Trapped by tellmegoodbyee
Trapped by Ruth Teen Fiction
Synopsis: What would you do if you were a prisoner in your own home? If the person you were told to trust was the one hurting you and you couldn’t do anything about it...
"You are mine. And I'll surely kill those fucking Sluts who dares to flirt with you. Mark my word Boyfriend" Title: My Girlfriend Is A Campus Jerk Facebook ac...
She Said She Will See You Later Skater Boy (Jacky Vincent Love Story) COMPLETED by RaisedByWuuves
She Said She Will See You Later Sk... by Tiffani Bell (Ratchet Emo) (S... Fanfiction
Victoria is the popular girl in school. When a new kid comes to her school, she can't help but to mess with him. Once she graduates high school, she makes a drastic chan...
Things About... by -SupernaturalSquad-
Things About... by Miracle Child Random
Things/information about every character. Chapters can be updated anytime. Sometimes things might get added.
My Songs by Aislinn_Mane
My Songs by Aislinn. Aislinn Marie Mane Poetry
These are my personal feelings...experiences...everything about me, on paper in lyrical form. I write songs to express myself...whether its pain, suicide, love...or just...
Relapse by Country_Babe244
Relapse by Country_Babe244 Fanfiction
Avril and Calum have been through it all. Admitted feelings, heart break, jealousy, a bad accident and babies. Now they're finally engaged for good. Aren't they? It is...
The Mauraders Girlfriends by smosher1221
The Mauraders Girlfriends by Lynn Stuke Fanfiction
Avril was the first to move from Beauxbatons school of witchcraft in France. She meets the mauraders and falls in love with the playboy...Sirius Black. When her friends...
25 things you don't know about Avril Lavigne by xXLaFlakaXx
25 things you don't know about Avr... by isabel reyna Random
things u may or may not know bout Avril Lavigne (My idol)
The School's Cheerleader (A Liam Payne and Avril Lavigne Story) by AvrilsBatSide
The School's Cheerleader (A Liam P... by AvrilsBatSide Fanfiction
Avril Lavigne was the school's "new"gorgeous cheerleader in their school Avril was smart,caring,good,friendly person she is. Avril's friends was Perrie Edwards...
Avril Lavigne by _Little_Black_Star
Avril Lavigne by -SupernaturalSquad-
Avril Lavigne by Miracle Child Random
"I'm the best damn thing that your eyes have ever seen."
Tone DEAD by moonXstarz
Tone DEAD by ...yeemo™ Mystery / Thriller
The death of her best friend. The murder pinned on her. A mystery man who plans to help her prove her innocence. What could go wrong for Harlow Stevens? Nearly everyth...
Friends or not? |A.I.|M.C.| by Angelwithashotgun221
Friends or not? |A.I.|M.C.| by †♥ѕυzι ♥† Fanfiction
Co się stanie gdy dwie nietypowe Bad girls spotkają się z grzecznymi chłopakami grającymi w zespole ? Będzie kolorowo i wesoło? Czy wszystko się zniszczy nim będzie dane...