My Endurance (Karma Akabane x Reader) by cavityies
My Endurance (Karma Akabane x cavityies
//This will take place in order of the Assassination Classroom Anime series, so please finish watching that, then proceed to read further. I update fairly regularly, eve...
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Marionette (An Ansatsu Kyoushitsu Omnibus) by Loki-Roki
Marionette (An Ansatsu Loki-Roki
Ever at odds with the people around her, Katsuragi Amaya has only three people who she feels a close connection to. Her siblings, Reiko and Yuta, and her best and worst...
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[NO REQUESTS] Ansatsu Kyoushitsu x Reader by Ichigossu
[NO REQUESTS] Ansatsu Kyoushitsu Ichigossu
[Started from 17th of February 2015] // It's two years already omg 0-0 Anyway, this is a one shots book of various character (mainly Karma, you have been warned) with...
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Ansatsu Kyoushitsu One-Shots by nadthenutella
Ansatsu Kyoushitsu One-Shotsby NTN
Welcome to my assassination classroom one shots~ Things to take note while reading my book 1. I don't indicate whether it's a angst or a lemon in the title. So have fun...
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Bulletproof | Ansatsu Kyoushitsu  by littledewdrops
Bulletproof | Ansatsu Kyoushitsu by 「 昊 」
「 暗殺教室 」 » Karma Akabane x OC (#1) » Itona Horibe x OC (#2) 『 She was like a speeding bullet. Deadly, unexpected, dangerous and chaotic. But it turns out that everyone e...
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Fabulousness & Assassinations! || Karma Akabane x Reader x Asano Gakushuu || by Michelle_the_great
Fabulousness & Assassinations! || Ballsdeep69
Assassinations? Classrooms? Cute classmates? Octopus teacher? SIGN ME THE HELL UP! In the wonderful yet insane world of (y/n), she's a straight 'A' genius who acts like...
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Connected Ties (Assassination Classroom Fanfic)  by EnjuYuki
Connected Ties (Assassination EnjuYuki
There was this girl black haired girl her eyes were blood red and it appears that her left eye was always covered with her bangs. She was studying In Kunugigaoka Junior...
  • comedy
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Assassination Classroom by GreenOrchid
Assassination Classroomby GreenOrchid
The A-class...and now the E-Class... Getting sent to the End Class was the worst possible punishment anyone could get including expulsion. Yuki was always the 2nd highes...
  • adventure
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What Fear can do (Assassination Classroom fanfic) by 707jelm
What Fear can do (Assassination 707jelm
Akako Hikari was a lovable character, someone who seemed like someone who shouldn't exist in reality. Her being perfect at everything, that included assassination, and s...
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Dream Come True (Karma X Reader) by qyla2507
Dream Come True (Karma X Reader)by Aqilah
You were sitting in class. Hearing your teacher babbling stuff makes you sleepy. When you were about to sleep, you heard a knock from your classroom door. It was the pri...
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[AssClass] - Karma's Kismet by remrins
[AssClass] - Karma's Kismetby 「レビ」
❝ You laugh a lot, smile a lot, talk a lot, yet, you never seem to be having any fun. ❞ Karma Akabane is notoriously known throughout Kunugigaoka as the 'violent, prob...
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Kanzaki Loves Nagisa Remastered! by Xx-DarkCrimson-xX
Kanzaki Loves Nagisa Remastered!by Xx-DarkCrimson-xX
Yukiko Kanzaki learns that she has a small crush on her fellow classmate Nagisa Shiota, but she doesn't know how to confess to him due to their friendship. Nagisa on the...
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Stuck In Assassination Classroom (Reader And Reader's Friend Insert😉) by AltheaDeGuzman795
Stuck In Assassination Classroom ( Althea De Guzman
A girl named (Y/N) (L/N) is wishing that she could join the animé world called ansatsu kyoushitsu but she didn't know well that animé though and she wished through the...
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The Girl Who Loved A Beautiful Devil ~Karma AkabaneXReader~ by TheDetective_Diaries
The Girl Who Loved A Beautiful TheDetectiveDiaries
"Sometimes the most beautiful souls lie within the darkest beings." [ Cover made by @SoNotCliche ]
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A Mafia Boss Attends Assassination Classroom [Enma/Tsuna] [Karma/Nagisa] by DeweyGreat
A Mafia Boss Attends DeweyGreat
Tsuna is assigned his very own solo mission by his grandfather, Timoteo. What Tsuna doesn't understand is why he has to transfer schools in order to accomplish it. As T...
  • hitman
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What if? [ Ansatsu kyoshitsu scenarios ] by nadthenutella
What if? [ Ansatsu kyoshitsu NTN
Tbh I thought it'll be fun to do this LOL Inspired by @abbievanitycakes, the picture is also edited by Abbie :3 Leave your scenarios down in the comment and ill try my...
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Let's Go! (Assassination Classroom Fanfic) (EDITING) by Raven_Wing
Let's Go! (Assassination Ravenwingflight
Ayame Leiko has been through a lot. Hard times, easy times, fun times, depressing times, happy times, painful times. But nothing is the same as Assassination Time! Her p...
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AnsaKyou x KuroBasu Crossover by ThePurpleHuntress
AnsaKyou x KuroBasu Crossoverby ChesteneY
With Kunigigaoka Academy's buildings on the process of renovation, where else will their students transfer to? Why, to Teiko Middle School of course! With two scarlet-h...
  • karma
  • assasination
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Karma X Reader (Lemon) by hydrangeagirl13
Karma X Reader (Lemon)by just a normal girl :3
Just a one-shot about you and karma doing it (~•w•)~ Enjoy!
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Ansatsu Kyoushitsu [Character x Reader] One Shots by unicornsandknives
Ansatsu Kyoushitsu [Character x Knives Time
Because we deserve more Ansatsu one shots, I decided to make some. Requests are Closed for now (just until I fullfil the ones I already got). Ansatsu Kyoushitsu and its...
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