SHADES OF COOL ° loki laufeyson by buckiplier
SHADES OF COOL ° loki laufeysonby it's complicated
Megara Stark, niece of - yes, you guessed it - Tony Stark. A genius and master of sass like her uncle, Meg has a lot going for her. With just completing nursing school a...
  • rey
  • captain
  • loki
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La Chica Rarita ( R.D.G ) by KamnzZ
La Chica Rarita ( R.D.G )by Kam
Ella era inteligente. El no tanto. El era muy guapo. Ella no tanto. Ella no tenia muchos amigos. El era el mas popular de todo el instituto. Eran opuestos pero... los po...
  • wattys2017
  • completa
  • youtube
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Precious Memories ~Amourshipping~ by rilakumalover305
Precious Memories ~Amourshipping~by rilakumalover305
Serena has been in Hoenn for about half a year now. It's summer so she decides to visit Alola. The best place for a summer vacation! Who knew that her one week long vac...
  • valentina
  • nathan
  • gladion
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The Loud House: New Friends by AddictReaderLife
The Loud House: New Friendsby WriterReyes
Everything was normal for the Loud family, but there was a new family that recently moved in right across the street. Join the Loud's as they meet these new people and g...
  • house
  • lucy
  • theloudhouse
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La Hermana De Luzu (Youtubers y Tu) by Paolaifd
La Hermana De Luzu (Youtubers y Tu)by Paolaifd
Soy ____ Luzuriaga tengo 19 años,mido 1,62 ,mis ojos son color marrones claros y mi cabello es marron medio oscuro,nací y vivo en España..pero me mudare a los ángeles co...
  • borja
  • luzuvolgs
  • luzu
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I Walk Alone ( Elias Samson/WWE ) by fabandboujee_
I Walk Alone ( Elias Samson/WWE )by Lyssaaaa ✨
I watched as he paced the room. "I can't stand you!" He said turning to face me. "What? What did I ever do to you?" I asked. "You're so... You m...
  • wwe
  • niajax
  • wweraw
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SwanQueen One Shots by parrillamader
SwanQueen One Shotsby parrillamader
Just a bunch of SwanQueen one shots
  • lana
  • swanqueen
  • morilla
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The Four - Book 3 by book_fann
The Four - Book 3by book_fann
(Book 3 of "The Four" series) They thought they were going to ruin the world. They thought the war would go on until both sides were illuminated. But it just...
  • sciencefiction
  • actionpacked
  • juris
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Forever, Fred ⇘ Fred Weasley by microwavedcoffee
Forever, Fred ⇘ Fred Weasleyby Tie Dye Dragon
[Book 3 of HT Series] ❝life is too short to not have fun; we are only here for a short time compared to the sun and the moon and all that.❞ ...
  • hermione
  • love
  • freethefcs
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nymphet: a guide  by angelnymphet
nymphet: a guide by amelie
nymphet - an attractive and sexually mature young girl
  • lanadelrey
  • ddlg
  • daddy
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Pokemon: Old Friends, New Adventures! (Amourshipping) by amourfangirl1
Pokemon: Old Friends, New ☆❀○ So I'm official Voltron T...
Ash is enjoying his time in Alola - a new region means a new adventure. But for some reason he can't help but feel as if something is missing... Serena meanwhile h...
  • pokemon
  • greninja
  • lana
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Pokemon:Ultra Sun And Ultra Moon: Kalos Journey (Currently Editing) by GTMKM98
Pokemon:Ultra Sun And Ultra Gtmkm98
When Greninja returns, Ash decides to take all of his Alola companions on a journey through the Kalos region. They will get stronger and be twice as powerful as they we...
  • megaevolution
  • lana
  • amourshipping
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Married to the Beast // Brock Lesnar ●COMPLETE● by wwepurplevixen
Married to the Beast // Brock wwepurplevixen
**SEQUEL TO BEAST MODE** "I don't care if the world is against us" "I love you and I know why you complete me" SONGS FOR BOOK: ELLIE GOULDING - ARMY...
  • romanreigns
  • mckenzie
  • kevinskaff
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La Hija de Caperucita Roja 2 by Abru1993
La Hija de Caperucita Roja 2by Abru1993
"El deber llama a la sangre. Pero el amor es aún más poderoso" ¿Cuál es el precio que hay que pagar por la verdad? Lana está segura de una sola cosa: el amor...
  • lana
  • caperucita
  • novelajuvenil
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Billionaire's Daven Swizz Dark Secret (The 4th Swizz Brother) by RainAvellera
Billionaire's Daven Swizz Dark blackwitch
Capable of buying thousand women in a row.thats Javo DAven Swizz of SWizz tower of manhattan Thats his reputation in a social media,but nobody enters his dark world. Un...
  • jacksepticeye
  • mmfd
  • macera
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Alola to the Kalos Queen! [DISCONTINUED] by NoyaOyaOyaX
Alola to the Kalos Queen! [ Nicolleヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ
"I've been in love with you ever since day 1 of our journey together," I confesssd and smiled at him. He smiled back. "Does that mean that we're... You kn...
  • mallow
  • xy
  • sophocles
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The Loud House: Nightmares by AddictReaderLife
The Loud House: Nightmaresby WriterReyes
Lincoln had nightmares of bad times when he messed up and made his sisters mad at him. After seeing Death the Reaper (my oc) in his nightmare, he decided that it would b...
  • lily
  • lynn
  • leni
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No Mate of Mine by Kend4ll
No Mate of Mineby Kendall.
  • cheater
  • princess
  • hurt
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bueno pues hasta el momento e visto muchas colecciones de one shots de the loud house y como algunas de mis historias llegaron a 1000 lecturas y quien es ella? ya casi l...
  • harem
  • lori
  • lemmon
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American Horror Story Preferences/Imagines by frickestsick
American Horror Story Maia
Female reader. Requests open. Please read this.
  • thecountess
  • ahs
  • zoe
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