Alola High: The Champion's First Year-(AureliaShipping) by Red_Hyoudou
Alola High: The Champion's First Y... by Red_Hyoudou
Ashton Ketchum, the Champion of all six regions, goes to Alola with his Mom for a vacation or rather because Mr.Mime won a ticket to Alola. After days in Alola, they ev...
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Instagram | Seth Rollins  by XFearlessQueenNikkiX
Instagram | Seth Rollins by F A B 💋
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I Walk Alone ( Elias Samson/WWE ) by adoringamore_
I Walk Alone ( Elias Samson/WWE ) by Lyssaaaa ;
I watched as he paced the room. "I can't stand you!" He said turning to face me. "What? What did I ever do to you?" I asked. "You're so... You m...
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Forever, Fred ⇘ Fred Weasley by microwavedcoffee
Forever, Fred ⇘ Fred Weasley by ☜ TEMP HIATUS ☞
[Book 3 of HT Series] ❝life is too short to not have fun; we are only here for a short time compared to the sun and the moon and all that.❞ ...
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HELL NO!!! I'm Never Gonna Get Married To You! by tauralicious
HELL NO!!! I'm Never Gonna Get Mar... by 0_o
Be careful what you wish for, because sometimes wishes come true... especially if you wish for something NOT to happen! Andy Carter ends up in the bed with Austin Blake...
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La Chica Rarita ( R.D.G ) by KamnzZ
La Chica Rarita ( R.D.G ) by Kam
Ella era inteligente. El no tanto. El era muy guapo. Ella no tanto. Ella no tenia muchos amigos. El era el mas popular de todo el instituto. Eran opuestos pero... los po...
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Grey by idyllic__mind
Grey by idyllic__mind
Nearly two years ago Violet lost her brother in a horrific car accident. Six months after that she's reunited with his best friend, Grey, the one who was driving at the...
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Precious Memories ~Amourshipping~ by rilakumalover305
Precious Memories ~Amourshipping~ by rilakumalover305
Serena has been in Hoenn for about half a year now. It's summer so she decides to visit Alola. The best place for a summer vacation! Who knew that her one week long vac...
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Lana: Catatan Seorang Mahasiswa (Nyaris) Gagal by faisaldmaulana
Lana: Catatan Seorang Mahasiswa (N... by Faisal dika Maulana
Ini sebenarnya lebih ke arah cerita pribadi, tetapi aku ingin membagikan kepada kalian. Karena sebagian cerita di dalamnya adalah fakta, jadi selamat dinikmati. Diambil...
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Rejected, Remembered and Hunted by Supernatural_baby
Rejected, Remembered and Hunted by Supernatural_baby
Meet Lana. She has had a rocky life so far, with 4 over protective brothers who will take care of her no matter what because of the fact that she had been kidnapped when...
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Burning Love by Timeless0312
Burning Love by AdventureUniverse
Honoka just wants to be a normal girl. But her dreams go to waste since she's the friggin Alola Champion. So one day she goes to the Pokémon School to retrieve her Z-Cry...
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~More Pokemon Oneshots~ by Nikki-Is-Kawaii
~More Pokemon Oneshots~ by 💜Crack Ship Queen💜
This time, including better writing and expansion to more ships :D Enjoy! ⚠️⚠️⚠️ = TRIGGER WARNING (Contains very disturbing topics) ⚠️ = For Older Readers - maybe like...
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Pokemon: Old Friends, New Adventures! (Amourshipping) by amourfangirl1
Pokemon: Old Friends, New Adventur... by ☆❀○мαяѕhмєιισω○❀☆
Ash is enjoying his time in Alola - a new region means a new adventure. But for some reason he can't help but feel as if something is missing... Serena meanwhile h...
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The Beta's Mate by sandstorm2453
The Beta's Mate by Jules
I found my mate at school. He was eighteen, I was seventeen. He was one of the school's populars; I was one of the school's no one important. He was the future beta of h...
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More than friends? 〈 Albertsstuff x Jake 〉 by YoutubeCrazyFan
More than friends? 〈 Albertsstuff... by Allison North
« I respect Albert and Lana's relationship!! I actually really love Lana! » Albert notices Lana has been acting different lately. Albert doesn't know what will happen s...
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The Four - Book 3 by book_fann
The Four - Book 3 by book_fann
(Book 3 of "The Four" series) They thought they were going to ruin the world. They thought the war would go on until both sides were illuminated. But it just...
  • lana
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  • actionpacked
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La Hija de Caperucita Roja 2 by Abru1993
La Hija de Caperucita Roja 2 by Abru1993
"El deber llama a la sangre. Pero el amor es aún más poderoso" Luego de los acontecimientos recientes, Lana decide separarse totalmente de la manada de los Wo...
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Alola to the Kalos Queen! by NoyaOyaOyaX
Alola to the Kalos Queen! by Nicolleヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ
"I've been in love with you ever since day 1 of our journey together," I confesssd and smiled at him. He smiled back. "Does that mean that we're... You kn...
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The Loud House: Nightmares by AddictReaderLife
The Loud House: Nightmares by WriterReyes
Lincoln had nightmares of bad times when he messed up and made his sisters mad at him. After seeing Death the Reaper (my oc) in his nightmare, he decided that it would b...
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Sweet Sister | Barry Allen by tania_le
Sweet Sister | Barry Allen by tania_le
Lana Snow is what you say the "bad guy" When she was young she left her family to become a villain. She spends years in a secret organization were she trains...
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