She Said She Will See You Later Skater Boy (Jacky Vincent Love Story) COMPLETED by RaisedByWuuves
She Said She Will See You Later Sk... by Tiffani Bell (Ratchet Emo) (S... Fanfiction
Victoria is the popular girl in school. When a new kid comes to her school, she can't help but to mess with him. Once she graduates high school, she makes a drastic chan...
His Best Friend by usafwife1
His Best Friend by Michaela Fanfiction
Black Veil Brides fan fic. Read & see if ya like it! :)
He's Just My Guy-Friend! by YouSlippedAway
He's Just My Guy-Friend! by Zain/Saaya Fanfiction
Vanessa Butler, Ryan Butler's sister, One of Justin Bieber's best friends. She has to go on tour with Justin along with Ryan for the summer as her workaholic parents we...
Relapse by Country_Babe244
Relapse by Country_Babe244 Fanfiction
Avril and Calum have been through it all. Admitted feelings, heart break, jealousy, a bad accident and babies. Now they're finally engaged for good. Aren't they? It is...
Things About... by -SupernaturalSquad-
Things About... by Bubblegum Bitch Random
Things/information about every character. Chapters can be updated anytime. Sometimes things might get added.
"You are mine. And I'll surely kill those fucking Sluts who dares to flirt with you. Mark my word Boyfriend" Title: My Girlfriend Is A Campus Jerk Facebook ac...
The Boys Next Door by AngelCrespo
The Boys Next Door by Angelliker123 Fanfiction
Kiley is almost an average teenage girl. She's 17 and after living at Lakefield for her whole life, her perfect life falls apart... Kileys Dad and Mom died in a car acci...
Give You What You Like (Avril Lavigne Girl X Girl Fanfic) by GurlNeedsSimplicity
Give You What You Like (Avril Lavigne Fanfiction) by Naill_Official
Give You What You Like (Avril Lavi... by Ronnail Dean Cadite Fanfiction
Avril have been living her dream. The dream that she never expected that may come true. A dream that never been know that she become famous. Suddenly, a guy named Justin...
My Happy Ending by ceiral
My Happy Ending by Ceiral Ninomiya Fanfiction
A song inspired by Avirl Lavigne's song, My Happy Ending Anime: Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Couple (Main): Kudou Aiko and Tsuchiya Kouta
Friends or not? |A.I.|M.C.| by Angelwithashotgun221
Friends or not? |A.I.|M.C.| by †♥ѕυzι ♥† Fanfiction
Co się stanie gdy dwie nietypowe Bad girls spotkają się z grzecznymi chłopakami grającymi w zespole ? Będzie kolorowo i wesoło? Czy wszystko się zniszczy nim będzie dane...
5SOS Imagines by randomrainicorn
5SOS Imagines by ♕ Random
• created by me •
Avril Lavigne "Good Bye Lullaby" 2011 Album by Mumai_Ayu
Avril Lavigne "Good Bye Lullaby" 2... by Mumai_Ayu Fanfiction
Avril Lavigne Fourth Album "Good Bye Lullaby" 2011
AVRIL LAVIGNE by MoonWater Poetry
AVRIL LAVIGNE 5th album's lyrics
Because He Changed by fallingoutoftime
Because He Changed by fallingoutoftime Fanfiction
When everyone goes back to Hogwarts for a ten year reunion, many are in for a surprise. Who is that strange muggle? Wait, Malfoy married who? It seems that Draco has cha...
49 Stories about all(book ideas) by notwhoimsupposedtobe
49 Stories about all(book ideas) by Lost girl Random
Here is your future book.Find it, and write it. 5SOS,1D, Little Mix, Cara, Selena Gomez, Avril Lavigne and more fan fiction and sf ideas.
17 (Lashton AU) by _Clifford1995_
17 (Lashton AU) by _Clifford1995_ Fanfiction
Do you know how it feels to have one of your ex's come back into your life after 5 years? Cause I do. Ashton came back. When I found out I just couldn't believe he came...
30 Song Challenge! :D by vettechoneday
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PURE BLOOD by LBStarlavigne Fantasy