations) by JohnEduardBetuin
Differential Equations (Notes, Lec... by Future Electrical Engineer Non-Fiction
This book contains the compilation of my notes, my groupmates' notes and lectures of our professor in Polytechnic University of the Philippines. I am publishing this boo...
Who I am by Something2Happen
Who I am by #RockYourLook Random
These are a few things that I believe to be right. Tell me whether you agree or not and I'll reply. If you have queries, spam me... I will definitely reply.