Instagram {Larry Stylinson} by abib_7
Instagram {Larry Stylinson} by Abby Fanfiction
Harry comments on Louis' photo. • • • Model Louis ; Solo Harry {cover by @AllLouLittleThings13} ~stick w/ it. the chapters get longer I swear.~
Spotlight ~ larry mpreg au by bestwriterever8
Spotlight ~ larry mpreg au by bestwriterever8 Fanfiction
Who would want to be in the spotlight? Certainly, Louis wouldn't. He cherished his private life, and didn't want anyone to know about it, not even his family. But despit...
Pride {l.s.} by raindropkiss1
Pride {l.s.} by if i could fly Fanfiction
Louis Tomlinson has tried so hard to not be who he really is. He has worked for years to not be a person that people don't accept. The walls he built are slowly torn dow...
Adorable // l.s by louisisasmolkitten
Adorable // l.s by louisisasmolkitten Fanfiction
"By the way, you look really adorable." Louis Tomlinson's world changes when pop star Harry Styles walks into the cafe he works at. And Harry can't help but co...
You Think I Hate You? (Larry Stylinson AU) Step Brothers by Larrys_Girl
You Think I Hate You? (Larry Styli... by Pauline ☺︎ Fanfiction
Louis Tomlinson is the most popular guy at high school. Everyone worships him and the fact that he is the captain of the football team doesn't make matters worse. He's c...
Something Good (m-preg) *Complete*  by HarrysAngelLou
Something Good (m-preg) *Complete* by Allie💚💙 Fanfiction
Harry is a mute boy who is still in school and he killed his own mother. Well at least he thinks he did. Louis Tomlinson, a name known worldwide. The two meet when they...
Oblivious Not Obvious | larry by -milliondollalarrie
Oblivious Not Obvious | larry by ash ; Fanfiction
Harry, a junior, is crushing hard on Louis, a senior. It only gets more complicated when Louis is 'straight', goes to the same party as Harry, and both get past drunk l...
Coffee Boy *Complete* by HarrysAngelLou
Coffee Boy *Complete* by Allie💚💙 Fantasy
Louis Tomlinson a poor 16 year old boy, who works in a cafe. He dropped out of school the moment he turned 16, to help his family earn money. He bumps, quite literally...
✧ Little Lavender Louis ∞ L.S ✧ by -stylesonlyx
✧ Little Lavender Louis ∞ L.S ✧ by "your highness" Fanfiction
Louis just loved the color lavender, and Harry just loved him. ((i changed my mind, and i don't want any translations, sorry))
My Girlfriends Brother (BoyxBoy) by 50_shades_of_wolf
My Girlfriends Brother (BoyxBoy) by ♡ zöe ♡ Fanfiction
Louis had been dating his girlfriend, Cali, for about 3 months now. Louis finally goes to his girlfriends house to have dinner and is introduced to Cali's "bad boy...
Can't You See It? || Larry  by scarlet_36
Can't You See It? || Larry by Deadpool Fanfiction
Harry meets Louis in school, they talk, laugh and play. Maybe they even fall in love. But there's just a little problem: Louis is a 26 year old teacher. Okay, so maybe...
Papa // l.s by Larry_smilinson
Papa // l.s by Louis Bottomlinson Fanfiction
I love you, always. But I just can't have a child right now, Lou. We're both so young. • Larry Stylinson • © larry_smilinson
BITE ME; larry stylinson [ top!harry bottom!louis feminine!louis ] by larryent
BITE ME; larry stylinson [ top!har... by Charles Bukowski Fanfiction
"You're a sassy little thing, aren't you?" "Bite me, Styles." OR The one where Louis is a teasing cheerle...
Taken. (Larry Stylinson + Vampire) by CbRihLarry
Taken. (Larry Stylinson + Vampire) by Smut? Smut. Fanfiction
Harry styles is the captain of the ship Lone Star. He was turned and, with the help of other vampires, he was able to take over the fleet of vampire filled ships. He swo...
Daddy's Princess » Larry Stylinson Smut by cloudlwt
Daddy's Princess » Larry Stylinson... by princess Fanfiction
"Purr for me my little kitty. You're daddy's princess." A story where Harry is a dominant to a little innocent, 16, year old boy, Louis. (Contains sexual conte...
i sleep naked ➸ larry stylinson by uniquelyxlarry
i sleep naked ➸ larry stylinson by kayla Fanfiction
"you're so small." as if to prove his point, louis squeezed harry tightly in his arms, and harry just scrunched up a little bit, snuggling his head impossibly...
No Control | Larry Stylinson *REWRITING* by Sinfulx0
No Control | Larry Stylinson *REWR... by ger Fanfiction
Being a celebrity and being constantly watched by the world is risky, you have to watch your every move and not do anything that could hurt your image. Louis Tomlinson a...
End Up Here - l.s (mpreg) by Once_upon_a_larrie
End Up Here - l.s (mpreg) by Bottom Louis Writer™ Fanfiction
Harry Styles, a twenty-nine year old model for Gucci, who just so happened to be cocky and rude. Louis Tomlinson, a twenty-two year old college student and part time par...
Different (L.s) by Larryfanfic_HL
Different (L.s) by Larryfanfic_HL Fanfiction
-اينجا واقعا قشنگه +" نه قشنگ تر از تو"
Magic || larry by gaysicle
Magic || larry by 👽Rad Dad👽 Fanfiction
••complete•• harry has an abusive boyfriend and louis moves next door