What if? [ Ansatsu kyoshitsu scenarios ] by nadthenutella
What if? [ Ansatsu kyoshitsu scena... by NTN Fanfiction
Tbh I thought it'll be fun to do this LOL Inspired by @abbievanitycakes, the picture is also edited by Abbie :3 Leave your scenarios down in the comment and ill try my...
Tough Love (Itona Horibe X Delinquent! Reader) by nekogirl2002
Tough Love (Itona Horibe X Delinqu... by DERPY NEKO!!!! Romance
(Y/N) was the king of delinquents at her old school, she was the school's gang leader. Skipping class, starting fights, talking back, Hanging out with "Bad people&q...
Assassination Classroom x Reader One Shots! REQUESTS OPEN by GakushuAsano
Assassination Classroom x Reader O... by Gakushū Asano Fanfiction
Requests are OPEN! Basically just random assassination classroom x reader one shots. Feel free to request any character you wish to see a one shot of! I'm open to write...
Why must you (nagisa shiota x oc) by Risu-chan1612
Why must you (nagisa shiota x oc) by Akari hizuma Fanfiction
Sakura fubuyuki, a professional assassin that went to kunugigaoka not just to kill korosensei but she also have her own mission.she also have cheerful and energetic atti...
Root Beer (Ansatsu Kyoshitsu) by Rulo98
Root Beer (Ansatsu Kyoshitsu) by Raul Alvarez Fanfiction
Esta historia Es una adaptación de la obra de teatro "Root beer" del autor Edeberto "Pilo" Galindo Es la historia de Nagisa, un joven que por quer...
The Genius Trio. by SeijohTrash
The Genius Trio. by ProudYaoiShipper Fanfiction
What if Nakamura transferred back to Kunugigaoka? Karma and Asano are constantly competing with each other. Can Nakamura prove herself to be a worthy rival for those tw...
Star-crossed (Tokyo Ghoul x Ansatsu Kyoushitsu fanfic) by TokyoShip
Star-crossed (Tokyo Ghoul x Ansats... by GOODBYE Fanfiction
Setting: Ansatsu Kyoushitsu In Tokyo, there are ghouls who prey on humans. As well as a Mach 20 alien going to destroy Earth in one year like the destruction of the 70%...
Assassination Classroom x Reader by DreamingFalls
Assassination Classroom x Reader by I am rooooo Fanfiction
Send request (i do lemon, yaoi, yuri, lime and fluff btw lemon takes me a few days to write since well I IS AWKWARD!)
Not Quite Ever After [Love is a Journey- Book 2] by AbbyKitty47
Not Quite Ever After [Love is a Jo... by Abigail Nekoria Fanfiction
Nagisa feels as if his whole life has been turned upside down. Just when he'd finally found love, his best friend had tried to steal her away... only to grab his attenti...
Obsession: Story of Assassination Classroom Ships by amberdragon1095
Obsession: Story of Assassination... by Not Today Fanfiction
The title says it all. These ships include: Maehara x Miro x Kurahashi, Misao x Isogai, Sugino x Kanzaki, and some more... Don't get offended! This is just a fanfiction...
Transfer Teacher! 【Assassination Classroom Fanfic】DISCONTINUED! by RinnieSan
Transfer Teacher! 【Assassination C... by ✿☂️✿ Fanfiction
☆Karma x OC x Asano ☆ Kira Kohana, an extremely deadly assassin who left her phone number on the steps of the Japanese military for fun, is now teaching (and assassinati...