Unconsciously In Love With You [COMPLETED] by ice_tappy
Unconsciously In Love With You [CO... by Ms. A Teen Fiction
A girl who lets go. A boy who forgets. They meet once again. Destiny gave them another chance. Totoo nga bang Love is sweeter the second way around? ____________________...
My Nerd Girl (MayWard) *COMPLETE* by hailie_motavator
My Nerd Girl (MayWard) *COMPLETE* by Fanfiction
Marydale "maymay" Entrata is a nerd girl who only cares about is Books and Works. His Edward Barber the school bad boy.. But what if? the TADHANA will brings t...
Taming Blaster  by sarcasticzed
Taming Blaster by S r c s t c Teen Fiction
Meet, Blaster Ryz Dimagiba. Ang heartthrob ng Cosimo College University na maldito since birth, isa siyang artist ng isang entertainment industry kaya't hinahangaan siya...
Destiny's Cruel (On-going) by Ezraakhirra
Destiny's Cruel (On-going) by Yuri00 Romance
Something's gone Something's lost Somethings hurt But, whatever happens there will always be love.
Yesterday by JoshLozada
Yesterday by J o s h u a L o z a d a Romance
Charity, Zach, and Ace's story. A story of forgiveness, second chances and, of course, love. A Wattpad featured story, Romance © JoshLozada stories All rights res...
I'll Be The Fire That Will Catch You (Tony Perry love story) by methflowers
Take a Chance  (TMYH-TMYL 2) by MizzyMee
Take a Chance (TMYH-TMYL 2) by Wenzell Bhea Albunag Fanfiction
the more you hate the more you love book 2
The Next Three Years With My Brothers Bestfriend. by tashied
The Next Three Years With My Broth... by na- ta- sha Teen Fiction
The sequel to 'Three Months on a Plane With My Brother and His Hot Annoying Buddy'. (Completed) Follow Addison, Jake, Cole and Mel as new arrivals and problems fall in t...
The Cold Campus Heartthrob Meets his destiny by FebbbyLicious
The Cold Campus Heartthrob Meets h... by 쥬 리아 페브👸💞 Romance
Makenzie Montreal a girl who simply makes Alexander Dominguez smile effortlessly . Makenzie Montreal who makes Kent Gonzales fall for her even if he knows she loves some...
The Seniors (Completed) by einaphets_oraj
The Seniors (Completed) by einaphets_oraj Teen Fiction
This story is about highschool students who faced many problems together...
HAVEN by ms_valentina
HAVEN by ms_valentina Mystery / Thriller
A place where darkest secrets are hidden. Students with high rankings, low rankings, Kings, Queens, or even Gangsters. They only have the same wish, a safe haven to stay...
Cursed life by MeryemmArass
Cursed life by MeryemmArass General Fiction
Brooke is a girl (from Belgium..) with a dangerous world once you're in it,trouble will follow you around! As her family and friends and EVERYBODY! Found a solution,they...
You and Me  by lianz04
You and Me by Liyanamin Lamzon Poetry
This story are made up of Spoken Word Poetry . A bitter sweet memory of someone who has a very special place in my heart.,
One less lonely girl by lovatosjai
One less lonely girl by katie. Fanfiction
Justin picked Jess from a huge crowd but can Justin handle her secrets and can Jess handle the pressure?
You And I | Vrene by JV_SKY
You And I | Vrene by JV_SKY Short Story
Paano mo masasabi sa kanya ang nararamdaman mo kung natatakot kana bka pag na laman niya ang totoo ay iwasan kana niya Sapat ba ang tiwala mo sa kanya para masabi m...
Break Me Then Tell Me You Love Me [Andy Sixx Love Story] by Forgottendinoromance
Break Me Then Tell Me You Love Me... by Forgottendinoromance Fanfiction
Rain gets her self invovled in a strange relationship with a band leader not knowing that she is dug her grave deeper than she thought. Thousands of miles from home rece...
Mr.Headset by MissBurningRed
Mr.Headset by Althea Bardon Humor
Please read !!!^_^ I hope you like it
Perfect Competitor by garcia_violet
Perfect Competitor by SWEETZEL GARCIA Teen Fiction
A conceited girl.Do you here it from other people?Maybe yes. Well ano bang ibig sabihin ng conceited? SUPLADA. Si Thracey ay isang mayaman with a problematic family.Isan...
Love At First Sight by nixxypatootie
Love At First Sight by Ms. Nixxy Fanfiction
"Tristan naman! Ba't ba ang kulit mo! Ayoko nga!" Pasigaw kong sabi habang pinipigilan sya. Humarap sya sakin tas hinawakan ang magkabila kong pisnge, "B...
The Tisoy Doc meets the Pulubi girl by NikoSenase3
The Tisoy Doc meets the Pulubi girl by Niko Senase Romance
A rich PhilAm BadBoy Doctor who is misunderstood A poor Filipina Palaban Girl who has a dream What happened when these two people from a different world finally meets.. ...