Between love and time {Adaptación Camren} by StolenBlueMoon
Between love and time {Adaptación... by May Fanfiction
Hace más de 300 años atrás. Devonshire, Inglaterra. William Cavendish, segundo duque de Devonshire, era respetado por el pueblo. En 1683 adoptaron a una...
Jauregui's Secret by GeorgiaHolly
Jauregui's Secret by Queen of Sass👑 Fanfiction
Maybe Y/N Jauregui isn't really who she is told she is suppose to be.
Lauren Imagines  by HoldUpJack
Lauren Imagines by HoldUpJack Fanfiction
Fluff Triggers GxG
"Just text her." by damncamiIa
"Just text her." by damncamiIa Fanfiction
Come on Camila. You can do it, just text her. She has to reply.. right? - Story varies from third person to first person and just texting. - Time stamps will only be on...
Socially Awkward (Camila/You) Au by CalumsGlasses
Socially Awkward (Camila/You) Au by MyJetBlackHeart Fanfiction
You can't express yourself through words, instead you have music do it for you. == You're the socially awkward quiet kid, Camila's a social butterfly that the school ado...
Damn™ by ZaddyAvocado
Fifth Harmony: IG DM by kimatozaki_sana
Fifth Harmony: IG DM by I lerv Yoo Jeongyeon Fanfiction
The girls are put into a random DM, where they don't know anyone, but can some relationships and friendships stem for these strangers
Protection (Fifth Harmony Kidfic) by imm_a_mess
Protection (Fifth Harmony Kidfic) by nana✨ Fanfiction
Lauren and Normani had been wanting a child since before they were even engaged, but somehow things never worked out. But when things finally seem to be looking up, the...
Fifth Harmony Inside Jokes by solelessoul
Fifth Harmony Inside Jokes by dork. Random
Only Harmonizers/Camilizers/ot5 stans can relate ;)
Behind the Scenes (Camren) by dinahfantasy
Behind the Scenes (Camren) by Brook Fanfiction
Camila has terrible, terrible luck. The worst kind of luck you can have. Like win the lottery but die the next day kind of luck. Like never been on a cruise before and e...
Hidden love (Dinah/you) by Dinahado
Hidden love (Dinah/you) by IM ALL 4 U💖😘 Fanfiction
Y/N Y/L/N has been obsessed with Dinah Jane for years but lost hope for her once you accepted the fact that Dinah would never notice you but would that all change when y...
Mi Fotógrafa (Lauren/You) by WhileATeen
Mi Fotógrafa (Lauren/You) by sienali Fanfiction
"So that's the name you're giving me?" Y/N asked with a intriguing look in her eyes. Her arms were crossed and her chin faced up as she stares into the green e...
instagram lauren/you by luregui03
instagram lauren/you by .. Fanfiction
It all started with a like
Harmony [Lauren/You] by CaelumAR
Harmony [Lauren/You] by |R|ED Fanfiction
You avoided the limelight that your brother- Brad Simpson, always get, hence making the people know a little about your family. You spent your life isolated, away from c...
Liquid Courage by Misfit_Lovatic
Liquid Courage by Some Kid Fanfiction
Let's get drunk and tell each other everything we're afraid to say sober. ©® please do not copy, paste, steal, reproduce anything from this book without asking for permi...
My Secret Crush (Camren) by 1lindsay1
My Secret Crush (Camren) by 1lindsay1 Fanfiction
What happens when Lauren Jauregui, All-star high school basketball player, can't stop thinking about her teammate and Co-captain, Camila Cabello. Will she confront the g...
The Tattooist & The Florist by bewitchinglmj
The Tattooist & The Florist by fay Fanfiction
what happens when a tattooist and a florist cross paths?
'The Teacher's Pet.' Camila/You. {GxG} by shipper040
'The Teacher's Pet.' Camila/You. {... by Alyssa040 Fanfiction
One day , at Lakeview High in Copperfield, a new face shows up that might just change everything.
summer of '17 | jenzie  by jenzieskisses
summer of '17 | jenzie by ♡ t r i n i t y ♡ Fanfiction
every summer since she was pretty much born, mackenzie ziegler and her family pack up and spend their time at their house on the beach; and along with them come the orla...
Lauren Jauregui Imagines by netflixandchill17